Chapter 7 Damsel in distress

"He is a man molded by hell"


Natalie looked around the room as she looked for Isaac. No one spoke where he was. She grew agitated at their lack of response and spoke in a cold voice.

"Answer me now"

Albert pointed at a door across the hall. Natalie walked there and opened the door. She froze as her heart broke at the scene in front of her, Isaac was groaning in pain lightly as a guy was stitching his wound up. The wound had covered up almost his whole upper arm.

Isaac looked up as he heard the door open. He could see in her eyes stating her somber. He gave her a cheeky grin to lift her mood, but she just turned her head to look at his arm again. He sighed, and nodded at the guy stitching his wound, signaling him to leave.

Natalie sat next to him, she picked up the suture needle and started to stitch his wound. They all had been trained to do this much medical work.

Isaac saw that her eyes were a little moist but he knew she would never cry. No matter how bad she's been broken down or how much she wants to cry out all the pain, she won't. Never in front of someone. She has only allowed Isaac to see her in that state, and her father, of course.

Natalie finished stitching the wound as she got up and helped Isaac up gently. She took him out of the room, to the car outside. They were driving silently to their house. 

Till Natalie spoke.

"I'm sorry-"

"Natalie, it was not you're fault"

Isaac said angrily using her name, and not her nickname as usual. He hated that she was blaming herself. He saw her face, it was blank, with no emotion. But he knew what that meant.





She was making a scheme to get back to that man who harmed him. Torture him ten times worse, making him pay for his deed.

"Natalie I'm fine, relax.  So stop thinking whatever you are  in that head of yours."

Natalie turned slightly to look at him.

"Tell me, you must have been able to handle them alone for some time, right?"

Isaac was confused but nodded anyway.

"You all were using only hands no weapons, but they must have grown agitated and one of them attacked while you were busy fighting others. Right?"

"Yeah, I know  you're smart and can figure it out but—"

"They missed it"


"No one attacks their worst enemy on the arm which can be recovered. That man attacked your heart, to kill you. When you swung your arm to punch, your arm got in the way and saved you."

Isaac looked at her as he realized he could have died if he had been a few seconds late to lift his arm. Isaac was not the one to be scared of death for their gang but knowing how close he was to his death and just getting lucky to live, made him zone out a bit.

Natalie parked the car in the private area for their condo. She turned and looked at him, she reached out to hold his hand and grabbed them in hers, making him come back to reality.

"You are one of the few people I can't deal to live without. Call me selfish but I need you here for me. And I will make that man pay so others will not even dare to think to harm you"

Sure there were problems between the two mobs because of their past, but Natalie never held a grudge against them. There was a race to be the strongest and all, but she never really hated them. She simply never liked them. But now things changed, They tried to kill her family. She started to truly loathe them, hate them.

Isaac smiled at her and kissed her forehead. Then dramatically sighed and said, 

"You know you make me feel like I'm the damsel in distress here and you being my knight in shining armor. I'm the one supposed to protect you."

Natalie chuckled lightly as nodded. She headed out of the car while speaking.

"Don't worry 






She laughed running away as Isaac chased after her.


"What were you thinking ?"

Adrian spoke to his men in a cold, deadly voice making them shake with fear. No one dared to speak, knowing they had been warned not to attack any mobs here.

Adrian looked around the room and saw all of them looking down, Beads of sweat running down their foreheads. One was tapping his foot not realizing it and looking down at the floor thinking hard with his eyes widened slightly.


Adrian thought as he stood in front of him. 


He spoke in a voice laced with authority.

The man came out of his zone. He looked up and saw Adrian looking down at him with such deadly gaze, the man's toes curled.

"W-we saw that g-guy Isaac, he had i-insulted us and b-beaten us before, he was alone so we —"

"You all attacked a single guy." 

He spoke in a voice so barren with emotions that the man felt like running away.

"Was that it?"

The man nodded out of fear and Adrian's face grew frigid. He could tell he was still lying about something. The way he was tapping his foot, showed his anxiety for the ramifications of his action, and the way his hands were shaking showed they, his hands were the culprit.

And he absolutely hated liars.


He shouted at him, his anger had grown up further making him look like an evil incarnate, making the man flinch.

"H-he t-took us down, a-and I grew a-angry  an-and  sl-slashed his a-arm."

Adrian looked at him in disbelief. They had not only ruined their reputation for attacking one man but lost and then further attacked an unarmed man when he was distracted. 

He took the man by his collar and slammed him on the wall. He pulled him up by his collar with his feet dangling in the air and spoke,

"Not only have you brought upon ignominy upon us but now they will be out to take revenge."

The man's eyes watered slightly both because of fear and not being able to breathe properly since he was choking slightly.

"You will be attacked soon. You need to go back to Russia and become take cover by being unknown for a while."

The man nodded furiously as his face turned red, not being able to breathe. Adrian counted the exact minutes the man's heart would stop in his head. But he can't kill his gang member. He always stood by his word, and he was to protect them, not kill them.

8, 7, 6  —

He threw the man on the floor just when his heart was about to give out in 5 seconds.

The man coughed loudly as he struggled to breathe properly while the others watched fearfully.

Adrian turned to them and with a lazy smile, which was anything but comforting.

"Just find out their loopholes, and stop acting brain dead. I shouldn't hear about something like this again."

He threatened them and stormed out.


Natalie gave a few painkillers to Isaac and helped him to bed. She covered him with a comforter and put his phone next to him.

"Call me if you need anything, don't get up. You need rest"

Isaac nodded sleepily as his medicines had started working.

She went to her room and sat by the window. She was lost in her thought when a phone call interrupted her. She picked it up, it was her father.

"How's my princess?"

She smiled listening to his voice.

"I'm good dad, what about you?"

"Just fine, although one of the stray dogs you brought here peed on my shoe today"

Natalie chucked as her dad complained.

"I really miss you, dad ."

"I can come to visit you anytime you want. It's all fine, no work here"

"You have no meeting to deal with this entire month?"

She spoke sarcastically.

Dimitri grumbled some colorful words, forgetting she must be still getting all the updates of what's happening here.

"I will still come the minute you need me there."

"It's fine dad, nothing I can't handle honestly, don't worry."

" Ok but just know I'm only one phone call away. Take care. I love you"

"Love you too dad"

Then she cut the call. Taking to her dad made her feel better and she went to her bed to sleep wondering was the attack today planned by Smirnov's son or did they really attack Isaac out of spite for beating them before...

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