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SITARA SINHA : A 17 year old girl with a golden heart , as fragile as rose, as innocent as angel , She is everything a man could demand a face with never ending beauty. Her life is a fairy tale which everyone wishes for , until the devil makes his presence and destroys everything. SAMRAT RAICHAND : A 29 year old man , a pure form of a devil. Ruthless , Arrogant and possessiveness is dripping in his every nerve. His life is dark which can drown any light in it. Once he sets his eyes on anything then it will.be snatched and be hidden from the whole world.What happens when his eyes gets caught a beautiful angel who is not meant for him. Will he break her or Cherish her. " YOU ARE MINE.... SITARA....MY SUGAR...MY LOVE...MINE TO CHERISH...AND...MINE TO RUIN ....YOU ARE BORN TO BE MINE....NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO EVEN SEE YOU.....I WILL SNATCH YOU FROM THIS WORLD AND CAGE YOU.....NO ONE IS EVEN MEANT TO LOOK AT YOU.....AM THE ONLY INE WHO HAS EVERY RIGHT ON YOU " , he said while tracing the lower lip of the girl in the picture. " Sugar , Enjoy the little time in this cruel world love until you will be mine.....so soon you will be mine ", he started laughing thinking about his crooked ways to make the girl his.

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Great book
2023-10-20 23:01:07
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Uday Shankar
It is good based on a dark move story. Main leads extremely possessive . Overall a good book to read on.
2023-10-02 21:26:35
17 Chapters
Chapter 1
Sitara looked at Ram with hope in her eyes which is just ignored by him .He is only capable of giving pity to the young girl who has many dreams in her life which will never be fulfilled . Every ounce of his nerves are screaming at him to leave the girl but only he knows what will be the consequences for his stupid thoughts .The girl who was pleading for him to show some mercy on her is the one who had caught the sight of the satan himself.The Satan who will be not having any remorse of killing any one cruelly who comes between his dark love towards the girl. Ram looked out of the window not able to fight the urge inside him to help her. Helping her means signing his death with his own hands and also making the girls life more miserable. The whole car is echoed with loud sobs of the girl who is in bridal attire SITARA SINHA.Yes , Today is her wedding with the devil who is disguised as a human named SAMRAT RAICHAND. A name which is enough for her to go numb in fear. But overcoming h
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Chapter 2
SAMRAT POV :Finally my waiting of 18 months is over. My love is with me. She is totally mine. As my wife. Queen of my heart. Sleeping peacefully placing her head on my shoulder. She is exhausted due to crying. On our way back to Mumbai she fell asleep in the flight. My heart is aching looking at her tear stained face. One of my side aches and tells me to comfort her whenever she cries. But my dark side says that she deserves the pain for not loving me back like I do.The day on which I saw her will plays in my eyes anytime. The day when I realised that I too has a heart. The day when I realised that the reason of my birth is for her. She is my peace . She is my heart. She is my Oxygen. She is my everything.Samrat Raichand is incomplete without Sitara Sinha. I know that am putting her through so much. But am a selfish person. She is meant to be mine. Even her shadow is not meant for any one to look. " Sorry Sugar. Please endure one more day then we will move to our mansion the o
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Chapter 3
SITARA POV :I opened my eyes feeling someone was shaking me. But soon I realised I was with Samrat. I moved back from him and looked into his eyes. His eyes are blank void of any emotion for me to recognise it. But who am I kidding he carries that same expression all the time. He got down from the car and helped me to get down . I don't want to take his help but thanks to this heavy lehenga leaving no option for me. We slowly made our way to the entrance door. His mother and now my mother in law is standing with a plate in her hands. Besides her is the second devil Sneha Raichand the person I disgust from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes I feel like the devil of my husband has a heart but for his sister she is the most selfish and greedy person on the earth who always thinks about only her and her brother. At least she cares for her brother sometimes.She is giving me a not so friendly look. God ! What is her problem ? Am already in this hectic standing beside the devil as his
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Chapter 4
SAMRAT POV :I was staring at my sleeping beauty , my beautiful wife. The word ' wife ' fills my heart with so much satisfaction. Her nose has turned red due to crying for the whole night. She fell asleep early in the morning. Her cheeks are embedded with hand prints. Yesterday I became very angry hearing from her that she wants to leave me. I will give her anything she desires but freedom. Freedom from me is the last word I want to hear from her. I went and brought the first aid kit and started applying cream on the handprints. Her red lips are inviting me to assault them but I need to control myself . I will not stop if I start it and things will turn out badly. She hates me more if I do anything and it is the last thing I want to happen now.Suppressing my urge to ravish her plumpy red lips I went and took a cold shower . I am the devotee of lord Shiva. I went and performed puja. Now I am having my cup of tea with my grandfather Uday Raichand. First we discussed business. " How
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Chapter 5
Sitara pov : "VIRAJ"....I felt like the ground is slipped under my feet. A cold shiver run in my spine. Viraj is tied to a chair in the middle of this disgusted room. He is beaten badly. A tear left my eye followed by many . I felt a hard gaze on me and when checked it , I found Samrat is drilling holes into me. His eyes turned into pitch black. I was shivering badly thinking what might comes to me and viraj. My mind is not even supporting me. I am getting only negative vibes . Unknowingly my mouth left a word with stuttet " pl....please ". Soon after uttering the word I heard a painful scream. Viraj is screaming loudly when Samrat punched him on his jaw almost breaking it. Not able to stand and think anymore I ran towards viraj which turned out to be the most stupid attempt of me. Samrat grabbed the fistful of my hair really hard , I felt like that my hair is removing from my skull. He came near to my face and licked my tears which disgusted me to the core. " These are mine .
