Chapter - 24

Ekiya's pov.:-

I knocked on the door before going inside though it was opened.

I looked at the man who is seating on the chair looking at the paper in his hands with touching bows my heart dropped in my stomach recalling my yesterday night's stunt.

His expressions telling me he is holding back his real emotions behind his cold face. Seems like today is the last day of my life. Goodbye Ma, Goodbye Papa, Goodbye my brother, Goodbye to everyone! Tata bye-bye!

' save this drama for the future ' my brain pulled me back in my real sense.

" you called me sir," I whispered to gain his attention on me from that paper which he was looking from the time I showed up into the room.

" yes," he said gawking at me with a smirk on his lips as my body shivered u

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