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HOOR SIDDIQUILife has never been easy for me, nor I think it would ever be. After coming to my father's place, I thought, I would be left alone. But I was wrong, my step mother couldn't bear my presence for long and now I’m being married at the age of 18. I can't wish for something good, but I hope that things don't get worse.ARHAAN RANDHAWA I am the head of Randhawa empire. I had put my days and nights to bring it to the heights that it's on today. I could never imagine it going in loss. For my hard work and my empire, I'm going to marry the daughter of a person I hate. I can't wait to make her regret the day she would marry me. I want to see, how much cunningness of her father she had taken and how long it will keep her standing Infront of me.

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Nice storyline, will there be any further updates?
2021-04-07 02:33:35
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A very nice book just fell in love with it
2020-12-22 22:34:23
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nice story!!! any update?
2020-10-27 10:50:35
32 Chapters
Hoor's pov :It was my wedding day, but I couldn't feel any excitement. This day was like any other day of my life, filled with a distant fear , just today the fear was intensified. I was sitting at a  salon ,a beautician muttered "she's so pretty , keep her makeup light ,her beauty shouldn't be hidden by makeup ". I still didn't say anything . My dupatta"head drap " was being set, when my stepmother came to get me ."Pull it on her face also" she said in a stern voice. The dresser placed it in a way that it covered my face till my chin. I was happy about that, atleast now I didn't have to bear people staring at me. I knew many of the beauticians were imagining if I am dumb or deaf, because I haven't uttered a word or told them any of my choices .They did all the work on me by their choice ."Let's go! "my stepmother said and we headed out. I could feel her eyes boring in to me , but I said nothing. I lea
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Hoor’s POV :It was time for ruksati .I couldn't feel any sadness taking over . Father placed a hand on my head, stepmother gave me a quick hug , not that I got a chance to return it . I have never been close to them, why would  I've been sad about leaving them .The veil hid me from people's eyes, they couldn't see my indifference expression . While sitting in car, I just hoped that Allah will shower his mercy and my life wont go any worse. I didnt think i would be able to handle any more pain . Third person's pov:Arhaan also took his seat and they left for his mansion . His guests had left from there . It was only him and Hoor returning to Randhawa mansion . The watchman opened the gate and the car slid in, Arhaan stopped the car and headed inside without a backward glance . A servant (Mary )came forward and helped Hoor come out . Arhaan had went towards his study
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Chapter 3Marry went and took Hoor with her. Hoor sat on the breakfast table, cook came and started placing food on table .She was also mesmerized after seeing Hoor. Pancakes, omelets , boiled eggs and different type of sliced fruits were placed infront of Hoor. She looked at the whole table, but a sigh left her lips and she took a boiled egg and some sliced fruits.she kept her eyes down on her plate . The innocence on her face was making Mary and the cook swoon over her even more. Hoor went to her room after breakfast . She had seen that her books were already placed in the bedroom. She took one and went towards the indoor pool which could be seen clearly through her room. There were chairs and plants placed at the side. She took a seat and settled down.She went down for lunch , after that she decided to take a nap. In the evening , she was sitting in the pool area, whe
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Arhaan was getting more and more restless with each passing days, he wanted Hoor to ask for money or for anything which would show her greedy nature like her family . But she didnt even try to talk to him or asked for anything . She seemed content in what she was given. Thinking bad about her was getting difficult for him with each passing day . Its been a week and he had decided to talk to her . Maybe she would give him a reason to hate her , maybe he would stop feeling such protectiveness or attraction towards her .It was Sunday , he decided to do breakfast with Hoor. He liked to do breakfast in his room or in balcony when he was alone . He only sat on the dining table when someone was their to join him. His room was an apartment in itself . There was a sitting area, poolside , dressing room all connected to it . He entered the room with all his walls up , he didnt want to l
