Fighting in Silence

Fighting in Silence

By:  Fayth Fernandes  Completed
Language: English
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The Protagonist of the story : Fayth Aurora Valentino is just another average teenager. She is the epitome of the word introvert, who would rather be buried in her books than do anything else. She was hoping to complete her senior with very little problems and finally be able to attend the universities of her dreams. But what happens when suddenly the ground beneath her feet opens up wide and suddenly she is falling into an endless void. A fourth war that threatens to finish the last set of humans, breaks all over the world and this time, hope is something that is no longer existent. A girl who was always cocooned is thrown right in the middle of a battlefield, fighting for something that she doubts will survive any longer. Fighting for the people who will ultimately betray her. The lines between right and wrong get so blurred that she often slips. Hurting strangers to protect the ones she loves, is it right or wrong? Is a question that looms over her head all the time. Enemies become friends, while the ones she trusted the most stab her in the back, literally. Fayth finds herself turning into someone that she isn’t sure whether she loves or hates. Everywhere she turns she finds herself losing the people she loves. Everything seems to be drawing out her energy leaving behind an empty shell made up of only pain and sorrow.

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I love this book.
2020-09-17 00:20:53
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Very engaging. I loved it
2020-07-19 17:39:27
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Author's Note
Hey there, all you beautiful people.Welcome to the fandom, i hope you are planning on to stay for as long as possible.I am sorry if there are any grammatical mistakes, feel free to point it (But please be nice, i am a sensitive lil penguin)I really hope that you enjoy this book. PLease feel free to like, comment and tell your friends about this book. I can get violent sometimes, just to let you know...."A maiden hath no tongue but thought "- Shakespeare. My favorite saying and it truly does apply to me .....Thank you for taking time and checking my book out ....Love,Fayth Fernandes***********************************************************************************************A few instructions:1. All rights reserved. Pleases do not copy my work, or translate it, be it here or any other site.2. Chapters may not be very long. I'm entirely a newbie to writing so it does take some time for me to plot out
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Chapter 1
"You never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."I believe that behind every person, there is a story. A story that makes them who they are. The story may be hidden or on display to the world. A story about his/her fight; a story about how she survived. A story of her fight in silence.In a world where there were only around ten countries left, it wasn't practically difficult to keep in touch with what was going on in the world, but yet I never really paid much heed to it. Everything changed when Asteroid 210XF crashed onto the Earth a hundred years back, practically wiping out half of the world's population. The 195 countries that were once present were reduced to the 10 countries that currently exist.In time mankind was able to restore half of its long lost
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Chapter 2
"Life is about making an impact, not making an income"I woke up to my screaming alarm. Even if you keep a song as your alarm tone, you will still hate it no matter how nice the song is. Today was officially the first day of grade 12. I was excited and also anxious about whether or not me and Scarlet would have any classes together. After taking a shower, I got ready. Our school had uniforms - Dark blue skirt, a creamish shirt, with a blazer which was the same colour as the skirt. I was  pretty much normal looking with golden brown skin, dark brown eyes that practically looked black with very little of brown in it, if only you look closely. I wasn't tall but just 5'4. I wasn't skinny, I was more towards the the curvy side. I had a hour glass figure and even though people keep saying it's the ideal type, it still gets annoying at times.
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Chapter 3
I sighed looking at the homework we received for the weekend. School had started around three weeks ago. The amount of assignments we received and the regular tests didn't give me a chance to realise how fast time passed. Tbh the work I received this week was collectively less and I was sure I would be able to do it in a few hours. Since tomorrow was Friday, I didn't want to keep any homework pending. I wanted to spend my Friday reading a good book. Reaching home I quickly finished all my assignments. Going down to the living room, I sat beside my sister Felicia, who was engrossed in some cartoon. My sister never got tired of watching cartoons even if she had watched the same episode a thousand times. She was 13 years old, yet she seemed like an eight year old kid at times. She was so annoying, selfish, and bratty, that we often disagree on many things and end up fighting. My mom keeps say
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chapter 4
The music could be heard even from two blocks away . I shuddered at the thought of how loud the music would get when we were inside the house. I was nervous as hell, so was Scar by the looks of it. Sam being the jerk he was just laughed at us.  "You know the party is inside a house, not here on the road . "Sam smirked.   Before me or Scar could come up with a comeback he was already on his way .  Glancing at each other and mentally assuring ourselves that we could do it , we reluctantly followed Sam. I looked around at our surroundings. The place was like an alley but better than one. There was no one around. Just cars everywhere, probably belonging to people who were attending the party. It looked like anything could happen here and no one would realise it
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chapter 5
As soon as I reached the last step, Scarlet flung herself at me. If it wasn't for my quick reflexes and the wall partially steadying me I would have fallen on my ass with Scar on top of me . I carefully lossened her grip on me.  "I missed you so much. Where have you been. I was scared that some big bad guy kidnapped you" she started sobbing . I frowned and gave a questioning look to Landon.  He just shrugged "She has been having mood swings for the past half hour. You could never tell whether she was gonna be happy the next moment or whether she would start crying. I couldn't keep up with her after 10 minutes so I just let her do what she wanted. "  I glared at him to which he gulped in fear. "Are you responsible for this state of hers" I asked him still glaring
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Chapter 6
"In books I have travelled,not only to other worlds, but into my own "
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chapter 7
 "I saw you in my dreams again. It felt so real"Monday came too soon for my liking. I grudgingly got up from my bed, and got ready for school. I exited the house after kissing my mother goodbye. Shivering slightly when the cold air nipped at my skin.
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chapter 8
  "The beautiful thing about fear is, when you run towards it. It runs away"My eyes felt like they were being stabbed because of the ferocity with which I was closing them. I felt the knife glide over a small part of my skin and the feel of blood dripping scared me. Suddenly the pressure of the k
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chapter 9
 The morning was cold. Like freezing cold, with the sweater on me, my teeth were still chattering. I was happy that I could sleep well without a nightmare this time. Even though I had roughly around 7 hours of sleep I still felt drowsy because of the cold. We loaded the car and after checking that the house was locked, and that we had everything we wanted, we got into the vehicle.  We were going to Milo for 10 days, mum got to finally take a few days holiday from her job. She was a lawyer and recently she was caught up in her work more than ever and it was a miracle that she got to take a few days leave .
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