Chapter 51


“That is part of it, but I don’t know the rest of it. I can’t find anything in your memories about it, so I think it was something that happened before your time.” Trenton answered without looking at me.

Since there was nothing, I could do about it now, I turned back to watch. We still needed to figure out how to stop the council, but so far all I was seeing was that my father hadn’t been the King I thought he was. Nor had he been the father I had admired.

“Why don’t you stop this? As the council, aren’t you supposed to ensure that rules are followed? Isn’t this against the rules?” Little Cyran asked the council member who stepped forward to observe the younger version of Trenton who was being beaten with a whip.

“Little boy, your father holds all the power. The council is here to enforce his rule and we all agree with him. It is because your father chose us as his council that we are able to do what we can to control things. Since you won’t remember this, I have no problem tel
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