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What if you’re a fallen angel of death and God calls you for reconciliation? Isaac Jacob is a heartbroken and broke businessman. When his wife Maria; the woman that he trusted and love most cheated on him and stole his money as well as ruined his life that makes him miserable and hopeless. Which makes him want to shoot her and her lover but unexpected things happened that worsen his situation. He moved to a slum area somewhere in Manila when he sold everything that he possessed because of bankruptcy. He doesn’t have a choice but to start from scratch with his blind father. Until he met Michael; the archangel who disguised as a teenage girl to gather all the fallen angels on earth and he is one of the fallen angels who need a reconciliation. Michael promised him wealth after he passed the challenge that he need to face. He needs to enter a game that will put him between life and death before he achieves the wealth that he is dreaming of. The game that he needs to find the murderers and help the victims take their stolen lives back. Once he won, the victims will come back to life and live like nothing’s happened but he will be forgotten, but once he loses. The murderers will live and the victims will vanish forever like they never existed. While he is on a game. He starts discovering some things that will connect to his past life. That makes him interested in why her wife cheated on her? Who is her lover? Is it just a simple reconciliation or it is the past that he can’t forget that gives him trauma and breakdown?

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Lucia Amerie
i love this novel. it is so amazing
2022-03-29 14:44:05
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nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in touch with y ? i have sth to discuss abt the book
2022-03-25 12:33:01
30 Chapters
“Each smile that you make, touches my heartThe thoughts of you linger in me,As I close my eyes because I don’t want to see you goAsking myself, How can you hurt me so?The laughter and kisses that we shared…Is now shattered into pieces How could you do this to me? You left me nothing but my insanity”I closed my notebook and put my pen down. I looked around at my last glance for the home that sheltered me for nineteen years because by tomorrow I need to move with nothing but my d
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My dad and I started packing our things. I only have three bags and he got one. I already sell my stuff online to have money because I am zero right now. My watches, rings, clothes, my two laptops and even the cellphones that I have are already gone. We moved to the slum area somewhere in Manila. Where the rent is cheap but the apartment was not in a good condition. It was made of a low material with only one toilet, one bedroom, and a mini living room with a mini sink beside it. I think that is a kitchen. That’s it. No table and chairs or anything. Once you open the door between the two mini windows. It will go directly to the toilet but that is fine instead of nothing. I don’t want to sleep on the street anyway and I don’t want my dad to sleep on the street too. He is too cold for that. He might not take the cold and the pollution. I looked at the ceiling to check if there was any leak but good thing there Was none. There’s w
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I keep on tossing and turning on the floor with a blanket that I cover as my bed for tonight. I tried to make myself sleep but I can’t sleep. The floor is cold and I can hear the mosquitos buzzing in my ears and at the same time biting me. They are partying with my blood. I can also hear the loud videoke singing, talking, and laughing outside like the mosquitos, they are partying too like there is no tomorrow. It’s already midnight and the people are still active and drinking. As if they don’t have work tomorrow. While tossing and turning and forcing myself to sleep. I heard my stomach growl and I am hungry again. I stood up and took my wallet inside my bag and checked because I wanted to buy a biscuit to ease my hunger but I felt dismayed when I saw my money. What my wife did to me suddenly flashbacks. The day when I caught her cheating inside my house, on our bed crashed me again, and right now I am poorer than a rat. This is not t
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I woke up in a good mood and I looked around to check if Michelle was gone. I took a deep breath and thanked God because she was gone. Maybe she is just a dream because she is not real, but I know the food that I ate last night is real because until now I am still full, and I don’t feel down anymore. I feel like there’s new energy inside me that lifts me like I am fully charged. I don’t feel down anymore, maybe I charged myself from sleeping. The table and the chairs are gone too, as well as Simon. Maybe, all that happened to me is just a dream. A long dream from a long sleep. Well, I don’t want to think about it now because I am ready to face my morning. I am fully determined to find a job right now. I smell the aroma of my dad’s coffee. He is already awake and he is drinking coffee. I remember what Michelle told me that the action of my dad is limited because he is already dead. I looked at my dad and stared at him. I a
