Fake Love

Fake Love

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" Put your clothes on and get out. "He said coldly making tears formed in her eyes." Cable, are you serious? "Cable stop and face her with his poker face." Since when did I said that I was not serious? Are you an idiot? Put your clothes on and get out. "He said coldly making her mouth hang open in shock. She was trying to process everything when she heard his angry voice again." Are you a deaf? I said put your clothes on and get out. I have a lot of things to do today. "Emma stood up and face him." Why are you still like this, Cable?? I-I thought after what we had done last night. W-We'll be-- "" You thought we will be okay after what he had shared last night? "He laugh sarcastically." Oh, Anna... I thought you were just shameless. But it turns out... you are a delusional too. "Harry said sarcastically and smirk evilly while walking closer to her." Don't expect too much, sweetheart. What we did last night was nothing to me. It was just a plain . Do not take it too seriously. "Cable scoffed before he continues making her tears flow down in her eyes." Don't feel special just because I had with you . I had to fulfil my needs as a man. Since there was no other woman last night who would pleasure me. I had no choice but to f*caked you instead. And besides, you are not the only woman who I laid with. "Her tears continue to flow down as her heart shattered into pieces

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Tamara Gopaul Knib
lovely story
2021-04-13 13:08:43
user avatar
Angelean Jaftha
10 out of 10 ....I enjoyed this book from the start to the end thanks to the author...had much enjoyment in reading this book. Succes with the next one .
2021-01-09 22:00:49
user avatar
Shivani Jain
loved it keep up the good work love ur books a lot
2020-12-24 04:08:47
user avatar
opopopopopopopopopopopoppo bolta
2020-09-14 22:45:21
user avatar
May Angela Jumawan Catigbe
it is an interesting book and want to know the whole story
2020-09-02 16:34:45
user avatar
Caroline Fagbohungbe
interesting...I love the beginning of the story...Lovely story...Keep it up Author...
2020-09-01 01:40:38
user avatar
it could be interesting but it's mostly grammatically wrong
2020-10-09 21:59:43
40 Chapters
Chapter 1
Note - this book is like  a lot like a My other book We were together  ,i wrote it two years ago , the first book i have writen in my life hope you enjoy it.) 
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Chapter 2
Cable: “oh my God! Stop! I was only making you less nervous now we can end this soon...Cable spoke laughing...Emma pout her lips and said "yes whatever but don't try to kiss me again okay ""Yes ma'am! " he laughed.After that Emma started interviewing him properly and the conversation was interesting.  Cable was also enjoying the interview because Emma really made Cable be himself and answered about him..."next question is will you date a fan? "Cable replied immodestly "no!  Because she will treat me like a celebrity not like a boyfriend. "Emma was impress
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Chapter 3
 she kick in his ball he covered his d**k..  And closed his eyes... Emma stood up in a judo defence pose.  He saw her making pose and remembered yesterday 'sSuddenly Emma felt someone caught her hand and said????Sir is she trying to hurt you??I can take care of her right now just tell me...Cable opened his. Eyes and saw his bodyguard have caught her with crossing her hand behind he4 and she was trying to free herself.  But she was so small in front of her bodyguard that she was looking like a little cat." yeah let me go  if I'll get free I will let you taste my judo.
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Chapter 4
A guy with a cheeky smile come to Emma and stood close to her cable separated him with his hand and said 
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Chapter 5
Next day in hospitalAs cable entered the room Alex started throwing fruits at cable.... Cable got hit by an apple and he caught the banana from hitting him.Cable: the f*ck what did I do to get hit by this fruit...??  You suddenly get admitted to hospital and as a good friend I came to see you and you are paying back like this.Alex: stop admitting yourself as my friend, you are my enemy from now on. And Alex started throwing more fruits on cable. Some fruits directly hit the cable.Cable: ouch!  Ouch!  What my fault here??? Ouch!!You ask what is your fault here??Why
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Chapter 6
Of course, ..."After ordering food.  Cable gave a  quick interview to Emma..Cable was enjoying  every bit with her...After that Emma shared  how his boss reacted when he confirmed that Cable actually agrees to give her interview..."And suddenly got  excited and said Emma you're the best employee "Emma told all this to cable. Cable laughed so hard"ha ha A-ha...  That is crazy...... ""Totally crazy but anyway tell me why exactly you call me here?? ""Ah!  I almost forgot that I need help...  IDK... 
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Chapter 8
Emma: I thought king cable is a busy celebrity. but I can see he is not that busy all the time huh?? she smirks cable: are you complaining???Emma: not really. I like this cable more than the cable I met for the first time, he was so rude and self-centered. 
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Chapter 9
Emma 's vision becomes blurry. she almost fell into the floor but the employee held her. she took a deep breath and ran toward the exit. Emma took a cab and reached the hospital where cable was admitted to. but when she entered the lobby. The lobby was filled with journalists and some bodyguards were guarding the entrance not to let them enter. Emma anyhow reached the bodyguards and told them to let her in.bodyguard: what is the relationship between you and Mr king???Emma mind become puzzled she didn't know what to tell him what to answered " I am his --
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Chapter 10
Alex: What is your problem. why did you pull me out of the room huh??"Emma: Alex I am not cable's real girlfriend. I was only acting to make Allena jealous at the party. Cable loves Allena and she came today; they need time alone.Alex: Do you think I don't know he is my best friend? He told me everything but the place you're saying it’s not for Allena it’s for you."
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