She's Gone

Dear Marcellus,

This letter is one of the most difficult I have ever had to write. I have loved you for so long and the memories of the years we've spent together will remain in my heart forever.

There are so many moments in our relationship that I will never forget. I remember when I was a young girl and you took me to the restroom. You stood guard outside the door, protecting me from any harm. That wonderful moment when I felt so safe and loved—was something that I will never forget.

I also remember the day you embraced me when I was scared. The door had swung open, and that loud sound startled me. I screamed and you came to me with open arms. I was highly emotional at that moment and it felt like a lifeline just to be in your presence.

Unfortunately, after much reflection, I have come to the difficult decision that we should go our separate ways. This doesn't mean that I have stopped loving you, it simply means that I have to face the reality that this is best for both of us.

You w
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Marlenny Fernandez
Just because she’s pregnant she shouldn’t go on a date. It’s not fare for the guy because if he gets swept for her the baby would be an issue that neither of them should face. But I’m glad of it because I have the feeling the ex is going to see her but she’ll b tagged as a whore
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I’m becoming proud of you, Larisa. Thanks for restoring my faith in you.
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Sharon Henley
unlock pls

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