Chapter 3 - Kyros

"I'm going to check the attendance for today." Mr. Mantovan announced right at the moment he got inside of our room.

"Is Kyros not here again?" He asked with an irritated tone. "I still got another punishment for him to take. Sanjo, is he not with you?"

"No, Sir. But Lili might know where-" I Immediately threw a book to his head that made him shut up. I don't want them to be aware that I am currently living in the same place as that person.

"Headshot!" Someone commented with a loud laugh. I think his name is Huxley. He even gave a thumbs up. I just rolled my eyes.

"You're so mean Lili. That hurts." Sanjo said while caressing his head and looks like he's about to cry. Why did he have to mention me? I'm not the only student here who lives at that sharehouse!

"Anyway, tell Kyros that he needs to attend my class, or else I'll fail him." Mr. Mantovan looks so done with that boy. After that, he told us to bring out our books to start the next lesson.

"Sir! Sports Festival is coming near! Aren't we going to talk about that?" Huxley asked with an excited tone. I forgot to mention that I transferred here in the middle of the semester that's why they're all close with one another. 

"That's for next month." Mr. Mantovan answered.

"I am so excited! We don't have to cross-dress anymore! We finally got a girl classmate." They turn their heads around towards my direction.

"Sure win for us then!" Dusty said like he's already celebrating. Oh right, Dusty also lives in the same sharehouse where I live. He was introduced to me yesterday by Miss Kyrary.

"Poor Kyros, he was forced to compete in that contest." They all laughed after Sanjo mentioned Kyros's name. This Kyros guy is making me think that I should avoid him at all costs. 

"Wait a minute. That pageant is held during the cultural festival right?" Another classmate commented. I remember that that guy's name is Taurus. He is said to be one of the smartest students here in this class. I might consider him as a rival soon.

"I thought they added that to the Sports Festival?" Huxley pouted and his disappointment can be seen through his face.

"For everyone's information, I'm not joining any activities. So don't expect anything from me." I announced. They're getting ahead of themselves.

Their mood was ruined thanks to me. I was going to say 'you're welcome' to them but they look all look bummed out. The classroom was filled with awkward silence after that. Serves them right.

"Let's talk about that next time." Mr. Mantovan broke the silence and Zaki helped him to lighten up the atmosphere.

Our next subject is Physical Education. But I don't get why my classmates are currently removing their clothes right here in this same room.

"Sir, what about Lili?" Zaki asked our professor with a worried tone. He's really over the top with his kindness, isn't he? They should have just gone to the changing room to not make me uncomfortable. 

"Guide her to the empty classroom near the music room. The girl's locker room is not yet ready to be used." Our teacher surprisingly apologized to me.

Zaki and I went to the said to be an empty classroom, while I am holding my clothes.

"Lock the door okay?" He smiled once again. Now I am disturbed by this kindness.

"Why are you being kind to me?" I asked directly with a slightly irritated tone. Is he pretending to be kind? Is he those type of guys that will take advantage of me after making me comfortable with them?

"That's just how my parents raised me." He answered with a smile once again. Does it not tire him to always smile like that? "I need to be kind to everyone because I'm not aware of their struggles." I didn't expect that from him.

He's still smiling at me as if he's waiting for a reaction from me. But I ignored that and walked towards the door of the empty classroom.

Before entering, I whispered some words that he may, or may not hear.

"Thank you."

I quickly closed the door before he can even react if he did hear it. After the trauma that happened to me, this is the first time for me to thank someone, especially a boy.

I shook my head to remove the thought out of my mind. After locking the door, I removed my clothes to put on my P.E uniform. Right after I took off my blouse, I accidentally pushed a chair that is on the top of the table. It created a loud noise that made me cover my ears.

"What the hell?" My eyes widened when I saw a boy here in this supposed to be an empty classroom. It looks like he just woke up.

He was confused when he saw the chair that fell from the table, and then his eyes met mine.

"Tenshi?!!" He shouted due to shock when he saw me. And what did he say? Tenshi? What is that? [Tranlation: Angel]

I saw him blushing once again. But when I realized the reason why he began blushing, I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I forgot that I am only wearing my underwear right now! And this jerk saw my body! I immediately sat down to hide while still screaming.

"Lili? What's happening?" I heard Zaki's voice outside the door, it seems like he just arrived. What timing.

"There's a pervert in here!" I complained that made Zaki look into the classroom but the pervert immediately jumped out the window. Is he insane?! This is on the second floor? How could he jump right out like it doesn't matter?

After that incident, I skipped my Physical Education class. Instead, I spent my time in the infirmary. I made an excused that my head hurts. It's not a lie, due to the shock that that pervert made me feel my head kind of hurts now.

Our Physical Education teacher granted me access to skip his class, also because he feels pity towards me being the only girl in that P.E class.

I am so glad and thankful that the nurse in the infirmary is a woman. If she ended up being a man, then I won't have any place to run off to when I'm not feeling well. Even if there are still girls in this place if they're not my classmates, then what's the point?

