Next day in office, Arish also talked to Arhaan, "Amal told me about your decision of enrolling her in online classes." 

Arhaan sighed, "Not you too." 

"Then why are you not letting her?" Arish asked. 

Arhaan released a deep breath, "She...she gets scared in public, you know. In Kashmir, I left her alone for some minutes and came back to find her looking as if she was waiting for everyone to hurt her." 

"But keeping her locked in home isn't the solution." Arish said.

"Stop making it sound like I am caging her." Arhaan said. 

"Let her face the world. Otherwise, she will always be like this." Arish said. 

Arhaan grimaced, "It's easy for you to say. My heart constricts seeing her scared. I will protect her till I am alive. Even if I am not there, you and Amal would be there to handle her." he stopped as if wanting Arish's admittance on las

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