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I didn’t expect that my new life would be like this. All I wanted to happen is to bring my old life back. My cars, house, business, luxuries and everything except for Maria. I am still thinking about what Michael told me. I want my wealth to double and I think Michael is the only way and my only chance to help me to make it double, but I am thinking about the process. I don’t like the process of how to double it. I feel like it is between my life and death and I am thinking about it now. Especially to the part where I need to believe that I am an angel of death or a fallen angel of death. How can I believe that if it’s been a long time that I haven’t believed in God? Though I am mentioning him, it doesn’t define that I believe in him, and yet I am here. I need to make myself believe that I am an angel.I decided to go to church to clear my mind and to ask God about his plan fo
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I talk to Simon about her wife because I am ready to meet her for Simon. I am ready to help him. Even though I haven’t seen Michael for two days now since we drank the wine that she took from heaven. I don’t know what happened to her and I am trying to contact her through my mind. Let me see if it will work with telepathy even though I don’t know if I am doing it correctly but at least I will try. They said that angels have a natural ability of mental telepathy. Well, let’s see. I closed my eyes and concentrated and tried to contact Michael and then wait for a couple of minutes if what I am doing is effective. After minutes of calling her. She is not answering well, I guess it didn’t work because she is not responding and until now she is still not here. I guess I did it wrong. I took a deep breath and looked at Simon.“Are you ready to see your wife again?” I aske
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My head is spinning and I feel like I want to vomit but I am stopping myself from vomiting because I don’t want Tania to get embarrassed. I looked at her and she was busy talking to Sheila. That is fine. I know they miss each other. That is why they need to catch up. I didn’t bother her. I stood up and walked near the window to get fresh air because I don’t know what is happening to me. I know I am not drunk because I only had three bottles of beer. I looked outside the window when I saw Jackie standing outside while looking at me. She is crying and she is covered with blood. I shook my head and cleared my eyes. Maybe what I saw is not real but she is still standing outside while looking at me and my black smoke brings her to me. Means she is already dead. Means something bad happened to her. Someone killed her. That makes my heart beat fast and I am worried about her.“Are you okay
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I woke up and wondered if it was already morning because sleeping is not my intention. I wanted to go out and treat myself to something to eat. I checked what was going on outside. I looked outside the window and found out that it is already morning. I saw Tania talking to Sheila. I smile because I didn’t expect that my morning would be this good. The sun is already set high in the sky. I already fell asleep last night. I had a long night last night that made me tired. I am wondering what happened to Jackie and Simon? Where are they now? and Michael is still not showing up. I wonder what happened to her too. Simon and Jackie are suddenly gone. When I come back they are no longer home. After the incident last night with the murderers I went home and I am so tired. I shook my head and closed my eyes because I felt a little bit dizzy. Maybe I am hungry or I am still tired and need to rest because of what happened last night. I remember what happene
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Every time I look at her, I feel something that I can’t explainHer smile that is touching my soul and melting my heart,Making me breathe each day I liveTell me what is this if this ain’t love?Because every time my heart says ‘I love youMy mind interrupts and says ‘Love her not’I looked at my notebook for a moment because I don’t know what else to write. I put my pen down beside it because there are a lot of thoughts inside my head about what I feel for Tania but my mind keeps on reminding me about the mission that I need to do. I know Tania is not part of it and I don’t want her t
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I will leave her for a moment not because I wanted to but I needed to. Even though I am not sure of my decision, I know it is the right thing for me to do. I can’t forget the sadness in her eyes and the fear that I might talk to my ex-wife and forget about her makes me touch. Through her stare she makes me feel that she loves me. Her lips on my lips still linger on me and forgetting it is the hardest part that I need to do. I am so into her right now, that is why I need to leave her for a moment to see if I can stop the love that is growing between us. I can hear my heartbeat screaming for her name. As well as the cries of the lost souls who were waiting for me to walk with them going to the afterlife. I need to weigh things now to know which is heavier. If it is love or responsibility?“You look so serious my friend?” Michael asked and sat beside me on the rooftop under the bright moon.
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