Fated Twins

Fated Twins

By:  RK Riya  Ongoing
Language: English
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Austin Williams and Adonis Williams are twin brother in Williams family. On the other hand, Ethan Wilson and Ellis Martin are twin brother. Ethan loves Adonis but couldn't confess so Ellis decided to pretend as his twin brother to chase Adonis. While Adonis also loves Ethan and told his twin brother about it. After knowing that Adonis loves Ethan, Austin decided to test Ethan without knowing that he was testing Ellis which created a mess.

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10 Chapters
In a big mansion a young man was biting his nails nervously. He was sitting on the bed while hugging a pillow."What have I done? How could I react like this? What if he became suspicious?" Said the young man. "But why does this pheromones seems like an alpha's pheromones? Is he an alpha? How is it possible? Ahhhhhhh!" Shouted the young man in frustration."Why are you shouting without any reason?" Asked another young man who just entered the room."Nothing, brother.." Replied the young man nervously to his brother."Nothing then why are you shouting?" Asked the young man's brother. "It's nothing. Please leave me alone." Said the young man."What happened? Why are you nervous?" Asked the young man's brother."Nervous? I am not nervous. I am just tired." Said the young man."Don't lie." Said the young man's brother."I am not lying." Said the young man."Then why are you biting your nails and hugging your pillow? Do you think I don't know that when you are nervous you would do that?
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Name: Austin Williams Age: 25Secondary Gender: Dominate AlphaOccupation: Commander of Red battle force in England army Family: Father, mother and his twin omega brother.Austin Williams is a commander of Red battle force in England army. He loves his family and country very much. He can sacrifice himself for him family and motherland. He is very protective towards his omega brother.Name: Adonis WilliamsAge: 25Secondary Gender: OmegaOccupation: Chief SurgeonFamily: Father, mother and his twin alpha brother.Adonis Williams is a very intelligent person. He became Chief surgeon at the age of 24. He lives with his parents. His father is a retired military commander of England Army Force. His mother is also a chief surgeon. He loves his family most. He has a crush on a police officer who is his patient. Name: Ethan WilsonAge: 24Secondary Gender: Dominate AlphaOccupation: Police OfficerFamily: Father, mother and his twin omega brother.Ethan Wilson is a serious person but chee
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Chapter - 01
In Wiltrin Estate A young man was smiling while texting someone. He was lazily lying on the bed peacefully until his mischief brother decided to disturb him. "Who are you talking to? Let me see." Said the young man's brother and snatched his phone away."Ellis Martin, give my phone back." Said the young man who was none other than Ethan Wilson. "Oh you are talking with Dr. Adonis Williams." Said Ellis while checking Ethan's phone and started running when Ethan wanted to take his phone back."Don't check my messages, give my phone back to me." Said Ethan while running behind Ellis.They started running around the room in circle motions but soon Ethan caught Ellis and snatched back his phone. "Don't do it again." Said Ethan in a strict voice while glaring at Ellis."Aiya.... don't be mad. I just wanted to know how much do you progress" Said Ellis while pouting."Nothing much." Ethan sighed and sat on the bed."Still can't confess to him?" Asked Ellis while sitting beside Ethan."No.
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Chapter - 02
In Phoenix MansionPhoenix Mansion was owned by Mr. Martin. When Ellis became a famous professional eSports player, he created his own team 'Team Phoenix' with his friends. His family supported him and helped him to set up a company where many eSports players took training and took part in the competition under Team Phoenix. Main team members lived of Team Phoenix in Phoenix Mansion.Ethan and Ellis reached Phoenix Mansion and got out of the car."You don't need to help me. I can handle it." Ellis said when Ethan helped him with the luggages."I saw how you handled it. You were huffing after carrying the luggages from your room to the hall of our mansion." Ethan rolled his eyes and Ellis pouted.Ethan took one luggage in his left hand and Ellis took another luggage in his left hand. He wrapped his right hand around Ethan's right arm. Ethan smiled and then started walking while dragging the luggages with them. Ellis rang the doorbell and waited for someone to open the door.After a few
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Chapter - 03
At Phoenix MansionEllis Martin was getting ready to go somewhere. He wore a black shirt and jeans. He put some scent blocker on his neck where the scent glands were to hide his omega phenomenon. He wore a cap and facemask. He checked himself in the mirror for the last time and left the mansion. He got on his bike and went to his destination.After half an hour, Ellis reached London City Hospital. He took of his helmet and smirked under his facemask. Then he made his way inside the hospital.In London City Hospital Ellis Martin went to the 9th floor of the hospital and went to the receptionist."Hi, is Dr. Adonis free?" Asked Ellis."Yes, do you have a appointment?" Asked the receptionist."I don't need an appointment. I am his regular patient." Said Ellis."Regular patient?" Asked the receptionist."Yes, I am Officer Ethan Wilson." Said Ellis and took off his mask."Oh....Officer Wilson, you can go. Dr. Williams is free." Said the receptionist with a shy smile.Ellis thanked her and
