Chapter - 14

After interrogation, Ethan went back to the guesthouse where he was staying with his team. He didn't want to go but Chief Jonas Johnson forced him and he had to come back alone.

When Ethan was entering the house he noticed someone familiar to him through his car's front mirror. He parked the car and went near the boundary between two guesthouses. He saw Adonis and his colleague Elaine was talking. He heard their whole conversation because the distance between them was short.

Ethan was happy when Adonis rejected Elaine. But he froze on his spot when he heard Adonis said that he already liked someone. His heart broke into pieces. His love story end before it starts.

Ethan was in daze and didn't notice that Adonis was talking to him.

"Officer Ethan, what are you doing here? Why didn't you treat your wounds yet?" Adonis asked but Ethan didn't answer.

"Ethan." Adonis said as he tapped on Ethan's shoulder.

"Ah....Dr. Adonis... when did you come?" Ethan asked after coming back from his daz
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