97 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Kicked out
I was left in awe because of the news my dad told us. They decided to kick me out of this huge mansion, without even considering my thoughts and feelings. "Don't worry, I already paid for a room in a sharehouse for you. In that way, you can interact with other people and learn to be normal just for once." My dad said with a cheery expression as if he's not driving his one and only daughter out of this so-called 'home'. "What are you even saying? I'm not leaving this house!" I shouted at them with glaring eyes. I hated this life, but I hate it more when I am being looked down upon by men. "You're already aware of your attitude. For short a spoiled brat." My older brother interrupted which made me more furious. "Shut up! I'm not talking to you." I said with a rude tone. I don't bother respecting them, because they don't deserve it. "Your things are already outside." My dad's not li
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Chapter 2 - The New Girl
 My first day here in Ravenwood carry on like normal. My classmates are like walking on thin ice whenever they're near me. I'm just glad that they're quite cautious towards me. 'Cause if they're not, then I wouldn't know how to handle it "Hi, Liliana." I raised an eyebrow because of the sudden greeting from the person sitting in front of me. When I looked at him closely, I realized that he's the person who's stopping that Kyros guy before. Remember that when I first arrived near the main gate. Yeah, he's that guy.  "Why did you transfer here?" He asked with curious eyes. I couldn't help but look at his face. His small eyes and bowl cut hairstyle kind of suit the atmosphere around him. I think he's the friendly type. But I'm not here to make friends. "Why do you care?" I asked back. "I'm just curious." He said. "You're the first-ever girl that became our classmat
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Chapter 3 - Kyros
"I'm going to check the attendance for today." Mr. Mantovan announced right at the moment he got inside of our room. "Is Kyros not here again?" He asked with an irritated tone. "I still got another punishment for him to take. Sanjo, is he not with you?" Read more
Chapter 4 - Stray Dog
"Oh no. Are you alright? Are you hurt?" I quickly wiped my tears. "Do you still feel unwell?" The sincerity and kindness in her voice are suffocating me. "Sorry Miss Kyrary. I suddenly missed my mom." I confessed. Somehow, I am comfortable with the warmth she's giving me. Read more
Chapter 5 - Panic Attack
"You should rest for today since your fever got up after you got drenched by the rain yesterday." Miss Kyrary said after she took my temperature with a thermometer. We are currently here in my room. I'm already wearing my school uniform and prepared to go to school. "I'm really okay." I smiled to try to reassure her. "I'm going to wear a face mask so that I can't infect others." Though it's okay to infect my classmates since they're all boys and the world will be better without them.<
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Chapter 6 - Her reason
Dusty's POV S-She experienced something like that when she was just ten years old?! I'm sure I shouldn't know that kind of information about her but my timing sucks! How am I going to delete that from my mind?! How did I
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Chapter 7 - Upcoming Sports Festival
"Sir, have you seen Kyros?" Taurus asked when he noticed that the idiot is not present here in the room. "I told him to pick up the unwanted weeds in the backyard." Mr. Mantovan answered. Too bad for him, that idiot is wandering around and is currently at the rooftop. "I wanted to ask this Sir, but they've added a beauty contest right?" Huxley excitedly asked but Mr. Mantovan was confused. "What are you talking about? That's for the Cultural Festival." The disappointment is seen on Huxley's face. "Let's talk about the games that will be held." As if a flame was lit in Mr. Mantovan's eyes after he said that. He's being competitive just for child play? "Who wants to join the Basketball game?" I'm not interested but I silently listened to the games he's talking about. "Just put Kyros's name in every game." Aries interrupted which made the others agree. "Since he
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Chapter 8 - Cavalry Game
I followed her inside, but before trying the cookies that she baked, I told her that I'm going to change my clothes first. After changing, I went to the living room where Miss Kyrary is. "I told Ethan to eat with us but he's busy again." Miss Kyrary sighed as she signals me to sit down beside her. I obeyed her and sat down. 

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Chapter 9 - Melancholic
They did speed up. I was surprised at first and someone almost got my headband but I bend forward which made me tightened my grip on Kyros's shoulder. I was pissed off when the other girl tried to slap my face just to get my headband. I felt the competitiveness rushing in me that made me go all out. 
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Chapter 10 - Coward
"How could I leave you alone? When you're all wet like that." He said. As if something like this concerns him. "This is none of your business." I look directly at his eyes. Begging him to realize that I don't need him here. I don't want him to see a vulnerable me. I tried to stop my tears from coming out but I couldn't.  

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