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Olivia knew her life was about to change forever when her mom announced her remarriage and her stepbrother turned out to be her high school crush. Dante couldn't believe his luck when the girl he liked in high school walked into his life as his stepsister. It must mean he had a second chance at life. He tried but failed but he wouldn't stop trying. Everything became worse when an ex that wouldn't take no for an answer came into the picture. What can they both do now? Olivia likes him but thinks it's a taboo. How does he convince her to go out with him? How do they get rid of the problems that arose in every forms?

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20 Chapters
Chapter 1
OLIVIA'S POVIt had been three years since I last came to Colorado. I took off the sunglasses I had on which I would constantly wear when outside in Mexico. I squinted my eyes as my eyes adjusted to the brightness. The world out here looked different.The announcement of moving back to Colorado made me really happy. I might have gotten used to the people in our home back in Mexico, but there's nothing that can beat going back to where you grew up. It meant that I would be able to see Alicia again and the familiar neighborhood. I stared at Mom from the corner of my eye, she looked so happy. “I wonder who this guy is that has got you this happy.”She laughed heartily.“I’m being serious! You're gonna like him.”“I still hate you for keeping it from me for so long.”“I’m so sorry.” She pleaded.I didn't respond so she hugged me from behind.“I hear you, mama.” I said smiling at her reaction.I knew I was going to like him. I trusted my mom's judgement but getting engaged so quick… oh
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Chapter 2
OLIVIA'S POVI don't know how long I stood there but the next time I was conscious of my environment, mom was looking at me weirdly. "Are you ok? You've been staring at that picture for a very long time that you didn't notice I was here" she said after I acknowledged her presence. "Oh, I'm fine. I'm just wondering why you chose not to tell me that my new stepbrother is Dante!" I shrieked and held my head in my hands, like my world was ending.She, however, narrowed her eyes at me, looking confused. "Is that something very important? I wasn't sure you knew him. You only had a friend in school and that was Alicia so I didn't know if you knew Dante" She said as we walked together into the living room. "There's no one who went to school the same time as I did who wouldn't know Dante. He's singularly the hottest boy in school and every girl and some boys had massive crushes on him." "Oh, really? I never knew he was the one you had a crush." I looked at mom like she has grown a new p
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Chapter 3
OLIVIA'S POVThe following day, I was well rested as I stretched to a new day. It took a moment to register my surroundings. I realized then that I was in my new room, in my stepfather's house. And there was Dante too. I sighed.A wave of shame flushed over me as I remembered the filthy dream I had of my new step brother last night. It had been way too long since Dante visited me in my dreams and pleasured me and now I was back to those feelings again.In my dream, I had felt those abs I had seen through his thin shirt when we met. I ran my hand down his chest to the v that disappeared into his low-cut pants.He pulled me into his strong arms and whispered those words in my ear again and this time, I shivered in delight.So you think I'm hot?Oh, God yes!We kissed, sensually, sweetly and he had pulled me to the bed.I knew it was a dream because there was no way I would be in bed with my stepbrother in real life.I didn't want the moment to end, though.I didn't care that this was
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Chapter 4
OLIVIA’S POVIt was D-Day!We got up early to finish up everything. As we put up chairs in the garden and placed flowers on the tables, the house was abuzz with excitement.The last two days had been filled up with plannings for the wedding— decor, food, seat arrangements and all the works By now, I was physically and mentally drained. I wanted it to be perfect for my mom, the simple, romantic wedding she wanted, and she was delighted at how I and Alicia had gotten everything done to her taste.Now that everything was set up, the time we had been waiting for had come. As the visitors started to arrive, there was a lot of laughter and conversation in the garden. The hard part was yet to come and Alicia wasn't making it any easier.“So… how do you feel about walking down the aisle with your crush?”I hissed.“Alicia stop it!” I looked around to see if anyone heard her.“What!” She whispered harshly.Then she held her chest dramatically in shock and gasped, “Don’t tell me you still lik
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Chapter 5
