Forgive me

Forgive me

By:  JackieS  Completed
Language: English
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He is known as the cruelest and most ruthless Alpha King and his name causes fear among all Alphas, except the ordinary and weak omega ....

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14 Chapters
Chapter 1 Meeting "Him"
“Emma, if you can come earlier tonight so we could prepare all for our guest’s dinner tonight, I’ll help you with Hope, sweety”. “Yes, Luna”, I just need to bathe Hope, and we’re on our way there”. I put on my sneakers, black skinny jeans, and a shirt, my sandy-colored hair was in a messy bun, I took Hope with me and started walking to the pack-house. “Oh, thank God, I ’m so nervous because of Maison’s guest, he’s such a stiff person, I never know what he’s thinking”, Luna said, taking Hope, and going to the kitchen while I followed her. I thought he and Alpha Mason were high school friends?“, I asked her while I was preparing dinner. “Yes, they were, but back then Arden was already changed because of his parent's death." " He was only 15 when a pack of the rogues killed them, and he needed to take the Alpha role which I believe made him the strongest Alpha leader of a most powerful pack ever”, She said it was a bit sad though. “THE STONE HEART PACK”?!, I was asking in shock,
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Chapter 2 Leaving
I woke up in the living room, hearing familiar voices and a discussion, which made my headache stronger. I immediately remembered what had happened before I lost the ground under my feet and I automatically got up because I was scared for Hope. ” Shhh, Hope is in Luna’s room and sleeping soundly”. Jane tried to calm me down. “I was waiting for you to wake up to tell you not to worry and now I’m going to her right away and you rest, everything will be fine.” Why did I have a stupid feeling that she was wrong, because of all that yelling from the kitchen I knew nothing good would come of it. “Damn it, Arden, how could you even think to say such a thing to her, to anyone, let alone your Mate”, I never heard Alpha Mason talk like that to anyone. "She’s not my Mate !“, Arden hissed. I saw Mason look at him with disbelief. “ Such pathetic thinking, Alpha Vulcan, especially when the Goddess gives us a unique chance to find our soulmate, and I don’t think you young people can judge Em
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Chapter 3 Doubt
I broke, as I ran down the hall in a cold sweat until I heard voices from the kitchen. I stopped, not believing what I was hearing. My little Hope’s voice echoed from there, while another was unknown but it was a woman’s voice, trying to silence the loud laughter. I slowly crept close, trying not to be noticed, and was in disbelief after the sight I saw them. Arden and Hope were sitting and eating breakfast, while an older woman watched them from the corner of her eye, while she was working in the kitchen. “Mom didn’t tell me we were going to visit you, Uncle Arden,” Hope said calmly, looking at Arden he had a serious facial expression, but when he heard her, he almost choked with juice, not knowing what to say to my little girl. He wasn’t used to children, especially a direct one like my Hope, which put a smile on my face... Who would have thought... He coughed, with still serious facial expressions. “This week mom and I are supposed to go on a picnic by the river,” Hope said
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Chapter 4 Emma
“Emma, ​​don’t look back and don’t stop, as long as you have the strength, run as far as you can,” her mother, holding her hands, said with her last strength. Emma cried looking at the young woman, whose once golden hair was red with blood, as was her body. She was disfigured and unrecognizable, and her father was dead, along with Alpha and the other members of the pack, if anyone survived, it wouldn’t be for long. She remembered when she arrived in the pack, together with Elena, who was an omega from her pack, who had taken care of her since birth, and masked Emma’s scent from Alpha into the omega protecting the little girl. She was the only child of her parents and they lived together with her grandfather, who was the former Alpha of the Moon Pack, because her father took over the leadership, of course, but when Emma was born, her existence shouldn’t be known because of the prophecy from a witch, who was killed by Emma’s grandfather had said on her deathbed. So Emma became an o
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Chapter 5 enlightenment
While he carried her in his strong arms, he could feel that she was shaking even in her sleep, which made his anxiety even worse, with the last knowledge he could extract from her, in only one way, he was not sorry to mark her, he already regretted the way he did it. He wanted it to be different. He knew that the first time he saw Emma, he was mean to her, thinking the worst. He’s insulted her, truth be told, The real reason was that he was captivated by her appearance at first glance, but also by a character that gave her the strength to fight, regardless of her past and fragile appearance. He put her down on the big bed in his room, ‘their room’, he thought, because he had already ordered that the smaller room next to it be transformed into a room for Hope, who was now enjoying her time with the nannies, and although he knew that Emma would need much time letting him into her heart. He prayed that it wouldn’t be like that, because he would be with her to change it, no matter ho
