Arhaan was thinking about their last day in Kashmir. To confirm all the arrangements, he had to talk to his PA. He left Hoor alone in a restaurant for a few minutes.

The restaurant was crowded. When he was returning to his table back, he saw how nervous she was. It looked like she wanted to run from there.

There was a relief on her face when she saw him as if no one would be able to harm her now. Arhaan felt his heart constricting at that moment.

Hoor's hand on his stomach brought him out of his thoughts. 

"Hoor." he whispered. 

"Hmm?" She replied sleepily. 

"Do you also think I am caging you in?" He asked. He admitted that he wanted to keep Hoor to himself but it wasn't the reason behind his decision. He would have never allowed his selfishness to decide something which was so important for Hoor.

Hoor opened her eyes, not feeling sleepy an

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