The Hayes' Hearth

The Hayes' Hearth

By:  Nikki Larousse  Completed
Language: English
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Book 3 of The Elemental Lovers series Cameron Hayes was one of the top editors-in-chief for WWF magazine. When he wanted to be the director fo the foundation, he has to go back to school. With a determination to take and a Ph.D. to achieve, he thinks he was invincible to anything. Ella Lattone has been one of the translators for WWF magazine for 3 years now. After completing her degree in the Romance languages, she moved to the States even when her aunt forbids it. But, they complied when she asked to continue her study in a different path, ecology.What makes it worst, Cam and Ella seem to know each other when they have to work together in their project that involves volcano and ecology. Can they work peacefully when everyone knows they were in arms when together? Or will they succumb to the stirring passion that has been burning ever since they worked in WWF but never explore?

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36 Chapters
Prologue: The Boss
Ella Lattone’s POV “I swear to God, if he calls me one more time, I’m going to further my study,” I whispered to my friend, Fauna Florenz, as we were eating our lunches. It was not every day that Fauna can join me since she was happily married to the new CEO of Kent Tech.
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Chapter 1: The Visit
Ella Lattone’s POVThat was a week ago when today, my stick in the mud boss will be flying to France to do some work there. He will be gone and I will be doing what I think was good for my health. AKA slacking.
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Chapter 2: The Host
Ella Lattone’s POVI have taken the subway to get to the NYU campus. It has been my conquest to have been admitted here as my other 3 best friends were here to continue their studies. I can always meet up with them when I will be here for my Master’s program.
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Chapter 3: The University
Ella Lattone’s POVI have been preparing to get to the campus when Daisy offered me to go with her. She showed me how to get there by subway as it would be much easier and it will help me if I got accepted in the program here. “Thank
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Chapter 4: The Conversation
Ella Lattone’s POV “Oh my gosh! What are you doing here?” She asked as I was taking my seat in front of her. I was getting my pho ready as I wanted to put some hot sauce and I heard they are the best. “Well, I was visitin
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Chapter 5: The Interview
Cameron Hayes’ POVI was on the plane to San Francisco after I got a little tip that Brandon Cornwall has discovered something new. I need to know what was going on and so I have decided to personally meet the person. Not that many people k
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Chapter 6: The Tourist
Cameron Hayes’ POVI was sitting on the chair as I was looking at the city lights at night. It was nice and the quietness of the city has subdued after rush hour. This city reminded me of Seattle. I would love to live here after all. I was
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Chapter 7: The Invitation
Ella Lattone’s POVAfter my weekend in New York, I was happy to know that I was back in Seattle again. It was nice and I loved it. I was listening to music when I was editing some articles that needed to be translated in the romance language. I was humming as well when I was listening to music and doing my editing.
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Chapter 8: The Ball
Cameron Hayes’ POVWe arrived at the conference ball in time. I was happy to know that Ella was stunning as we were walking into the conference ball and people, especially males, were staring at her. Not until she removed the coat that I felt like I wanted her to wear the coat back.
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Chapter 9: The Overthinking
Ella Lattone’s POVI was taken back when Hayes pecked me on the lips. Should I be happy or should I be asking for his head? I don’t know what I was feeling at him at the moment. I wanted to be happy but I know that he would never reciprocate my feelings. 
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