OLIVIA’S POVThe ceremony didn't take too long because we didn't want to waste anyone's time and the reception started. There was a lot to eat since mom went all out. They were called to have their first dance and after that, they danced with each of us. I told Alex how happy I was to know that he was the one who got to marry my mom when we danced and I told Mom not to break her spine before she came back from her holiday. That earned me a smack on the arm but we both laughed.When the party ended, we packed up and helped mom and Alex get on their way for their honeymoon. They would be gone for two weeks and I know that's going to be the longest two weeks of my life. Dante and I alone in the house? I shook my head at the thought alone.Once we got home, in his Bentley, he brought out some leftover drinks and asked that we have a mini party in honor of our parents. It was a very bad idea but I needed something to aid me to sleep and I agreed. It had been a while since I drank alcoho
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Chapter 6
OLIVIA'S POVOr not.I stood up abruptly, shying away from Dante's presence that seemed to overwhelm me at that moment. I wanted nothing more than to have this—whatever this meant— yet I didn't want to because of the logical reason of how wrong it was.I walked up to the window and opened the drapes with a sigh. I sensed him walking up to me from behind.“The night sky looks incredible today…” I said in conversation. I didn't know what to say. Suddenly, I flinched as his hands ran the length of my arms. He pressed himself against my back and I could feel him… all of him— hard, solid muscle and all. He leaned his chin on my hair and my already racing heart started to beat even faster.I felt a rumble come from his chest that sounded like the beginning of laughter. He wrapped his arms around me and his closeness disarmed me.“Olivia, are you nervous?” Dante asked and I could feel him smiling.I blushed at my reaction. I must have looked stupid. “No,” I lied. “Don’t be nervous, Olivi
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Chapter 7
DANTE'S POVThe sound of snippers cutting woke me up. I groaned and held my pillow over my head, as the sound grew louder and louder, making my head ache badly. I had chosen to indulge myself in more booze after Olivia had left me last night—with that look of bewilderment and fear in her eyes. I had been confused and had pondered alot last night, on every single moment that we had spent together, wondering if I had made a mistake.Did I assume her interest? What went wrong?Did I screw up?I had thought for so long until I had drifted to a fitful sleep.I ran my hand through my hair and lay staring at my ceiling. My bed still had the faint smell of citrus and lilies that were her scent. I wondered if it was her shampoo or her perfume.It was intoxicating, and it was driving me insane.And so was that noise, coming from my bedroom window. I pulled the covers, stalked to where the sound was coming from and there, I saw our gardener trimming the bushes.“Morning Dante.” He waved at
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Chapter 8
DANTE'S POV I was thrilled to see Olivia working at The Barnes, but I couldn't help but feel that she didn't feel the same way about seeing me. Her hair was pulled into a bun, held together atop her head as she served customers with a warm smile. My thoughts were on her since then, and I couldn't get her out of my mind, even when Linda called again this afternoon to meet. “Hello??? Are you even listening to me?!”  “I thought I made it clear to you. There's no chance of us getting back together! It's over, for good.” I spoke that phrase into the mouthpiece of my phone and ended the call. I don't know why I bothered with her. She was too dumb to unders
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Chapter 9
DANTE'S POV It was a bit rough returning to school because I had to meet a certain quota to apply for the four-year program I intend to take after I was done. The community college baseball team I was a part of, was hosting a game. Some recruiters from universities looking to scout for potential players that were very good at baseball, came to watch. It was a very intense game, especially for those in their final year, who really wanted the scholarship. I didn't really need a scholarship, but it felt good to be seen and accepted on the basis that you were good at something. And baseball was what I loved. It was all, or nothing. I wasn't sure I could do it at first, because my doctor had insisted I take a much needed break. But I knew I had to, if I wanted to achieve my dream of playing baseball p
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Chapter 10
OLIVIA'S POV “Oh shit!” Alicia muttered as the restaurant door chimed and was nudged open. I frowned and looked up to see who had just come in. “Wow!” It was my turn to exclaim. Dante has been coming up with excuses as to why he came to the restaurant everyday ‘I’m just here to enjoy a burger', ‘I’m expecting someone… oh crap, the person just canceled. I can just wait for you', ‘Rhonda said I should deliver lunch to you' I had scoffed at the last one which was yesterday because Mom knew I ate at work. It was am eye-rolling week for me though. Today, however, he had come along with two of his friends I had remembered fr
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