Next day, Hoor went to the university. After her 3rd class, she went to the restroom where she heard some girls talking. She recognized the voice of the weirdest girl (Maryam) of the class according to Hoor. She was known for her extra bold personality. Hoor had seen some of it also as Maryam loved to touch and laugh with guys.

"Have you seen Professor Randhawa's body? It looks like he should be on a magazine cover." Maryam said.

"That strong jawline! He is every girl's dream guy." another girl sighed.

"You know, I was passing by him in the corrido. OMG! He smells so good. I just want to stick my nose to his shirt." Maryam said in a lusty tone.

"Sure, you interested in his shirt only?" the other girl said teasingly.

"I am interested in whole of him." Maryam said confidently. Hoor felt her blood boiling. She had never wanted to fight someone so badly.

The girls went out ta

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