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Hoor froze on her way out , seeing Arhaan standing in the middle of the room with his arms wrapped below his chest .He looked at her with a raised eyebrow "does it take you 37 minutes to change?” He asked looking at his watch .Hoor flushed and started looking here and there .Arhaan was enjoying teasing her."Come and sleep now "he said and Hoor looked at him wide eyed."Wont....you leave? "She asked looking at him with flushed cheeks. It was a big hit on Arhaan's ego, girls died for his closeness and his own wife wished for him to leave her alone .He swallowed hard to control his anger and moved towards her.Hoor noticed the change in his demeanor, she averted her eyes down.Arhaan wrapped his arms around Hoor's waist and leaned down, so that his face was closer to her. He held her chin and made her look at him. The moment his eyes met her blue pools, he felt his anger melting away ."You know , I'm
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Arhaan wrapped his arm around her and placed her in his lap . She was petite , it wasn’t difficult for him .Hoor was shocked by sudden movement , she looked at him wide eyed and placed her hands on his chest. Her cheeks were turning bright red and tears were ready to flow. Arhaan cupped her cheek and whispered "its okay ,its okay “he said pulling her closer. Hoor hid her face in his neck ,she wanted a break from her inner conflict .Arhaan soothed her for sometime and then pulled his plate forward . Hoor finally remembered their position and tried to get up but he held her still. Her cheeks were now red with some other reason .for her, his closeness was comforting , but there was also fear of losing , of being hurt again behind it . Arhaan impaled a piece of fruit in his fork and took it near her mouth . When she didnt open her mouth , he gave her a stern look .she finally opened her mouth relaxing
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Next day , Arhaan woke Hoor with him . She was pouting at being awaken early , but he didnt say anything . He chose a simple shirt with sweatpants for her and took her to his private gym. The servants weren’t going to come until 7:30 . Arhaan was doing his exercise but also acting like her personal trainer. He was giving her water bottle , whenever she needed . Once , Hoor got tired , Arhaan asked her to go and freshen up . He planned to work out for some more time . When he returned to their room , he saw that Hoor had already taken a bath and now was wearing a beautiful frok in grey color. She was busy drying her hair ,Arhaan took his clothes and went to shower . When he got out dressed, Hoor was still standing there, but she hadn’t tried to comb her hair . Arhaan took the brush but Hoor tried to stop him "you get ready ,Mary can help me "she said softly . "No, Mary can help you d
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Next day, he was in office, when he got a call from Mr. Siddiqui."Assalamualikum Arhaan , its like you have forgotten us after taking my daughter away "he said in a sugary tone."Wasalam Mr. Siddiqui, its nothing like that "Arhaan said putting up with the man. He was trying to be more bearable about this man just because of Hoor."If nothing's like that , then have dinner with us tonight “Mr. Siddiqui said happily.Arhaan didn't want to waste a second on this man, but then he thought about Hoor , she must be missing her family...."Okay ! We will have dinner at your place tonight. “Arhaan ended the call after bidding bye.In evening, when he went home, he saw Hoor in the garden. She gave him a big smile came inside with him. Her smiles never missed to skip his heart beat ."How was your day? "Arhaan asked ruffling her hair ."
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They sat still looking at the water for sometime, but then Hoor started straightening her legs, bringing them out of water .Arhaan could see her feet calloused , indicating that she had been dipping her feet from a long time now .Arhaan held her legs and changed her angle , Hoor was only able to gasp at his doings . He placed her legs on his thighs and started giving her foot massage softly ."Arhaan please .... " she said , her cheeks were tomato red ." why are you looking so dull? I took you , expecting that it will make you happy?" Arhaan asked trying to take her mind off the foot massage.Hoor looked at him with her big grieved eyes , as if asking him to see everything in them, she won't be able to sayit ."You trust me? " Arhaan asked on a whisper .Hoor quickly nodded her head but tears started filling her eyes .Arhaan pulled her close
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After some days, in afternoon, Hoor was sitting in the living room , when she saw a beautiful girl entering .Mary was also behind her . She was also looking really happy after seeing the girl . "Hello "the girl around 24 or 25 greeted . "Hey "Hoor said getting up , she was confused and a bit nervous. The girl infront of her was really beautiful and Hoor wasn't even a bit confident about her own looks . A lot of doubts and questions were entering her mind regarding the girl and her relationship with Arhaan."She is cute" the girl awed looking at Hoor . "I am Amal , Arhaan's sister "she introduced herself and Hoor felt herself relaxing . She gave Amal a big smile and Amal ended up swooning a bit more over Hoor . She pulled Hoor in for a hug . " consider me your sister. You haven't met me till now, because I was out of country with my
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