Forbidden Desires

Forbidden Desires

By:  Author Priya   Ongoing
Language: English
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"Some one can see us," Rose whispered, her voice barely audible as she tried to steady her racing heart. She gazed into Darian's eyes, where a fire of lust burned brightly. She wanted to satiate her own desires, but what if her husband were to discover them in this intimate embrace? She was laying naked beneath him, vulnerable and exposed on the bed. "Ohh.... Darian," she pleaded, her words dripping with sensuality. "Someone can hear us." As the words escaped her lips, he silenced her with a possessive touch, his large hand enveloping her mouth. And With a surge of desire he plunged deep within her. ~ "There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable". This is how Rose's love was for Darian. It was forbidden because he was twelve years senior to her. Not only that, she was married, and her old husband was his uncle. It was forbidden from every aspect, but still, it was the sweetest. She was desperately in love with him, willing to go to any lengths for her love. She had longed for Darian's love since she was just a teen;. She tried everything to capture his interest, but it proved futile. His lack of attention pushed her to marrying a 50 year-old man. But nothing could stop Rose now, when they were under the same roof and it was impossible for Rose to resist her desires, especially when he now showed interest in her, something she had longed for years. In the season of love mysterious murders unfolded, killing Rose's dear ones who dared to stand between her passionate love. But the identity of the merciless murderer still remained mystery! Immerse yourself in the saga of love, desire, seduction, and mysterious murders. How far can one go for their forbidden desires?

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6 Chapters
Inside a luxurious room, Rose stood near the mirror, looking at her reflection. Her white wedding dress, impeccably tailored, adorned her with elegance. Delicate net sleeves, embellished with white beads, embraced her hands and a sweetheart neckline graced her with perfection. The veil cascaded gracefully that added an extra touch of enchantment.The diamond necklace delicately embraced her neck, complementing her honey - bright skin tone. Her luscious, brown hair were intricately gathered in a bun, with softly curled locks framing her face. The minimal makeup she wore only accentuated her innate innocence, showcasing her natural and breathtaking beauty.Despite the magnificence surrounding her, an inner turmoil overshadowed her joy on this significant day—her wedding. The diamond bracelet gleamed on her wrist, a symbol of her Dream and the most cherished possession she owned. It spoke volumes about the love she once had but now lost. Her gaze lingered on it which was a painful remind
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Unfulfilled desires!
She turned around yearning for his warm lips to meet hers.She gazed into his eyes, feeling a flutter in her stomach as desire and lust emanated from him. She Wanted him to take charge, she would surrender willingly to him, ready to fulfill his every need. She ran her hands sensually across his chest and he gripped her waist, pulling her intimately close. A soft moan escaped her lips, a symphony of pleasure as their bodies entwined, leaving no space between them. His gaze lingered on her lips, teasing it with a gentle graze of his fingers. With closed eyes and heavy breaths, she eagerly awaited that first kiss, parting her lips to invite him in.Frustration consumed her as she still didn't feel his lips. She furrowed her brows in confusion and opened her eyes to an empty space . Disappointment flooding over her. It was just another hallucination, leaving her burning with unfulfilled desire. Slamming her hand onto the basin platform, she closed her eyes, attempting to regain composure.
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Stay quiet!
Darian belongs to only her; she hates her sister! She hates her and she will never forgive her for this. Not only hate but she envies her now. She is jealous of herWiping away her tears, she thinks, "No, I can't let Darian slip out of my hands. What if he starts loving my sister, and they end up together and married? No, I wouldn't be able to live with that." She clutches her hair in frustration, convinced it's all because of her sister; she must have seduced him. It's all her fault. rushing to the hall she grabs the telephone, and dials Smith's number. After two to three rings, he picks up in a sleepy tone, asking, "Hello, who's there?""Smith, she... she... Daisy is cheating on you. I saw her with my own eyes. She was with Darian," she blurts out in one go, but someone snatches the telephone from her hand. Smith, shocked by the revelation, throws his phone on the floor, breaking it.As Rose turned around, she witnessed Daisy standing there, seething with anger. Darian while donni
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Sir has arrived!
The mere touch of his fingers caused goosebumps to erupt all over her body. She had never been touched like this before, and her heart thumped hard with a mix of nervousness and excitement, especially since it was Darian himself. He grazed his fingers over her clitoris, and she flinched slightly at the sensation. His warmth and his manly cologne were intoxicating, and she wanted to get lost in him, fully submitting herself to him. His fingers circled her clit, applying gentle pressure that elicited a flinch from her due to the intense sensation. Her breaths were heavy, and her stomach tied itself into knots every time his gaze met hers.He pressed his finger gently against her entrance, prompting her to immediately grip his hand in nervousness as this was very new to her, and her heart was thumping wildly in her chest. He smiled at her reaction and kissed her neck. She closed her eyes in pleasure, feeling the subtle pressure and warmth of his body. His fingers circled more rapidly
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Darian is here!
Upon hearing this, Rose sensed an unsettling pit in her stomach, her heart quickening its pace as an ominous feeling crept over her. David, with a hushed tone, stammered, "Rose, we'll... discuss... discuss this later," his gaze shifted towards the guard.The guard swiftly approached him and escorted him in his wheelchair toward the exit. Rose shot a disapproving glare at Lucy, who remained bowed in shame, and then stormed outside. As she was Intrigued to identify the mysterious gentleman.The grand black doors of the mansion swung open, ushering in three sleek black cars in .She stood by her husband, seated in his wheelchair. The cars came to a stop, and four men emerged, all clad in black suits and pants, sporting guns in holsters and earpieces. They exuded an air as they were on a mission.Rose furrowed her brows, observing the uniformed and robust group of around 10 to 11 men. However, her heart skipped a beat as her eyes fixated on one particular man stepping out of the car.A ma
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Darian, my love
Placing the jug on the kitchen platform she cautiously approached the living area but her steps halted when she witnessed a shirtless Darian wandering around, engaged in a phone call, a glass of whiskey in hand and to add to the surprise, her little kitty was perched on his shoulder.The rhythmic flex of his muscles, accentuated with each move or whenever he slipped the whiskey, left her parched. Resisting the tempation she averted her gaze when Darian unexpectedly caught her eye, forcing her to hastily regain composure."I'll catch up with you later," he stated before disconnecting the call and casually tossing the phone on the sofa. Approaching Rose, he took deliberate steps, making her gulp nervously. The proximity heightened her heartbeat; as this time, she knew it was no illusion – he really stood before her.Coming closer he asked in a deep tone, "Why are you here?" Upon hearing this, she quickly started to say, "I... I was thirsty. I..." but he interrupted her, asking, "I am as
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