"Hello?" I said after answering. I flipped on the lights and turned down the television volume. "How are you, Keri?"

"I'm alright," Keri said, sounding cheerful which made me happy. "So, I finally accepted Aunt Margot's invitation to her church."

"You did!" I exclaimed, tears welling up. My sister was finally freeing herself from the chains that bound her. It was such a big step to recovery and all I wanted was for her to have good mental health. I couldn't help but feel so proud. "When are you gonna go there?"

"Already done" she said. "I met the youth group today and talking to them made me realize I have a lot of things to live for. Life is so short and I shouldn't waste it away like I've been doing all these years. Even after everything I've been through, I can still live a normal life. I can still be happy though everything will never be the same as before when I could go wherever I wanted on my own."

"Oh my goodness, Keri!" I said, amidst sobs. I wan

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Linda G
Of course Chris just got info he needed about Clyde. Girl step away and clear yourself of this mess. They are both using you.

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