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Chapter - 04
Austin Williams, Adonis Williams and Ashley Williams were waiting for their foods when Austin decided to start the conversation."So, now tell me everything in details." Austin said to Adonis.Adonis nodded his head and took a deep breath before starting telling his brother everything about Ethan Wilson in details."The patient whom you are talking about is Officer Ethan. He is a dominant alpha and a police officer. I met him three months ago when he was injured and had to do an immediate surgery. I was his surgeon and then his attended doctor. Since then, we know each other. He became my regular patient and come to the hospital with unreasonable excuses. I started to like him and later fall in love with him. Today is like other days, he come to meet me. But I don't know why he behave like that. Maybe he was in pressure of the mission.""Mission?" Asked Ashley."Mn....he will go on a mission today. I don't know anything more than this." Replied Adonis."It's confidential, he can't tel
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Chapter - 05
Everyone was very happy to see Austin Williams after a long time and the most happy person was Sabrina Flores. She just ran to Austin and hugged him. Austin hugged her back."Brother Austin, I miss you so much. Don't you miss me." Said Sabrina."Mn. I miss you too." Said Austin."It's so nice to meet you again." Said Elaine Thomas."Me too. Hope you are doing well." Said Austin."I am doing well. Adonis helpes me with my patients. We will start a new research soon." Said Elaine."I am sure about it, Elaine." Said Adonis Williams."Don't worry. I think it will happen soon. We will be together in research or other matters." Said Elaine."I don't think so." Said Ashley Williams who just joined them."Here come the play boy." Said Sabrina."Hi baby, did you miss me." Ashley said and winked at Sabrina."I don't have time to waste on you." Sabrina said while rolling his eyes."Aunt is calling us to have dinner. Let's go." Said Ashley."Mn.... let's go." Said Adonis.Then Adonis went with As
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Chapter - 06
In a mallAustin Williams roamed the mall and bought new clothes, shoes and every necessary things for him. He also bought cleaning essential for Adonis Williams and Mrs. Williams because they were neat freak. He bought something for everyone in their mansion. After shopping, he went to a cafe to have a drink. Before he sat on one of the tables his eyes caught the sight of a not so familiar person. He stared at the person carefully and was sure that it's Officer Ethan Wilson. He wouldn't mistake. He was one of the best soldiers of his batte line. His eyes never mistook specially the person who caught his interest. But he didn't understand why Ethan was doing here. Wasn't he suppose to be in a mission? Austin was thinking that and without his realization, his long legs walk on his own towards the table where Ethan was sitting with some people.Austin approached Ethan and called him. "Officer Wilson?""Dr. Williams!" Said Ellis Martin. Well, Austin mistook Ellis as officer Ethan."Offi
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Chapter - 07
Austin Williams and Ellis Martin went out of the mall and went to the parking lot. But Ellis's friends left him with their car. Ellis couldn't help but sighed."What happened?" Asked Austin."I forget I told my friends to leave first. Now I have to book a cab." Replied Ellis."If you don't mind, I can give you a ride." Said Austin."No..... no.... it's okay. I can go on my own. Fortunately they took my shopping bags." Said Ellis."Why? Will it effects your mission?" Austin asked."It's not like that. I just don't want to bother you." Said Ellis."Then get in. I will drop you." Said Austin in a commanding tone and Ellis obediently got in the car.Austin also got in the car and headed to Phoenix Mansion to drop Ellis. In the whole ride they talked about various things. Both of them enjoyed their company. After a hour, they reached their destination. Ellis got of the car and thanked him."Would you like to come inside." Said Ellis."No... it's okay." Replied Austin."Why not? Please com
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Chapter - 08
Next Day Ellis Martin was lazily rolling on his bed thinking how would he took next step. Then he thought of an idea.Can we meet today?- EllisEllis messenged Austin and waited for his reply. After 10 minutes Austin's reply came.Why?- AustinLet's have lunch together.- EllisNo, I am busy.- AustinOh! Then let's have dinner tonight.- EllisNo.- AustinWhy?- EllisWhy would I have dinner with you?- AustinBecause I am your admirer. 😉😉😉- EllisDo you think your flirt will work on me?- AustinI am sure it will work.- EllisThen you are wrong.- AustinPlease have dinner with me. I am very lonely today. Only you can accompany me.- EllisOh really. But I think I saw you have many friends. You can ask them.- AustinThey all went on date. I can't ask them.- EllisDate? Aren't you guys in a mission?- AustinSo what? Can't we date?- EllisOf course you can.- AustinPlease accompany me. - EllisFine.- AustinThank you so much. It will be my treat.- EllisMn...... now d
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