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Monica was drowned into melancholy from a shocked experience that took place in her life years back, but she never tried to give up on life, instead she tried any means to become a happy person. Luckily, she later found happiness on Arnold –who made her the happiest person she ever dreamt of becoming, not until a strategic story struck out their love which caused back the nightmare that kept haunting her every single night.Will she later find happiness?Will she later become the lady she ever dreamt of?Find out in this thriller and an emotional heart wrenching story.

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Chapter 01
Ding!I woke up terrified from bed in a dark room, panting heavily from the nightmare perpetually haunting me every single night. I was drenched in sweat and my whole body was trembling. I was frightened with tears unconsciously running down my cheeks.I dug my hand into my black; full; virgin; long hair in pains, then tugged them behind my ears to wipe off my tears. I sniffed in some secs later gasping out in aid to calm down as I unraveled the shadow of curtains around the wall.I stood up from my bed slowly and moved to the bathroom to take a shower as I pulled off my pajamas weakly, turned on the shower letting the water race over my head. I dried myself, then stepped out of the bathroom, made my way to the dressing table in my towel wrapped around my chest. I looked at myself in the mirror sitting on the chair in front of the dressing table, recollecting memories of the past, the scars, and my mistakes, reminiscing on what I've lost in such a short time. The happiest moments in m
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Chapter 02
I placed my hand slowly over my mouth at the sight of the ladies. "Oh my!" I whispered, my hand on my forehead now. "Oh my God!'" Voice was above a whisper.I shifted my gaze a bit, and it landed unintentionally at the pictures of my death parents' on the wall, and some artistic pictures, down to the leather couch that beautified the living room. My hand fell on my waist as I turned again to face the four ladies standing side by side one another who kept on smiling."Oh my God, girls!" I felt the surge of happiness in my voice as it became louder. I reached out my open arms to the girls. They wouldn't stop giggling and chuckling excitedly. "Damn! This is a big surprise girls, you couldn't -" placed my ha
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Chapter 03
(USA) We already became friends at that moment in the poolside, chatting and cracking up jokes as Amy tends to lighten up my mood from her funny gestures. Just then, water splashed at me as I was the one closer to the pool. I gasped at my wet dress, looking directly to the pool, my gaze met with the guy with a brown eyeball, clouded with a black round colour. He stared at me apologetically and in a way I can't really explain. He came out of the pool, but never took his eyes off me as he was lost in thought."Hey man, you got to apologize for splashing the damn water, not just staring?" Amy scowled at him.
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Chapter 04
(USA)We were all in my apartment at the dining close to the window. Cool breeze rushed in, and blew at our faces and hair. A long sofa below the window. We were all chatting, and giggling, when my phone rang out getting everyone's attention. I knew at once it was the same caller that had been calling since dawn broke. So, I ignored it. "That is your phone there Monica." Lilian brought to my notice –who was opposite my seat, next to Olivia."Yes, I know." I fixed my eyes on the glass cup in front of me still."So why aren't you taking it? Who is the caller
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Chapter 05
Hold on girls!" Olivia took a step backwards and strained her ears to listen again to whatever sound she might have heard initially. "Can't y'all hear the sound of water drizzling?" Olivia demonstrated the sound with her mouth and fingers."Oh my God! Bathroom?" I traced the direction the sound was coming from and landed at the entrance of the bathroom. The other ladies followed closely and peeped through the keyhole, near the doorknob. There, Monica sat under the shower, in her pajamas. She folded her two legs, and cupped her face on her thighs, supporting her head with her arms. Water dripped down her hair, which looked fuller than we last saw it. The girls made their way into the bathroom hurriedly,
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Chapter 06
(USA)"Hey love! How's your sister? I haven't been seeing her around lately." I hollered at him.I was lying on the soft white, 3-seater - couch in the living room, and with my knees joined together like a yogi, busy chatting away my time on my phone."Loveth has become a very busy make-up-artist, always moving on and on to parties, occasions and stuff." Arnold headed towards me from the kitchen, with a white flat dish in his hand which contains different kinds of diced fruits."Oh wow, that is cool," he placed the dish on the edge of the small table at the corner of the c
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Chapter 07
NIGERIA.. I laid on my left, in the bed in my room, going through a heart -wrenching novel titled 'My scars'. Just then, I heard a sound."What, Monica!" I turned to the direction the voice came from. It was Amy, clad in a sexy short red gown. I looked at her curiously as she exclaimed expecting her to say something and she did. "You haven't dressed up just yet? Don't you notice I'm all dressed up, but you are here reading some sort of novel." She pronounced 'novel' like something disgusting, and shook her fingers –  sign of displeasure."Oh! my
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Chapter 08
(USA)I was together with Arnold in his room, on his bed one afternoon. I rested my arm on his shoulder, and held onto them for support, while he was busy chatting on his phone. "Arnold?" I called out to him."Hmm!" He responded, but didn't turn to face me. "I wanna speak to you, it is very important.""Okay, I'm all ears.""I said i
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Chapter 09/10
"Yes, and don't even give me that innocent look, because it's of no use anymore," Lilian moved closer to Olivia and uttered softly. "It is not your fault actually. I'm sure Olivia pushed you to do it," her voice came out loud again. "Why don't you wanna see a friend being happy Olivia? 'Cause I don't even understand you any longer.""What are you saying? Why on earth should we want her to remain this way. Can I even–" Olivia caught her breath, while Lilian wrapped her arms around her rib cage, then rolled her eyes at her."Are you trying to say–we made her like this? I called Arnold? While I don't even have his contact. By the way, why are you always blaming Olivia for everything, all she had wanted until today is her happiness, she only
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Chapter 11
I stopped walking and turned back my gaze. They stared at each other until Amy came to a conclusion to get the door opened. "Who is there?" She asked, holding the door handle."It is me." A familiar voice came through the door.That is mum.Amy opened up the door, and smiled widely at her. "Oh my! Welcome ma. Pls, come in.""How are you all doing? You all look so stunning." A dark-skin, average, slim woman walked into the house, putting on
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