Fated-Their Forbidden Love

Fated-Their Forbidden Love

By:  Elaine O'Neal  Ongoing
Language: English
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Samantha is tall black wolf with white paws next in line to be Alpha of her pack. Thomas is a vampire with brown hair who's next in line to be heir to the coven. What happens when these two misguides souls meet. Sam was sitting on the fountain, tired of her mom bossing her around like she had to set the right example for the pack as the next heir. She found a rock and threw it hard without paying attention to where she threw it. Thomas was walking away from the coven he grew up in; he didn't want anything to do with this life anymore and live on his own. Kim was the only vampire he wanted and now she's dead and he was being forced to marry the daughter of the coven leader his family was at war with to create a peace treaty. He still remembered that day when the coven came back from the recent battle and she wasn't there and he waited for days, refusing to eat. Then by sunset on the fifth day since the battle, he was told that she died bravely in battle defending the coven. Thomas started crying at the memory as fresh grief racked him when he was hit with a rock. He looked around and saw that he came farther than he intended, almost into the werewolf territory like his feet were leading him. He cried out in pain and looked in the direction the rock came from. That's when he first saw her someone so beautiful, he couldn’t believe he was falling in love again. Before he realized it, his feet were moving on their own towards this stranger. Sam looked up when she heard someone cry out in pain after she threw the rock, she saw

