44. Nursed and pleasured

Armand's POV

I hated Ranulf for not killing me. I wished that he did and be done with it. The loss that I felt for my angel had not lessened in all those decades. But when Rain was there, my mind was healed, he had made the hurt gone away.

Those couple of days that we spent together were easily the best I've had in decades. I was a ruler of the least popular kingdom on the west side of the hellish region. I've had no urge to join the battles of other kingdoms, never feel the need to.

My warriors were there to defend, never to attack. I was never motivated enough to broaden our territory, yesterday was the first battle I had our warrior engaged in. I was prepared to die, and my legion was aware of the situation, and they wanted nothing but to follow me to their deaths should we fail in getting Rain back.

"... you need to stop moving. You know, you should be thankful that he spared your life

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