Forced To Be His Bride. Fated To Be His Mate.

Forced To Be His Bride. Fated To Be His Mate.

By:  Eliza Selmer  Completed
Language: English
7 ratings
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Fate can be a funny thing. One minute, you are the beloved daughter of a powerful alpha, and the next, you're nothing more than a tool used to join forces with another strong pack. And if you don't go along with what is expected of you, the one who is using you for personal gain will make your life a living hell and destroy anything that is precious to you.Because of this, Denali Ozera finds herself married to the cold and ruthless Rosco Torres, alpha of the Crystal Fang pack and enemy not only to her, but her entire family. But by some weird twist of fate, Rosco isn't what others say he is, and he is even willing to help Denali get back everything that was meant to be hers.Together, Denali and Rosco devise a plan to destroy Denali's father and her stepmother and sister. All Rosco asks for in return is Denali's mind, body, and soul.

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default avatar
What's the name of the sequel. I really enjoyed this one
2024-04-07 01:38:06
user avatar
Alicia G Smith
Enjoyed this story. sad, funny with a few twists added
2024-04-05 12:45:19
user avatar
Quashae Guerrier
loved it!!!
2024-04-03 15:48:38
default avatar
Tammy Daub
I loved this book. Great job. Other than a few mistakes in grammar, it kept me wanting to read more of it. Can’t wait for the next sequel. TLD
2024-04-02 07:36:02
user avatar
Anastasia B.
Such a good read. Fast pacing and a nice unexpected plot.
2024-03-30 14:53:01
default avatar
Sherri Schweigl
This is a great book filled with romance, and lots of action. Can’t wait for the sequel!
2024-01-26 15:25:26
user avatar
monika malhotra
ok question? did rosco mark nadia? and mate with her under the influence of drugs? that wasnt made clear.. i truly hope not.. rosco epitomised strength and falling for such a cheap trick would belie that point. a weak male lead is very disappointing.
2024-05-26 16:30:25
280 Chapters
Chapter 0001
[Denali’s POV] “Mommy,” I whimper, hanging on to my mother’s limp hand. “Please don’t go. Don’t leave me.” Tears stream down my face as I stare ahead, taking in my mother, who lies motionless in the hospital bed. Behind me, I can hear my father speaking with the doctors about my mother’s recent di
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Chapter 0002
[Denali's POV] "Yes! Harder! Harder!" My stepsister, Anastasia's, muffled moans called from the other side of the wall. They were followed by the light tapping of her bedframe, and they echoed around me, making it impossible to fall asleep. Of course, the minute our parents go out for a pack gathe
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Chapter 0003
[Denali’s POV] “Dad!” Anastasia’s shocked exclamation fills the area around us and causes my father to snap out of his shocked daze. Of course, she would have an issue with being sent away to goddess knew where. “Wait!” He gasps, drawing the man’s attention to himself in order to save his preciou
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Chapter 0004
[Denali’s POV] Tearing my gaze away, I try to ignore the pain that is radiating deep inside of me due to my father so easily giving me away and Alexander standing around and doing nothing, but did I truly expect anything less? No. After years of being used and then tossed aside, this was what I sho
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Chapter 0005
[Denali’s POV] After that day, I fell into the rhythm of waiting each night in the bridal chamber for my ‘husband’ to appear, even though he never does. And despite my protests, his butler insisted I stay there so that when he returned, we could consummate our wedding. When I wasn’t waiting for Ro
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Chapter 0006
“Then welcome,” he finally says, breaking the awkward silence that falls around us. “Do try to do good.” “Yes, sir.” Giving a slight bow, I turn and scurry away, but as I move, I can feel Rosco’s eyes locked on me, and I’m sure that he sees right through me. [Rosco’s POV] I watch as the pretty m
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Chapter 0007
[Rosco’s POV] I keep my gaze fixed on my new wife as she begins to enter the room, but when her large eyes come to rest on mine, a look of both embarrassment and shock crosses them. Good; at least she had a sense of shame. Was she playing maid earlier to scope me out, or was she attempting to gain
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Chapter 0008
[Rosco's POV] I stare down at Denali, waiting as she looks from me to my crotch, which is at eye level with her. From her actions, I know she knows exactly what it is that I want her to do, but she doesn't move. Was this some sort of joke on her part? Did she truly think I would believe a thing she
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Chapter 0009
[Rosco’s POV]“I am.”Denali’s words are strong and clear, despite the tears that are brimming in her eyes. And despite the quiver of her lip, her gaze holds steady, and the hatred there is like a knife to the heart.No, I couldn't let her continue to fool me. This was all a fucking trick, and I wou
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Chapter 0010
[Denali's POV] I look from Rosco to his father and back while any sense of hope that things would become better recedes. "Don't worry," I continue, forcing a smile. "I won't cause trouble and will leave quietly." It pained me to say this, knowing what was on the line, but I was humiliated, insult
Read more Protection Status