At LaFun

The drive to LaFortune Students Center was short and quiet. Clyde's stony expression was an indicator that I should keep whatever was in my mind to myself. I felt a little bit remorseful. Maybe I had been too hard on him.

“I'm sorry, Clyde.” I apologized as we pulled in to our destination. In the four storey building were divisions of the office student affairs, a few business and services plus some restaurants from national restaurant chains including Burger king, Taco Bell and lots of others. We walked in to the building side by side, none of us saying a word. Clyde did not bother to acknowledge my sincere apology.

The serene ambience of Huddle Food Court welcomed us as we headed to a suitable table. Looking around I saw students from different walks of life enjoying different meals. I loved how there was always so much peace in it and the food was always delicious.

As we waited for a waiter to attend to us, Clyde spoke;

“Why do you make it seem like it's only me who wants to make this work?”

“You do?” I raised my eyebrows.

He rested his masculine arms on the table. “Why would I drive all the way to your school and wait for you to get out of your Ancient Japan class?”

“What? How did you know I had that class?” I was totally shocked, I mean that sounded stalkish. He stalked me? It sure felt good. Maybe I wasn't the only one with feelings for the other.

“My sister told me,” a sexy smirk appeared on his face.

“Makes sense,” I mumbled. My face fell as I realized he hadn't stalked me and I was just being delusional. “I was wondering how you knew where I was.”

“What did you think?”

“Nothing,” I shook my head.

Clyde's chair was positioned opposite mine and his eyes kept alternating from my face to my chest, making me feel quite uncomfortable.

“Why are you staring at me?” I asked, making eye contact with him.

“You're very beautiful, my dear.” He smiled. “Just enjoying the lovely view. I could stare at them all day and not get bored.”

“Clyde!” I whisper yelled in a warning tone. I made a mental note of never wearing V-necks around him. “You sick pervert!”

“What?” He grinned. He looked very cute when he did that. Clyde's everything is just too perfect. “Aren't you proud of yourself and don't all girls like being admired especially by their crushes? Stop acting like you hate it because we both know you're enjoying my undivided attention.”

“I have to go to the restroom,” I said, standing up and pushing back my chair. The way he looked and talked about me had me all hot and bothered. I had to go before he noticed, if he hadn't already.

I was alone in the restroom so I shut the door and leant against it. I knew I had great boobs but when Clyde mentioned, it felt more real and made me happy though I'd never admit that to him unless someone was holding a gun to my head. Did Clyde really like me? That would be the best thing to ever happen to me as I'd wanted him for so many years.

However, he could be fooling me. He probably just wanted to hear me confess my feelings for him and later make fun of me. He was a person you couldn't just trust or he'd ruin you. He'd done enough to my sister and that was supposed to be a lesson for me. How could I be with him? Even though it seemed he'd grown up from his silly ways, I had to stay a million miles away from him.

Thoughts kept streaming through my mind. I knew I had to stop loving Clyde somehow. I wondered if I should go back to one of my exes but made me feel frustrated. When I was fully composed, I looked at my reflection through the mirror, washed and dried my hands then got back to Clyde.

“Took you long enough,” Clyde commented as I took my seat. “I made your order.”

“Thank you,” I mumbled, looking past him through the window. A waiter brought what he'd ordered.

My stomach growled when the delicious aroma reached my nostrils. I held my burger and took a reasonably sized bit.

Clyde smiled, “For a girl, you take such big bites and eat so fast.”

“Any problem?” I questioned, tilting my head.

“Nuh, It's cute,” he laughed but stopped midway.

I looked up to see what was wrong. Clyde's gaze was fixed to the entrance. I turned my head to follow his piercing gaze.

A couple was just entering the restaurant. They were holding hands and looked perfectly fit for each other. Why did Clyde get such a reaction at the sight of them? The boy had tattoos which looked more gruesome than Clyde's. His black beard matched his well coiffured hair making him look so cute, but definitely not cuter than Clyde. Why did I have to compare Clyde with everyone?

Both girl and boy had slightly faded dark jeans and while he wore a black T-shirt, she was in a black crop top and a blazer. They were an amazing couple.

“Let's get out of this place,” Clyde stood up. If he thought I was going to follow his orders, he was greatly mistaken.

“I'm not yet done with my lunch,”

I complained, not budging. “You can go. I don't mind having lunch by myself.”

“Shut it and get up,” He grabbed my hand. I shot up, pushing my seat backwards. I really didn't appreciate the way he treated me.

“Who are they?” I asked, giving in to curiosity. “It seems like you don't want to be around them.”

“Chris and his girl,” He said, practically dragging me in between tables.

As we passed by the couple, Chris' eyes met mine.

“Nice catch, Clyde.”

Clyde's jaw clenched and his hold on my hand tightened.

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