Not Funny

“Get in the car now,” Clyde ordered. The arrival of that Chris guy had completely changed his mood. His jaw was clenched and I could tell that their history must have been pretty awful.

I stared at him for a while and burst into laughter. Didn't he realize how ridiculous he was being?

“Who in the blue hell do you think you are, Clyde?” I narrowed my eyes. “Ordering me around like I'm your little submissive slave. I have stuff to do in my room. Leave me alone, for goodness sake.”

“Shannon, you're going with me whether you are willing or not,” He looked directly into my eyes. “If you continue to resist, I'll kiss you so hard right here in front of everyone. Do you want that or would you rather we do that in the privacy of my apartment?”

My lips parted. Was he seriously blackmailing me? I glanced around and saw a few people from our hometown, Fort Wayne. They knew us and I didn't want to worsen matters if one of them decided to tell my family about what seemed like a lunch date. I felt so much hatred for Clyde at that moment. He was going to pay for this, dearly.

“I never knew that you were this annoying,” I sighed in disappointment and slid into the passenger seat, a frown on my face.

“Would you date me if I wasn't Keri's ex or if I had handled things in a better way?” Clyde asked as we passed one of the University gates.

Rhetorical question. I'd totally date him. He was so perfect, and had tattoos plus curls that I felt like running my hands through. For him to like me was the most amazing thing that could happen. How could I have rejected a boy like him if circumstances were different?

“No,” I lied, looking straight ahead. “I don't like you that way.”

“When will you ever be honest with me?” He seemed disappointed. I was. How long was I going to lie to myself?

“I'm being honest, Clyde.” I said. “Besides, I despise you for what you did to my sister. What, do you think every girl you meet immediately falls for you? You're way too arrogant.”

“Your problem is that you think us dating would be wrong. Maybe it would be so but we can keep it secret so that no one gets know. Let's leave the past where it belongs. No one will know that we're dating except you and I. What do you think?”

“Not gonna happen,” I said and pulled out my phone to look through social media.

A thought crossed my mind. “What happened between you and Chris?”

“Nothing you should know,” he said. “Just don't ever get caught up with him. He's a bad guy.”

I didn't have to worry about that because I'd probably never see him again. Chris was not someone who'd even notice a plain Jane me, except in my dreams. He looked too sexy and hot to even remember that I was the girl he'd seen with Clyde at Huddle Food Court.

“What's his full name?” I asked with a stupid intention.

“Why do you want to know?” He asked rudely. “Do you want to stalk him?”

“Are you gonna tell me or not?” I grew impatient. My latest photo on Facebook had 240 likes and I broke into a smile. There were people out there who at least appreciated my looks.

Kelsey sent me a very disturbing message on Whatsapp.

Heard you got yourself a sexy boyfriend.

What? Who said so?

Beck claims you were out on something that looked like a lunch date. I need full details when you get back.

Screw Beck! Why did he have to be so nosy?

I proceeded to Twitter and went through my news feed and notifications. I retweeted some of the cool posts I saw. Theo James, my greatest celebrity crush had tweeted a new photo which I favourited as soon as I saw. Theo was incredibly sexy and only looking at his photos gave me goose bumps. I wished I'd meet him one day.

I was so engrossed in my phone that I didn't realize the car had stopped inside Northshore Apartments where Clyde and his best friends resided.

Clyde got out and waited for me. He didn't open the door for me. What a gentleman! Oh I forgot we were not freaking love birds. What did I expect from a guy I'd shown nothing but rejection?

Clyde's three best friends; Rick, Louis, and Luke were in their little living room when we got there. Their faces lit up when they caught sight of us.

“You're back early,” Luke commented after the greetings. “What happened?”

“Chris is back,” Clyde stated, dropping himself onto one of the couches. He patted on the spot next to himself. “Come sit here, Shan.”

“You saw him? Was he alone?” Louis inquired.

“He was with Alicia,” Clyde said in disgust. “That stupid bitch.”

“She's a b!tch and he's an asshole. Quite a fitting couple.” Luke observed, looking at the television. A sports channel was on and he seemed to be enjoying the wrestling match between two skinny women.

“I see you brought Shannon,” Rick said, standing up straight. The other guys followed suit. He picked up his phone from the table.

I looked at him, narrowing my eyes. I knew I was intruding on their personal space but he didn't have petty about it.

“You probably need some privacy,” Rick nudged me playfully, a knowing grin plastered on his face.

“No, I...” I started but gave up when I realized it was pointless because they wouldn't listen to me.

“Didn't think she'd agree that fast,” Luke remarked when they were already out of the room.

“I didn't agree to anything!” I yelled at them. “What are you talking about?”

“She's very easy,” I heard Rick say and they broke into deafening laughter while walking through the hallway.

Clyde laughed. I shot him a death glare.

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