Since a month after her father's death, she has begun to accept all these harsh facts. She entered the mansions courtyard with slow steps, without knocking the door first.

"What are you doing Carlos ?!"

The woman screamed hysterically when she found her husband was shirtless and was making out with a woman on the couch, in the living room of his mansions.

The man who was called Carlos, immediately raised his head. He, who had been on top of the body and sucked on the woman's breast, was annoyed by the presence of his wife.

His wife was clutching his mouth, followed by tears. Really she did not believe in her husband's behavior.

"Are you cheating on me, Carlos?"

Carlos grinned, he squeezed her breasts, making the sexy sigh sound out of her lips. Then Carlos answered his damned wife's question.

"You can leave here, if you don't like watching us make love, Agatha!"

Yes, Agatha De Leon. Kenzo De Leon's mother !!

"Why are you hurting me, Carlos ?!"  asked Agatha.

"Listen to this carefully, Agatha!"  said Carlos.

Carlos pulled the undressed woman to stand with him. Then Carlos hugged the woman's waist from behind, he inserted 3 fingers in the woman's vagina, so that erotic screeches could be heard echoing throughout this room. And without embarrassment, the woman shook her hips as she put her hands around Carlos's neck. The woman gave Agatha a mocking look.

Carlos grinned while enjoying the touch of his woman's long fingers stroking his genitals. "You know, Agatha? I'm fed up with everything. My marriage and yours seem perfect, and the happy-looking family that is always shown in public! I'm tired of playing the role of the best husband for you, Agatha !!"

"What happened!!" Agatha shouted, when she heard Carlos's explanation.  Her heart hurts!

"Your father just died a month ago. So, I no longer need to be cute in front of you !!" said Carlos, grinning.

Carlos pulled out his fingers on the woman's genitals, and replaced them with his might. The man's genitals entered the woman's butt hole from behind, until the woman gasped.  Then Carlos began to slowly shake his hips, the rhythm that the woman also followed.

 With short breaths, Carlos looked at Agatha. "I no longer need you. All of your father's possessions are already under my control!"

"You're really outrageous, bastard! What are you going to tell your son about all this ?!"

"I'll say, if I don't love her adoptive mother! And do you know anymore, Agatha?" said Carlos, pausing for a moment. "No man wants to marry a woman who can't bear children, like you, right ?!"

Agatha's tears flowed profusely, her head shook her head and her heart ached at the words of Carlos, the husband she had loved so much for all these years. Agatha doesn't understand why Carlos did all this to her !!

Carlos squeezed the woman's breasts, until the sexy moan was heard again.  Carlos's head tilted upwards, it could be seen that he was really enjoying the hot romance. Meanwhile, Agatha was very disgusted by that vulgar sight.

"You must be thinking, why am I doing all this to you, right?" asked Carlos, as his hands wandered down to rub the woman's vagina shamelessly in front of Agatha.  Carlos, who can not stand it anymore, "I like it when your vagina is one with mine, honey" whispered Carlos sensually in her ear, sparking passion.

The woman bit her lip in a sighing voice, "Oh, ahh, Carlos. Yours is huge. Fuck me!"

"Yes, baby. And he'll just love that hole of yours, honey," said Carlos, sounding very vulgar.

Agatha clenched her hands, her lips trembling.  "Stop Carlos!"

Again Carlos looked at Agatha with sharp eyes. The gaze that was given by Carlos, never seen by Agatha before.

"So far I have never loved you, Agatha !! I'm just waiting for the right time to come back to my woman !!"  said Carlos honestly, without any lies in it.

Agatha swallowed her saliva with great difficulty. He wiped the tears that kept coming out. "Who is that woman you mean, Carlos ?!"

"Bianca Hughes, this woman is my first love !! She is my lover, who I left because of your father. Your father knows that you love me very much !!"


"You know what? What did your father do to me, behind you, Agatha?"

Carlos bit Bianca's earlobe. While Bianca just stared straight at Agatha, there was passion mixed with hatred in her eyes. Every now and then Bianca sighed deliciously at the touch of Carlos who touched her body.

"Your father killed and also took my parents' possessions, then he threatened me to harm my woman. That's why I ended up leaving him for you," said Carlos, revealing all the secrets his father Agatha had.

Carlos's confession, made Agatha stunned.  "No! My father is not such a bad person!" said Agatha softly.  "You know very well, Carlos. If my father loved you very much."  said Agatha again.

"It's just a lie, Agatha !! And your father has also hurt my daughter !!"

Carlos then pulled Bianca's face, he kissed her lips fiercely. As if she didn't care about Agatha's existence, who cried tears at the end of the room.

"My daughter who I only knew after she died !!"  moaned Carlos between his kisses. There was a feeling of anger and hurt tucked into Carlos's tone, the tail of his eyes glancing at Agatha.

"Your father ordered his bodyguards to rape my daughter, until she died on the spot !!"

Carlos then took off their kiss, he was breathless with Bianca.  "Not only that ..." Carlos paused for a moment, his fingers rubbing sensually on Bianca's lips, which were swollen as a result of his kiss.

Carlos looked back at Agatha with an angry look.  "My female life has become what it is now because of your father !! Bianca's family is in debt to your father and she has to pay off that debt by becoming your father's bastard sex slave !!"

"So ..." Carlos' throat felt dry, but he continued. "My woman has become accustomed to her job and is willing to become a woman who satisfies the lust of any man, to pay for my daughter's life !!"

"My father is not the bastard you say Carlos!"  said Agatha, looking very angry because her father was just insulted, even though his father was not in this world.

"You bastard, Carlos !!"  said Agatha shouting at Carlos, then she sat on the floor, covering her face with her hands. Agatha is crying hysterically.

But the next second, Agatha was shocked when her bastard husband pulled her hand away. Yes, Carlos dragged Agatha out of the mansions by force, then Carlos pushed Agatha hard.

"Carlos!"  said Agatha spontaneously, as she collapsed on the mansions yard.

"Go away!"  snapped Carlos, intending to expel his wife.

Her heart ached terribly, like being stabbed by a thousand knives. Her chest felt tight and all her feelings shattered to pieces when she saw her husband now yell and throw her away.

"Get out of my sight! Don't appear in front of me again !!"  said Carlos in a high tone.

"And now it is time, you feel the pain, Agatha De Leon !!"

After saying that, the door closed very tightly. Agatha was surprised and then sobbed.

To get something of value. There will be something that must be sacrificed, right?

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