September Ends

September Ends

By:  PurpleGrimmy  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Every one action led to undesirable future, where outcomes were always vague, that was always the consequences." When Paul Simons lost his childhood friend during the last days of September, he was devasted and put himself in great grief. Wishing to wake up from the nightmarish, horrible reality of September, hoping to meet Serina Green again that died due to an odd case of suicide, The case itself was suspected to be a murder by Paul, and it further flames the anger on his heart. Drowned by agony and anger, Paul woke up another day only to realize he came back to the first week of September, where both Serina and him promised to have a concert at the September Ends, which will happen at the end of the month. Determine to fix the tragedic future, and to find the one who is responsible, he prepares himself to investigate the town before September Ends, but, Is the town and the incident as simple as it seems? Is the knowledge about the future is enough? Venture as the suspense of the lurking mystery was surfacing in the town, what did happen to the horrible tragedy of September Ends, what was the cause, who is the culprit. September End was a story mixed with romance, music, and thrill, every chapter will make you question; What really did happen? what lies around the fog of town, its dark secrets, and finally, The lurking shadow that was needed to get caught until it kills the one you love.

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9 Chapters
"Hey Paul, today is September 1st, I want you." said the girl in a direct tone, soft voice yet it delivers a confident feeling in every word, her brown hair and hazel matches perfectly on her, along with a white dress fitting her small and delicate appearance, she shows a natural classic girly beauty, akin to a morning sunrise that was simple yet beautiful."Want me?!" The guy named Paul was flustered, making his cheeks red, averting his eyes into another direction.Paul appearance was quite higher than average, aside from his simple wavy hair that was complimenting his dark hair and hazel eyes, he also had a delicate nose and pale skin, he was tall, almost a bit higher from the town's normal height of 5'7 for male, but the thing that stands out on Paul was his aura like he was always had this wall around him but easily approachable, like a man of profound calm, yet rushing, knowing him is like watching a river in the middle of the forest, calm and slow pacing.
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Chapter 1 : Wake Me Up(1)
I tell unto myself, if only I am there, maybe I can prevent this If only I escort her way back unto her home...if only.Why should this happen? Why! Why! Why! Did I ever do wrong to suffer this tragedy? The only thing I did was to love...Staring at her in such a state was making my head in a mess, like hundreds of stripped and tangled threads were destroying the order of the straight pattern in my life. I was lost. What would I do if she was not here now….What would I do!?Paul mind was in mess, even his expression was showing no emotions, his head was filled in a cluster of gloominess, While ago, he arrived at the K-Town General Hospital, drenched and fatigue because of hard run in the rain from his house, Elliot chased after him but can only stare at his friend, only comfort as a friend is the only thing h
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Chapter 1 : Wake Me Up(2)
Paul then silently walked away, leading him to the old oak tree in the middle of the grass field, seeing the tree. He remembered the first day of September, about the promise of performing together, about a girl she can never have again, a part of him that was already lost."Ahhhh!!!" He raised his hand, and created a strong force jab on the oak tree, no matter how many times Paul punched, it was useless.Then he remembered Serina's voice long ago."It was a promise witnessed by this century-old tree."Witness.Then Paul realized, the only thing that witnessed them both together was this old-oak tree, since they are young it existed, it was always a place where both of them played and grew up, then Paul stopped punching.
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Chapter 2: Definitely Maybe (1)
From the other line, Serina was confused by Paul’s shock. We just met yesterday, weren't we? She thought about it."Yeah? Hey what's with the tone? Your voice sounds in disbelief. Hey don't divert the topic, you're late idiot, I’ve been waiting for like a lot here." She annoyingly said."Is this true?" cried Paul, few thoughts came into his mind, he could not explain what was happening at the moment, he felt like a dream. Doubts filled his head and confusion surfaced on his face."What was true? Oh, look at this gentleman pretending to be crazy, hurry up." Seri’s Voice in static was kee
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Chapter 2: Definitely Maybe (2)
The sounds struck deep in his ears, like a prelude to a confirmation he was expecting, and Paul impatiently waited for someone to show up, hoping that the one he expected on his mind would show up behind this door. Tapping his feet and playing with his hand he waited for a minute, the last second felt like eternity for him, every breath and every beat was heard, he was never this focus and expectant in his whole life.Then all of a sudden the door clicks, and a beautiful long haired girl shows up, head-down bangs, hazel eyes akin to jade, slightly brownish hair and ample face, pinkish lips and clean 'V' jawline and little fatty cheeks, matching her white face. Paul stood in utter shock, like a terrible feeling struck him, back in the past, now his doubt was all clear.  Serina’s face was the confirmation of it, Paul looked at Seri in dumb state, he never even blink once, he was scared to
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Chapter 3: Cities in Dust (1)
Paul's guitar started to strum the Opening of the ‘Wake me up when September ends by the Greenday, he started to pluck each key and was deeply focused enough on the beat of the music, the guitar sound then vibrated perfectly inside the studio room. Serina looked at Paul's performance and smiled, she was surprised as to how Paul perfectly did it on the first try, like he already did practice it many times. But Serina didn't know that Paul did with the practice with her until the end of September before he time-traveled back through time. Serina then proceeds to calm herself, imagining the mood of the music, serene yet nostalgic conflicting emotions, she visualized herself at the position of the song, a song that was once reminded of a lost loved one, a feeling of loss and the agony of having to carry the pain. "Summer has come and passed." A slow rising melody came out from Seri's voice, it started from the lonely feeling in every tone, like how she im
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Chapter 3: Cities in Dust (2)
"H-hey! Paul." A sweet voice calls him after a while, he immediately turns his head at the entrance of the cafe and saw Seri on a bright yellow skirt that reaches above her knee. The white T-shirt blend together with the skirt she wore, and white shoes that create a simple style on her. It was simple but had a unique match with her brown hair and adorable face.Paul was slightly stunned and immediately raised his lips and started to curve into a smile."Should we go?" He asked, pointing his thumb outside.Seri looked at him, noticing Paul was also dressed in a normal fashion manner.Black shirt that had a simple sentence on the front chest saying, 'The best boy ever, and a normal gray pants and white shoes. It was simple."Best boy ever?" Serina raised her eyebrows looking at Paul, seeing such words on a shirt."Hehe, it was a gift from grandma a long time ago, I just wear it for the first time." Paul scratched his head and remember when his
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Chapter 4: Two Steps Behind
The mall was closing at 7 o'clock, and numerous people were already in the exit line. A few securities were already on the stand by to escort the customers outside, it was becoming more chaotic due to the lack of discipline in the line, most of them were rushing and urging, tides of masses were flocking the exit.While getting home from the tremendous shopping spree that Serina did at the mall, Paul's mind was still on the conversation he had with Miya, thinking of every little detail from his conversation.He thought that if I never went with Serina, maybe she would meet her brother, if that happened…I may not had a clue, maybe she got home late this time around, based on his memory, Serina calls her that time around between 9 o clock,
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Chapter 5: Cause tonight will be the night
 Past the reach of the daylight, nightfall was coming, Paul realized it, he was looking in the dark gloom woodland for some time, the breath of the dark was getting heavy, hints of the stirring bushes conceal its teeth from the surrounding, risk in each bark of the charcoal shading trees, sneaking perils were all over the place. All things considered to be dangerous when night hits,Still, Paul was tracking down the most dangerous of them. An individual that might be grinning and crawling around past those transcending thick trees. His quiet advances became creepingly stronger, each step was louder and heavy, as a compromising heartbeat siphoned up his nerves, speeding up his attention to the surrounding trees.*Rustle* 
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