Chapter 55


“Release the shield!” I yelled.

When the barrier was down, Arion flew into the sky, fleeing as quickly as he could. A moment after he left, the last of the rubble from the building fell, until everything was settled. A large block of cement was atop me, but I was able to throw it off of me with ease.

Checking to make sure Azura was okay, I moved away from her when I saw she was fine. Checking the others, I saw that everyone was mostly okay, except for the now humans that were crushed below the rubble. Part of me felt guilty that they didn’t survive, now that they were human, while at the same time, I was relieved they would no longer be an issue.

Helping a few to their feet, I returned to Azura’s side and attempted to wipe away the dirt on her face. She placed her hand over mine and looked up at me with love shining brightly in her eyes. She was safe and that was the only thing I could think of right now.

“You need to go after him. Until he is dealt with, this isn’t going to be
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I’m surprised that they wasn’t able to remove his brother’s dragon.

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