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Chapter 6
SAMRAT POV :I am pacing in the room impatiently with a tightened fist and clenched jaw. Eagerly waiting for my girl to wake up who was unconscious on the bed with a bandaged wrist.How dare she ? How can she take her life for that low life ? Is he really her friend or is there something hidden between them ? Only my Sugar can answer my queries. I took the vase and threw it on the floor. Jealousy is burning in my every nerve. " You had made a huge mistake Sugar . Wake up fast the hell that you didn't taste until now is waiting for you ", I whispered in her ear slightly caressing her cheek. I just sat beside her staring at her cute face. Her nose is red due to constant crying before. I don't like the fact seeing her condition.When I noticed that she had made a cut on her wrist everything around me had frozen. Ground under my feet slipped away. My heart ached when my mind clouded with negative thoughts. I have to make sure to implant a fear in her for me. The fear which she will nev
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Chapter 7
SITARA POV : I just sat in front of the mirror like a broken doll. Am too tired to even cry and also too afraid to make him angry. He showed me an obsessed person in him yesterday. I didn't mean to cut my wrist but it happened by fault. But he didn't even have given a chance to explain before brutally whipping me. After he burnt my hand he carried me to his room . He delicately treated my hand like he was not the person who burnt it. I have to do something to escape from this obsessed person. His love towards me is so dark that it will cloud me and burn me .Yesterday, I witnessed his madness. I somehow thought that he is not a normal person but yesterday he gave me a reason to. In his madness , he killed an innocent. Viraj is dead because of him . " Not him , you are the reason he died ", my subconscious yelled at me.I will agree with it. If only I didn't get his help. If only I didn't make Viraj my friend then he must be alive and live his life peacefully with his mother." Am
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Chapter 8
SAMRAT POV :Am checking the CCTV footage of the room where my Sugar locked herself. She is sleeping peacefully with her long hair spreading all over the bed. I took the spare keys and went towards her room. I opened it slowly so as not to disturb the beauty sleep of my beautiful little wife. " you know you can never win over me my little vixen", I murmured and laid beside her wrapping my arms around her petite and sexy waist. Her smell is very intoxicating. I love each and every bit of her. I felt bad looking at her burnt hand. She surely gets on my nerves. I can predict that she will surely make a scene once she wakes up. I don't want to send her to college . Why does she have to study when she can have anything that she earns at her feet. I can bring the whole world to her feet but can't let her free. I only hope that she will drop the idea of continuing college. Otherwise she will be only get hurt by me. I don't know when I felt asleep caressing her soft hair. " Ahhhhhh",
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Chapter 9
SITARA POV:The week passed like nothing. Samrat went out for some work leaving me all alone in this hell hole mansion. I don't know how to feel about this. I am earning for his arrival. As much as I hate him near me , something in me craves for him.He is the only one with whom I am allowed to talk. Everyday is the same routine . I wake up, eat , sleep , stare at the garden from my balcony and do some paintings. Yeah , he sent me some paintings and video games to kill my boredom. I didn't felt like eating anything but I don't want that devil hurt that girl Maya . I gave an apology to her the other day which she reflected with just a nod. And I indeed decided not to make it difficult for her . But are they enough for a teenager who has just learnt to spread her wings. As soon as I spread my wings they are chopped by the devil. Like a storm everything shattered in my life. I don't know how many tears I need to shed more to overcome my pain. No one is around me. Even my own family d
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Chapter 10
SAMRAT POV :My heart is aching with the fact that she is not feeling my love towards her. Am trying my best to hide her from the cruel world outside and make her feel protected. Why can't she just understand my care for her ?. Is it my fault that my love for her is too much ? She has to feel special that I will be the best husband for her. No worries I will make sure that she understands my love, my care , my everything for her . " Get ready Sugar. Get ready to face the real world from which I saved you". I have to do this to make her understand . She has to know that I will be the only one whom she can rely on. When I found her unconscious for two days I almost lost my soul. In those two days I tried to suppress my anger. But Sitara as Sitara always acts stubborn and tests my sanity. " Sorry Sugar, you are going to suffer this whole month or more until you realise my love and care for you". I took my phone and informed my mother about our arrival. I went to my room only to f
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