Chapter Forty-Three: The Nothing

Holly screamed was far too simple a line for the chaos that exploded in her soul.  Another friend ripped away. She'd had enough. As the endless howl escaped her lips, the world around her wavered and shimmered like she had been tossed into a hot environment. Still, the screams didn't stop. 

Her power flared inside of her and then everything was thrown into rewind. The world went backward outside of her bubble. Second by second time rewound itself and there, Ruby was alive again! Wait, if she could save Ruby, that meant if she pushed harder she could get Atropos back as well and take away Death's power.

Their eyes met and Holly smiled as she reached out. Their fingers brushed against each other, almost enough to grab on, but just short of it. Holly reached out as far as she could go, her fingertips grazing Atropos. The Fate smiled at before shaking her head and the world around Holly exploded.

How long she sat there in the dark she wasn't sure. Time had

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Bella Jersey
Will Holly finally become mortal?

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