Goodbye, Clyde

Sexual tension sky rocketed in the room when Clyde closed the door. He walked over to turn on some music, while I watched his sexy tall frame. Loud hard rock music blasted from the speakers and Clyde sat next to me on the couch. I cleared my throat before speaking. His closeness was almost choking me.

“Will you please turn down the volume?” I yelled over the music. He picked up the remote and reduced it.

“What were they talking about, Clyde?” I hoped it was nothing to do with us wanting to be more than friends. Scratch that, more like him wanting us to date. Hell, I didn't agree to anything and I was not easy.

“Well, there was a bet,” he began, tracing a finger along my thigh. That sent ripples of desire through my leg so I gently pushed it off. How was I able to feel so much even when he touched my skin through jeans?

“About what,” I avoided his intense gaze by looking at the blank TV. I wished it was on so I would be less uncomfortable.

“About you, my love.” He whispered leaning so close that I could smell his glorious scent. It was perfect. If we could always be close forever.

Before I could voice out my opinion on the bet, he started kissing me, slowly at first. Leaning on the couch, he lifted me onto his laps without breaking the kiss. Clyde tasted so sweet and I wanted the kiss to last forever. My hands went through his fluffy curls and wound around his neck while he explored my ravenous body. It had been yearning for his touch for a very long time and now it was getting its reward. The kiss became frenzied with time. My heart pounded so hard and a moan escaped my lips.

Clyde turned and lay me down on and he hovered above, propping himself on his elbows. He reconnected his luscious lips with mine. Feeling a familiar ache in my midsection, I grabbed his tattooed arms, pulling him closer until his body pressed against mine. That felt so good. Ecstasy took over my body. I ground against his rock hard junk, wanting more but realizing I wasn't ready, pushed him off me.

“Please,” I said. “Stop.”

He heard the two horrible words and got off, walking towards the window. He was obviously frustrated and did nothing to hide it. I wanted to go and assure him that he'd be okay but realized that'd take a lot of time. I wanted to be with him so bad it hurt. Sighing, I stood up, ready to leave.

“Goodbye, Clyde.” I said and proceeded to the door.

“Wait, I'll give you a lift to your place.” He said, lazily ambling towards me. “I won't let you go by yourself.”

The last thing I needed was being seen with Clyde in public, again.

“I'll just hail a cab,” I said, turning the door knob. “I truly don't mind.”

“Shan,” Clyde's breath fanned the back of my neck. The door quickly opened, I wouldn't be able to stand if he came any closer. I didn't dare look at his eyes. “I want to do this. Please, let me.”

“Ok, whatever.” I said, shrugging. I was not in a mood to argue with him. What I truly wanted was for us to keep making out but my conscience would not let me.

WSND-FM was on as the car sped to campus. What had gone on between Clyde and I was something I honestly didn't want to talk about. I wanted it out of my mind or at worse, a memory. Thinking about it would just give me pain since we could never be together. I just wanted to happy.

“Take care of yourself, Shan.” Clyde said when I got out of the car. “Remember, I want to be with you so much I'm willing to do anything. Promise me you'll think about it.”

“Goodbye Clyde,” I muttered and went into the hall.

“Oh hell,” I muttered when I found Nina and Ruby, my best friends in my room with Kelsey, my nosy roommate. I was too exhausted to deal with them but I knew they'd never let a matter about boys go so easily.

“Hello,” I greeted gravely.

“Finally.” Kelsey grinned, walking towards me. I gave her a look, dropped my satchel and went to sit on my bed.

“Tell us about curly,” Nina, who was seated on my bed nudged me. I groaned, lying face down.

“And all the details of the date,” Ruby winked, smiling widely.

“I wasn't on a date.”

“According to Beck you guys seemed so into each other. “Kelsey, Beck's girlfriend said,”You looked at each other in a way that screamed 'hey there we're on a lunch date'.

“Ha ha,” I let out a sarcastic laugh.

“It seems you don't wanna talk about it but it's ok because we have great news.”

“Wow,” I liked the sound of that but remained cautious since their great news were not always so great for me. At least I wouldn't have to talk about Clyde, yet. I knew they'd still ask about him until I gave them an answer. Why are best friends always so persistent and nosy?

“It's Hailey's birthday today and she's holding a party. We're all going,” Kelsey informed me. “You must come with us.”

“I'm in no mood for partying,” I said lifting my legs to my bed so I could lie down and think of sweet Clyde.

“No one cares about your mood,” Ruby laughed. “You're coming with us because we won't listen to any of your excuses.”

“Can't I just stay,” I begged, trying to make a puppy dog face which got ignored.

“NO!” All of them responded in unison, their faces bearing serious expressions.

“Okay, you guys are so annoying, I'll go.” I gave in. “Who's Hailey?”

“A sister to one of Beck's friends. She's super amazing. Everyone loves her.”

It wouldn't be so bad, would it?

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