She's gone


I waited impatiently in front of the door my mom was, wandering about like a confused person I persently was, and prayed so badly that nothing was going to happen to her. 

Unknowingly glimpsing at Mia, I observed that she seemed so worried like I was. So annoying. She was the mastermind behind everything that was happening. 

Earlier, I was really grateful to myself for having to tell her, but after everything that had happened, the only things that filled my heart were regrets. If I had known she would spill it out, I wouldn't have thought of saying anything to her. 

I turned from her irritating face, and finally stood in a particular position. My worry rate was increasing rapidly, and wasn't willing to fall at all. Goodness knew if I was going to survive if I saw the only person I loved, leave me. That couldn't happen. Nothing was going to happen to her. 

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