Arhaan woke up in the morning to find Hoor laying half on him. She was covered by the blanket till her shoulders. Arhaan could see the delicate structure of her bones. 

Her face was glowing, but tiredness was also clear. Arhaan kissed the top of her head, caressing her hair. "My brave girl." he said. 

Arhaan didn't wake her up for university but got out of bed. He covered her properly and went to take a bath. He was radiating with happiness today. After showering, he went to the garden and plucked some roses for his Hoor. He called his PA to tell that he would be late.

When he was done with everything, he went to the room and prepared a bath for Hoor.

"Hoor e Arhaan! Wake up." Arhaan said caressing her hair. She finally seemed to wake up.

Hoor found Arhaan leaning over her when she woke up. She remembered the events of the last night and blushed red. She tried to hide h

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