The New Sun

The New Sun

By:  JoeFox  Ongoing
Language: English
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It's 2308 and Old Earth is no more. Humanity is scattered amongst the star systems near Sol. Factions and countries that allied together in Terra's last Great War, banded once again to form star colonies. The greatest and most dangerous of them all, is the Empire of Greater Asia. Out on the fringes of human civilization, they've slowly taken over neighboring systems in their attempt to expand their reach in the stars. One such star system is Tau Ceti or the Kalayaan Group of Colonies. But the Empire would soon find that taking Tau Ceti is more than what they asked for.

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interesting story...
2021-12-15 06:59:36
3 Chapters
The Cheytac was a relic from the past. His great, great, grandfather was a sniper of the last World War; back when the entire Sandalo clan lived through the hardships and terrors in the last days of humanity's dying home world, Earth. He was one of the few millions who survived and was handpicked, together with his family, by the USEAN (Union of Southeast Asian Nations) government for relocation to Tau Ceti. The government, grateful for his service, let him keep his issued rifle, the Cheytac. When Great Great Grandpappy Lolo Sandalo finally arrived at Tau Ceti 4 (Bagong Silangan), the rich agricultural planet had turned him from soldier to farmer overnight, hanging up the rifle by the wall. But even then, he has never forgotten his skills as a stalker and hunter. He had considered the rifle as the family heirloom; and he passed down not only his rifle but also his sniper tradecraft- marksmanship, stalking, and camouflage- to his sons if only as past-time. He and his sons
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SA-2614 is a genetically modified weapon of war. A soldier—a super soldier— whose sole purpose in life is carrying out orders and achieving the objective. Anyone who stands in her way is just another casualty in her unending war with whoever her superiors deem as enemies of the colony. And one such casualty lies prone in front of her, writhing in pain and shock of the 15000 volts delivered from her shock stick. He was a civilian, just a civilian. But she would do whatever it takes to achieve the mission. Even if she needs to take out a citizen of the colony."This is Alpha-4, civilian is neutralized," she said on her comms. She heard chuckles from all 3 of her Team mates as a reply."I hope you didn't hurt him too much," said Alpha 1 gruffly, trying hard to hide the amusement in his voice and failing."He'll live," SA-2614 said as she glanced briefly at the body in front of her before."Heads up!" Was all she heard Alph
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She was a blur shooting up the tree in front of her. It took every ounce of Joseph's being not to yelp and give his position away to the Marines. A rustle up on the branches, Joseph looked up to see the girl some 20 feet up in the tree. A second or two he stared high above where she is before realizing his mouth was agape like a slack-jawed fool. Jaws clenched, he willed himself to look away and just focus straight ahead. Joseph has so many questions running through his head. On top of that, his head is throbbing as though he was punched by an Old Earth gorilla. His whole body sore from whatever force that passed through him. He's left a little dazed still by the whole encounter; most of which he knows nothing of. One moment he had the Marine officer dead to rights, but the next moment, a violent rush of something. Then nothing. Then her. Who is she? How was she able to jump that high? And she's got all that Spec Ops gear, but she doesn't look a day over his
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