For the love of BLOOD

For the love of BLOOD

By:  RomanticAdrienne  Ongoing
Language: English
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Berlin, 1020 BC. After their family is massacred, twins Erik and Adam Von Hagen swore revenge for every single drop of bloodshed. Having no time to lose Erik decides to trick and manipulate a young girl with special gifts to their advantage. And there was Jessica, a human with mystic powers who barely understands what is happening to her. With her ability to control and read minds, seeing the future, and master the fire she must never fall in love or she will destroy everything she touches. But as the heart never listens to reason things might get really bad. There is no room for love only revenge and manipulations. Will all this suffering bring them closer? Will Erik put his plans aside and give love a chance? And if he does will this be the end or the beginning?

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Faith bach
I love Vampire stories so much
2023-04-13 10:16:03
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Great book!?
2020-10-01 00:51:56
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I am not into vampires but this book is amazing!
2020-10-01 00:21:13
21 Chapters
 23rd October 1887, BerlinThe sky was just as red as the blood of the unfortunate ones that Kane fed on. It was heavy cold rain, the perfect scenario for this ruthless vampire to go hunting. He only wanted the half pure blood of the tweens and nothing more. That would make him invincible. Or at least that is what he thought.
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 Jessica’s nightmareI was running for my life. The cold was so thick that I could feel it stabbing though me. Whoever was chasing me was coming closer. Its stench stung my senses with fear and all I could do was run as fast and as far as my eyes could see. I was terrified that if that thing would grab me it will kill me for sure. I knew it was a ruthless vampire on my t
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Discovering me
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Meeting destiny
 Jessica’s storyStephanie was always trying to help no matter what. I don’t really know if this friend medium of hers can do something. At least we could try. The next morning we took her car and drove to a small neighborhood with not so friendly faces. I must have been a little scared looking at the surroundings. A cat knocked over a dumpster and a scream left my lips and echoed between the blocks.
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More of myself
 Jessica’s story Normal 0 false false false RO X-NONE X-NONE
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Him again
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The firm
 Erik’s story I still don’t know the reason but I already saved this girl twice. The first time was harder because she had been bitten and I had to use my blood to heal her. I can only hope no damage had been made because of my pure existence. 
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Searching for her
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New chances
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The interview
Jessica’s story                   The previous day went by so quickly that I did not get the chance to speak with Steph as much as I wanted to. The night was no different. I twisted and turned a gazillion times not even once found a comfortable position to sleep in. My mind was busy with the interview from today. I have to admit I am nervous. I jumped onto m
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