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Chapter 6 Alliance
Luna Sara looked at her husband, Alpha Mason, with understanding. She was walking slowly away from the office, with the excuse that she would make them coffee, for which she knew she would wait a little longer, considering that she wanted to leave the two men to talk about everything in a more relaxed and private manner, at least as far as Alpha Arden was concerned. Although she would find out all the facts anyway, she wasn’t ready to immediately face the new facts that were related to Emma and Hope, knowing that all this would affect the lives of all of them. “Khan is 5 years older than me, but our parents always called us twins because of the similarity that couldn’t be explained.” “You know how Alpha can feel their Mate earlier, and that day, when the boundaries were attacked he was learning how to take over the title from our father, so he stayed longer in the office.” " When he heard what’s happened, he came, and on the spot, he found father, his beta, and dead rogues, among
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Chapter 7 Bond
“But Mom, I saw Mia preparing the basket, I know we’re going on a picnic, Uncle Arden promised me!” Hope looked pleadingly at Emma, despite her determined little voice. “Hope honey, you know how busy Uncle Arden is and we hardly ever see him. "Besides, Mia didn’t mention anything, did she?“ She stroked her daughter’s hair gently, while her gaze was directed at Mia, who just turned away head, smiling enigmatically, continuing to work in the kitchen. A rough cough was heard from the door, to which Emma jerked suddenly, seeing a tall man with blond hair and eyes, whom she recognized as Beta, standing still. “Devek!“, Hope suddenly broke out of her hand, running into his arms, which surprised Emma. “Hey, pumpkin” he laughed happily, lifting Hope into his arms. “Ready?“, he whispered to her, looking at Emma who raised an eyebrow, questioningly which made him serious and cleared his voice, gently letting Hope go, while she was holding him still for blond hair. “I’m sorry Luna, Alpha
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Chapter 8 Truth
He looked at her, as she approached, lightly and shyly, while he removed one hand from his hips, running it through his wet hair, and instantly tingles passed through her, and when he approached her, smiling at her, he grabbed her hand, she lost herself in his deep gaze, and feelings she didn’t even know existed. All of a sudden, all hell broke loose, and before she knew it, Arden pushed her behind him, and she could feel his tense muscles and anger when she looked up and met a pair of familiar, cold, gray eyes, from which hatred was emanating. His eyes shone like the brightest sun, but the coldness was incomprehensible, while he held her little girl in his arms, who was looking at her terrified, holding Khan’s hand with his hand, with which he covered her mouth so that she would not cry out for help. Derek’s arms wrapped tightly around her, preventing her from moving, and even though she was an Alpha and stronger than him, she didn’t have the strength to resist, too shocked, and s
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Chapter 9 Acceptance of love
Arden’s POV I looked at her fragile and scared, but with eyes full of longing, desire, and love, which I wanted to give her myself, I wanted to show her that I belonged to her with all my being and that I wasn't like him, and that I will never hurt her, while there is a drop of life in me. I put her as gently as I could on the bed, watching as her transparent nightgown lifted, revealing her beautiful, fragile body, like a girl, and for a moment I wanted to remember that look she gave me, as an approval, that she was not afraid of me and that she trusts me, which gave me the confidence that I lacked with her for so long. I put my lips on hers, lightly biting her lower lip, to let me explore their insides with my tongue, awakening in me an uncontrollable passion, but I had to control myself because I didn’t want to hurt her, although my kisses became more and more passionate, deeper I still controlled myself. Still, I could feel her passion, with which she responded to them. Her ha
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Chapter 10 Acceptance of love
Emma’s Pov I looked at him, in all his beauty and power, and those eyes, which I fell in love with, told me that I could trust him and surrender to him, without fear that I would be hurt, ever, in any sense. His strong hands lifted me gently, awakening tingling in my whole body, which I had never felt, but with him, the desire that took over me was indescribable, it was all in one, and I wanted it to never end. It wasn’t ‘HIM’, it was Arden, my mate, the man who is destined for me and to whom I am destined, and I was sure when he put me down on the bed, gently like a child, afraid he would do anything wrong, that everything will be fine. His lips explored mine, and I let them go, following his tongue and answering him, eagerly awaiting his touches, which were like fire, on my heated body, which burned after his. I have never felt so much bliss, nor desire, and I could not believe how I reacted to his every touch, felt his breath on my skin, while I let out sighs of pleasure. My
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