Chapter - 13

In Liverpool

It's evening, Adonis Williams was roaming in the local market of Liverpool with his colleagues. After the seminar, Adonis's colleague wanted to tour the city. At first Adonis didn't want to come but in the end decided to come.

The market wasn't too crowded. People were enjoying their time in the market same as the team of doctors. They were buying things while some of them were trying street foods. Adonis was just enjoying the busy evening.

On the other hand, some people were chasing a man. They were police officers. Some of the police officers were injured.

"Stop and surrender. You can't run away." Said an officer.

But the criminal who was a middle aged man didn't surrender and run towards the market.

"Damn he entered the market." Said a police officer while running.

"Should we continue chasing him, Chief Jonas? There are many people." Asked another officer.

"Of course...we will chase. You can't let him escape. Where is Officer Ethan?" Asked Chief Jonas.

"Oh....he was a
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