I clinged my cold fingers against each other and breathed in heavily to hide my fear. What if he was actually being serious? What if his crazy anger was permitting him to do something stupid again? That couldn't be possible. Ace loved me. 

"You won't leave?" He disconnected me from my thoughts. From his serious and angry look, It seemed like he was actually being serious. 

I frowned a bit, trying to let him realize he was talking to me. "Wait Ace. Are you nuts? How can you tell me to leave you? Do I look like junk that you can throw into the trash can whenever you want?"

"I give you exactly five minutes to leave. I'll send your clothes to wherever you go." He mentioned pointedly, still panting heavily. 

I folded my arms across my chest in surprise. Was he that annoyed that he thought of something this stupid?

"Tell me now." I said. "Where would I go? I know you're

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Yinka Balogun
Mia is pregnant because that will be the only reason she can forgive him.

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