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Elaine O'neal
sorry for the no updates guys I have been so busy working two jobs then getting ready for a baby
2023-02-14 01:30:26
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enjoying this story! 👍🏻 if you have any socmed that I can reach out, please lemme know. thankss :)
2021-07-21 18:59:09
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love it!!! Kate Granada here. 😍
2021-01-13 02:42:43
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Midnight Shines
Can't wait for more.... Good job author
2020-12-04 21:30:41
24 Chapters
           Sam was sitting on the fountain, tired of her mom bossing her around like she had to set the right example for the pack as the next heir. She found a rock and threw it hard without paying attention to where she threw it.   Thomas was walking away from the coven he grew up in; he did not want anything to do with this life anymore and lived on his own. Kim was the only vampire he wanted and now she is dead and he was being forced to marry the daughter of the coven leader his family was at war with to create a peace treaty.    He still remembered that
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Chapter 1
“You still look as beautiful as ever in that dress Helen.” Nathan got up and got dressed himself and went downstairs to see how the preparations were going for Sam`s b-day ceremony as well as the other wolves that turned 18 today. Some of them were her friends for school. ‘I hope if she doesn't find her mate or gets rejected that they`ll be there for her.’   After Sam got dressed and went downstairs, she saw Rebecca, a friend of hers who was going to be her beta. She walked into the kitchen where the omegas were preparing the pack house for the party tonight and walked over to her best friend. “Are you excited to find your mate and meet your wolf tonight? I really hope Lucas comes tonight.” Sam paced around the kitchen too excited to stay still wondering if Lucas had found his mate already because he is a year older.   “The only reason you
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Chapter 2
Lucas walked closer to Sam and brushed a stray hair out of her face and put it behind her ear and hugged her breathing in her sweet flower fragrance. I still love the way she smells and she has gotten so beautiful. He realized taking a better look at Sam. He felt all the feelings he thought he had buried away during his groom training push to the surface.  “That's why you stopped sending me postcards and letters from the places you traveled?” She asked curiously, wondering if there was more to it than he was telling her. Blushing slightly at his touch and his closeness to her as she could smell his scent. She was wondering why her parents had been so secretive with the pack business lately and not including her in the pack talks with the red valley pack.“Yeah, sadly they didn't want me to come because of how close we were and how p
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Chapter 3
“It's ok we had to for the ceremony to officially become bonded and the future leaders of the pack. I know that's why you had Ethan have full control because you couldn`t.” She looked at him sympathetically and held his other hand. When everyone finished eating, we went for a run as a pack. Harry and I were at the head of the pack with my parents shortly behind us. Harry`s POV I felt so guilty for doing that to Sam. I knew it was part of the ceremony and we had to, but I still couldn't help but feel guilty. After Sam came over and we went for a run it felt good to have the wind blowing through my fur and seeing the pine trees passing in a blur. When we came back something had felt off like there were vampires or hunters. Ethan had felt it too and started growling inside and I had mind linked Sam and told her to tell her parents and that I would be back. If only I had known that wo
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Chapter 4
I continued picking up speed as trees blurred past and jumping over fallen trees with ease. I followed the scent trail Daniel`s party left to find where they were. When we got there I thought I had prepared myself for what would be there, but nothing would`ve prepared me for this.  It was Harry`s head still growling at whoever was attacking him and there was blood everywhere but no body or sign of struggle on the ground where the head lay. I howled into the night sky at the loss of my mate and slumped down on the ground unwilling to get up to leave. When Daniel tried to pick up his head I growled baring my teeth at him. I could feel Sam's heartbreak as our bond was broken and incomplete without our mate.   Sam's Pov When I had control back I was still laying on the forest floor, curled around what was left of my mate pr
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Chapter 5
“Well, ok, but you shouldn’t have risked coming here to tell me. Then what would my purpose in life be without you by my side.”  “I’m sorry Thomas I know it was stupid.”  “It’s ok Sam.  I know you meant no harm. Meet me by the fountain at the moon’s highest peak and we’ll head out. Now hurry and leave before my father spots you.” Sam hurried to get out of the vampire territory before Thomas’s father saw her. She knew if his father caught her there would be no questioning why she was on Mccain coven property. When she got home, she started packing everything she was going to need before sitting down to dinner with her family for the last time.  After dinner she helped cleaned up and got ready to leave.
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Chapter 6
“I want to, I do, you`re just turning me on more,” Thomas said as a moan escaped.  Sam`s face went red a little at feeling him get harder and slightly moaned. “Then give into it,” Sam replied as she intentionally rubbed against him.  Thomas moaned more. “You're making it impossible not to give in,” Thomas replied as he took Sam`s shirt off.  Sam kissed Thomas after she removed his shirt off as well. After a little while  Sam laid next to Thomas breathing hard.  “You should give into your desire more,” Sam chuffed as she realized she had never felt this good as she laid beside Thomas, cuddling him. No wonder they called it climax, because it's the height before two people release. She was brought back to
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Chapter 7
  Thomas dropped the stick he was holding. “W – what?  I'm going to be a father?” he asked, stunned.   He didn’t know vampires could have children, but obviously the males could.  “Yes, you're going to be a father,” Sam grinned as she sat down, still surprised that she was going to be a mother.  Thomas was brought back to the present by Henry coming back with food. He looked up at the sky as the sun began to set, “It really is pretty when it sets,” Thomas commented as the sun disappeared beyond the horizon.  Thomas tore off a piece of the deer and handed it to Sam before tearing a piece off for Henry and finally a piece for himself. After they finished eating, Thomas and Henry put the deer in the makeshift cooler; they had to store
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Chapter 8
Thomas walked along the grassy path wet from the recent rainfall. As they neared the camp, Thomas spotted a patrol and they hid in the bushes, careful not to be seen. They knew it was risky and that they would be in trouble if they got caught. They looked around for something to disguise their scent, hoping to find a pile of mud or dung to disguise their scent.   “Look over there by the border,” Henry said.  Thomas looked at the bushes by the border and there was something they could use to disguise their scent.           Thomas started walking in that direction, but Henry stopped him. “Wait there's a patrol coming to check by that border, and we need to stay hidden.” “
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Chapter 9
So, William led his siblings to where he found the strange scent.  “See, it's a strange new scent and doesn't smell like skunk,” William said.  “That's true, but we should still bring this to the adults’ attention,” Claire replied.  “They will ruin our fun and confine us to camp until they can figure out what the scent is.” William said,  “Ok, we should still tread carefully though,” Claire replied.  As they followed the scent it led them to a strange part of the forest they had never been to.  “I'm tired I think we should rest for a few minutes,” Clarence said stifiling a yawn. “We will rest for a
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