I can't think about anything anymore, my head hurts so bad. Screaming so loud like that was a first for me. That damn pervert! I keep on cursing him on my mind. I hate him! 

I didn't even notice that I slowly fell asleep.

"Miss Costas? Wake up." I woke up because of the voice that keeps on telling me to wake up. My head still hurts and I still don't want to wake up.

"I was supposed to wake you up earlier but I saw how good your sleep was." She gave me a warm smile. 

"We don't have your guardian's contact number. I suggest that you should tell your guardian to fetch you. You've been burning with a fever." Maybe that's also another reason why my head hurts so bad.

"It's okay. I live alone." I gave her a faint smile. I got up and quickly bid goodbye to the school nurse. I even thanked her for letting me sleep for a while.

When I got out of the infirmary, I noticed the orange-colored sky. I've been sleeping for too long, it will soon be night time.

I am quite pleased with the peaceful atmosphere. There are no students left, I can enjoy walking home this way. I thought that that will be the case. But as I continued walking, I began feeling nauseous and my body is becoming heavier.

I pushed myself to reach the sharehouse where I live. I don't understand, why does it have to be now? To experience something like a fever was unimaginable before.

"Lili! You're finally here!" Miss Kyrary greeted me from the front gate. I couldn't control my body anymore, and that made me fell to the ground.

"Lili? Are you alright?" I can feel the sincerity of Miss Kyrary's voice when she asked me that. 

"Dusty! Come here and help me!" My vision keeps on spinning. It is making me dizzy. I can hear Miss Kyrary and Dusty's voice, but the ringing in my right ear is getting louder.

Zaki's POV

"Eh? Lili's not here?" Sanjo asked as he eyed the whole room just to find Liliana.

I'm also curious about what happened to her. I felt awful because of the incident yesterday. The pervert she's talking about was probably Kyros. I only got a glanced at him but that was definitely Kyros.

"She's sick," Dusty stated as he sat down on his chair. Oh right, they live in the same sharehouse, which is the Okami Complex.

"We were surprised yesterday when she suddenly became unconscious right in front of Okami Complex's gate." Dusty narrated.

"Maybe her body is still adjusting? And the fact that she's the only girl in this class. Perhaps that's stressing her out?" I couldn't agree more with what Taurus said.

I can't help but worry about her. When I look at her, I feel empathy towards her. I can't explain it but I think she's been through a lot. Even though she treats us like trashes, I can still feel that she's not that bad. 

"Still no news with Kyros?" Sanjo asked me. We're not aware where Kyros is right now.

"None. Did he came home yesterday?" I looked at Dusty but he shooked his head as a no answer.

"Kyrary is furious because of Kyros again. She even told me that she's going to break Kyros's bones when she sees him." Dusty laughed which made me let out an audible sigh.

"Maybe that's the reason why he's not coming home." We couldn't help but laugh at what Aries said. Kyros is a scaredy-cat when it comes to his older sister. 

It is still bothering me, until when will he hide from those guys. Remember those guys that he beaten up? They're finding more people just to hunt Kyros. Why does he have to hide from us too? We're his friends.

"Sit down." Mr. Mantovan said with a sleepy look. Did he pull an all-nighter again? He was going to start the discussion but was immediately interrupted by the sudden opening of the door.

"Kyros!" We were stunned when we saw all sweaty Kyros who is also trying to catch his breath. He didn't notice that Mr. Mantovan is already here. That's why he quickly went inside the room.

"Where have you been? It's been too long since we last saw you!" Huxley said with a very dramatic tone.

"It's been two days. Chill man." Aries interrupted.

"I-I saw an angel yesterday!" I winced because of what he said. 

Could he be talking about Liliana? 

"Are you okay? Did you hurt your head somewhere?" We can feel the sarcasm from Aries's voice.

"You must be talking about Lili." I sighed.

"Who's Lili?" He asked with a confused look.

"The angel you're talking about." I don't know why I feel kind of frustrated. I'm already used to him being oblivious to things but this is making me feel weird.

"Yeah. Liliana is pretty as an angel." One of our classmates started having delusions in his eyes.

"You're finally here Kyros." Kyros flinched when he heard Mr. Mantovan's voice behind him.

We were all stunned once again when Kyros jumped right outside the window. Our room is on the second floor. Sometimes I wonder if Kyros is really a human. Most of the time he uses his animal instincts that made him stand out a lot.

Lili's POV

I woke up when I felt a sudden grumbling in my stomach. I wonder how many hours did I sleep? I need to get ready to go to school.

I picked up my phone to look at the time. My eyes widened when I saw that it's already 1 p.m.! I'm late for my class!

I was planning to get ready but I heard a sudden knock on my door. I walked towards it and opened it. There I saw Miss Kyrary.

"I'm glad you're awake now. I was dead worried because of what happened yesterday." She smiled then she touched my forehead. She's trying to figure out if I still got a fever.

"Your body was burning yesterday. I called a doctor and she recommends this medicine for you." She reached for my hand and placed the medicine on my palm.

"Are you hungry? I made porridge for you." She's still smiling at me. I don't know the reason but tears started falling from my eyes.

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