47. Epilogue

Many many months later...

I had been living by his side and following his routine. I had been spending time in Maven's lair, he was filling my time by educating me and letting me read all the ancient books that he has.

My knowledge was broader, my magic was getting stronger, I had learned a more powerful spell from Maven and Ranulf was very proud of my progress.

And the days always end with me sated in Ranulf's arms.

"She is not to be harmed, she will stay in the harem court."

I overheard his voice as I was passing the royal throne. My heart beats faster as I remembered about the harem court, I know for sure that he never visited the court anymore.

But why add more?

"My love, please join us."

Walking towards the throne, I looked at the trembling demon fae. She looked so young, I couldn't believe that he was takin

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