Chapter 3 Say no to drugs!!


"There might be two sides to a story but what if the whole story is              at fault, cause hidden truths are just unspoken lies."

Natalie had gone back into the shack to drag out the guards. She just wanted to give a message to their leader by causing a loss of millions. Nothing more nothing less. She couldn't let the guards just die for that in the fire for just doing their job. She always tried not to kill anyone as much as she could because in the mafia all who are involved are not necessarily evil. Some were too poor & didn't have any other choice.

After she was done, she ran back to her car to Isaac, who was waiting for her in the car. But on her way back she felt like someone was following her and quickly covered her face, not wanting to reveal her identity.

Adrian noticed the change in the pace of the person & started shooting at her. But she successfully escaped those by covering herself with the trees. She took a pause before she shot back, missing his ear barely by a few centimeters. But it did create a screeching sound in his ears, stopping him from following her for a moment. Adrian covered his ear at the painful sound & realized the person was running away. Ignoring the pain he ran again. Natalie looked behind surprised at him knowing very well his earn must be buzzing right now. Adrian too looked up at Natalie, all he could see were her eyes, those deep brown eyes as Natalie started right back at him.

It was as if time was frozen. Just by looking into her eyes, Adrian knew it was a woman. They both felt something but didn't know what. Natalie realized she was zoning out and swiftly went to her car. When Adrian finally recovered & ran he saw a white car at a small distance. Suddenly a knife was thrown at him from the car before it left that hit the tree just above his head, taking him completely off guard. It had a note attached to it too. He took the note and read it. 

" Say no to drugs !!! ❤️"

His blood boiled as he read it. He was furious. They just lost 5 million worth of drugs and couldn't get those people either. He gritted his teeth in annoyance as he glanced at the insulting note. He was gonna make them pay. He crumbled the paper & threw it away as he stared at a distance planning his next step in his head.

But first, he needed answers.....who was she?


"You do realize that the heart on the note wasn't necessary"  Isaac said.

"It clearly amused you."

Isaac laughed and nodded as they walked back to the house. Dimitri was already present at the door to welcome them.

"I heard about what happened." He said with a face void of any emotions but Isaac and Natalie could see the amusement in his eyes.

Natalie grinned at her father, who just shook his head at her before his attention drifted to check them for any injuries. 

"Good thing you guys are fine but it wouldn't kill you both to take me to these escapades as well."

Natalie and Isaac both laughed and followed him inside the house.


"I need you to take Isaac with you"

"But then who will be here with you "

"There are many men to protect me. You will need Issac there."

"Ok, reasonable. And?"

"And there will be a few of my men staying near your college in case of emergencies."

"A few you say. May I know exactly how many?"

"Umm...I don't know maybe a 40-50?"

Natalie gave a look to her dad making Dimitri sighed 

"Ok at least a 20"




"15, now do we have a deal?"

"Alright, but warn them not to go around fighting and causing trouble in a foreign country."

"I'll make sure of it," Dimitri assured.

Natalie nodded and went to her room after discussing a few more security demands of her father. Isaac followed her and plumped down on her bed sighing.

"We will move into the condo dad bought last year in the US, it's coincidentally near the college."

"Great and what about Thomas?"

"He will be coming as well. The rest of the men coming with us will need accommodation to live in the areas around the college."

"Consider it done."


Adrian walked into his house, his angry footsteps could be heard by the maids who avoided homing in his way. His dad was sitting in the living room drinking tea. He heard about the incident as well.

"It was a 5 million dollar loss" his dad, Roman stated.

"I'll take care of it."

"That's what I expect." 

His dad said and continued reading his paper. Adrian went to his room to call Leonid. 

"I need details on those people involved."

"Yes, I'm after it. We'll get it in 2 days at most"

He cut the call and walked into his bathroom to take a shower. As the water hit his skin, he relaxed and started to think of what happened just a while back. Those deep brown eyes, it was surely of a girl. They were so serious, focused. It was not possible that those two got to know about the storehouse today only since there was no movement from there for a while now which only proved that they had already known about it. But they choose to use that information now because it was a reply, an answer that they were a step ahead and definitely don't give tests. The test which they had put them through. Adrian thought as he showered, they need to know more about them, more weak spots to break them down.


The next day Adrian was relentless. He was waiting for Leonid to give him the information when his phone rang. He quickly picked it up and answered.


"I've got all I could, I'm coming to the house."

Minutes later Leonid came to his room.

"It was because of that receipt—"

"I figured that much. Tell me about those people"

"Well, in the car it was Isaac Lebedev one of the most loyal and trusted members of the gang, and the girl, it was the daughter, Natalie Ivanov. No one knows much about her. They have kept her identity hidden as much as they could."

"Anything more about the daughter ?"

"Her identity is hidden, not much is known to us but I heard that she is going to America in a few days to Princeton university."

"How long will it take me to get in there ?"


"She is our last source to know more. We are going there."

"Y-You're leaving me?" 

Adrian turned around to look at the door, he saw Timofey pouting, staring at him with his big brown eyes. He felt a warmth in his heart looking at his little brother, almost smiling at his expression but did not show it on his face.

"Go & get started on packing, you will join a new school soon."

Timofey smiled so brightly, looking excited almost looking like a little puppy wagging its tail, and a smile automatically made its way to Adrian's face. Timofey ran to his brother and hugged him tightly. 

"Thank you, thank you. I love you."

Adrian just patted his back with a light smile on his face. He remembered the day since Tim was born his father couldn't love him. He despised him, no matter how much he tried to love him but he couldn't because during his birth his wife died. He took away the love of his life. He could never get over that grief and always held a certain hostility against him. He knew he was wrong so he did what he thought was the best, avoided him. Making Tim miss not only the love of a mother but of a father as well. Adrian was all Timofey had, he was his father, his mother his only family

Tim also had the love of an uncle in his early life, his uncle Maxim, but he was taken away from him and Adrian both as he died because of the Ivanov's gang. Adrian loved his uncle as well but he died which further changed his father, he became colder and more distant. Maxim and Roman together had started from scratch and ruled the empire they made together.

Maxim, the older brother was the smarter one and more calm while Roman would sometimes let his anger get the best of him. 

When Maxim died, one pillar of their castle was broken. Roman could no longer hold it on any longer and eventually had fallen to some extent which resulted in their place in Russia was now taken over by the Ivanov's mob.

Once Timofey ran out happily to pack, Leonid turned to leave as well he paused as he heard Adrian speak,

"Is the information reliable?"

"Yes, the man who infiltrated the Ivanov's gang & put that receipt for that test, passed me this information. He is reliable."

Adrian nodded & was about to leave but then noticed the hesitation on Leonid's face as if he wanted to say something else too.

"What happened?"

"That man gave me this information yesterday night. He wanted to meet me today again but I can't contact him anymore. I have filling he might --."

"He got caught by them" Adrian stated as walked away with his jaw clenched in anger.

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