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A girl moved to a new city, started a new simple life, and left behind everything that has ever happened. She was oblivious about the people in her life playing the main roles. She has been tortured so many times without knowing her fault. Doesn't know whom to trust. Life gets darker day by day and every new moment unfolds horrific mysteries and unread chapters of the past. Life has shown her a new path to walk on. The path where she will get the love of her life, her best friend, and her worst enemy. It's all about risking everything. She now has to put her trust in someone who could save her from dying a horrible death. Or else she would be giving her life without knowing the actual reasons for all the incidents happening in her life.

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This novel definitely held my interest. Today I have read first 9 chapters, but remaining are locked. How to read remaining chapter? Thanks
2022-02-09 03:30:54
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How can I read Locked Chapters without spending Coins?
2022-01-23 04:16:41
14 Chapters
Leaving Hometown
July 29th. 5:30 p.m. The air hostess asked all the passengers to tie their seatbelts, the plane was about to take off. She was sitting nervously in her seat, fidgeting with her fingers. She looked outside the window for one last time, she was about to leave her hometown. Her eyes became glossy as the plane started moving. She took a deep breath after closing her eyes and rested her head on the seat. * 10:45 p.m. The plane landed on the airport and the passengers came out after collecting their bags. There were only a handful of passengers on the flight. It wasn't as dark outside as she thought it would be. She came out of the terminal dragging her suitcase and holding 2 small bags on her both shoulders. She looked around but found no one who might have come to pick her up. A man came near her and said in a foreign accent "Miss Bloom? Are you Penelope Bloom?" He had grey mop-like hair,
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She woke up from the sound of her alarm. Rubbing off the sleep from her eyes she went inside the bathroom. After the shower, she wrapped the towel around her wet body and started brushing her teeth. She stepped out of the bathroom and got dressed in white jeans shorts and a light pink shirt. She opened her suitcase and took out all her neatly folded clothes and started stacking them inside the wardrobe. The dresses she got for work were hung in their place. For the shoes, she chose the lowest drawer. She put the books on the bookshelf. She hadn't brought many things with her, only those that she needed the most. She put her makeup and accessories on the dresser. She gathered her hair in a ponytail and left two loose strands on her face. She put on her lenses and did light makeup. She picked up her phone and dialed a number. She chewed her lower lip and walked towards the window. She removed the curtain from the window. It was a bright sunny day. The roads were busy,
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Joseph & Vance
She was sitting on the couch with the laptop and her phone and checking her emails. She was a bit worried after checking her account details. Although her grandmother had helped her a lot in renting out the place and with the furniture. But till now, she had spent a huge amount of her savings as well. She had to find a job real soon because couldn't rely on her grandmother anymore. She had applied to some architectural firms, and many other possible jobs. She had interviews in the upcoming week. She didn't have enough money in her account that she could stay at home and do nothing for even a month. She sighed and shut down the laptop. She put it aside and lied down on the couch, her arm covering her eyes. A few moments passed by and her phone rang. She picked it up, it was her grandmother calling. She answered the call, “Hello, nana.” She chirped. “Hello, dearest.” She said in a calm voice. “How are feeling today? Did you take your medicine?” She ques
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New Day
After taking a shower Penelope was drying her hair with the towel. She had made chicken salad for dinner. She logged in to her I*******m and started scrolling while eating food. Her friend from Washington, Vanessa, had texted her. She used to work with her in the coffee shop back there. She replied to her and all the other pending text messages. After dinner, she put the bowl in the dishwasher and called her, and told her about the job. Vanessa had got a job too, in Washington. She was a major in English Literature. She had gotten a job as a writer in some publication company.  She promised her that she would come and meet her as soon as possible. Vanessa was a lively girl. They kept talking about all that happened in the past three days till midnight. Vanessa was telling her about her meeting with his boyfriend's parents when Penelope excused herself that she had to get up early the next day. She prepared all the things for the next day and then slowly drifted
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It was almost 3 o’clock when Nora said standing over Penelope’s shoulder, "HEY! DO WANNA GRAB LUNCH WITH ME?”"Oh, God." Penelope put a hand on her heart. "Why are you shouting, Nora?" She rolled her eyes and looked at her.“You were so invested in your work. I asked you calmly for the first two times.”“Okay, okay.” She shook her head."Yeah. Whatever. Do you wanna eat?" She put her hand on her side and pouted."What time is it?" Penelope looked at the time. The clock struck 2:45. "Fine, fine. Let's go." She stretched her arms over her head."Do you have to look at the clock to know about lunchtime?" She said as she entered the lift. "Where are we going?""Cafeteria. You are going to love that little cheese monster." She smacked her lips. "Alright," said Penelope and walked behind her. Nora asked for two burritos and paid for them.“How much for that?”“I got t
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It was 6:50 in the evening, everybody was winding up their work. Most of the people had already left. "Let's get going," said Nora as she turned off the computer in front of her and packed her bag. "Yeah, just give me a sec." Penelope was still busy arranging her things. She cleaned her desk, put all her belongings in her bag, and shut down the computer.She paused for a moment and looked at Nora, “You really think—”“Yes, yes! For the love of cheesecake, yes. You should go with us.” Nora grabbed her shoulders and shook them. “All right…” Penelope removed her hands from her shoulders."Let's go." She said and put her bag on her shoulder."Penelope?" someone called from behind. They both turned around to find Nate standing there."Now what does this asshole wants?" Nora rolled her eyes. Penelope hushed her. "Yes?" She replied politely. "Miss Conner wants to see you in her office." He told her
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They were almost finished when Nora's phone started to ring. "What the fuck? Why don't people let me have my food in peace." She cursed and then picked up her phone. Her expression changed instantly when she saw the caller ID and excused herself to answer the phone."A bad temper she's got," Penelope said and giggled. "Yeah, but she's soft at heart," Damen said and wiped his mouth with the napkin. Penelope looked at him. "No... no, no. I wasn't saying it like that." She put her hair behind her ear. “I only meant… I – uh… I—” Her sentences were inscrutable. "All right, all right. Calm down, missy." He tried to put her at ease. “Why do you panic about such little things?” He put a meat slice in his mouth. She just shrugged in response and sipped water. Slowly. Very Slowly. Nora came back and dropped her phone on the table. "What happened?" asked Penelope."Uh—my agent is at my house. I was trying to change my apartm
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It stopped raining shortly after he dropped her at her place. The car stopped at a red signal. He starred out of the window at the almost empty road. The sky had begun to clear out. The wind was taking the clouds away. It was a bit chilly. How can be someone so scary and scared at the same time? He thought to himself and smiled. The car behind him honked causing him to stop smiling and to focus on the road. He came out of his thoughts. “Sorry!” He waved his hand lightly out of the window and accelerated the car. He was going to Nora’s house now. He took out his phone and dialed her number. She picked up after the second ring. “You have reached Nora’s voicemail. Unless it is extremely important that you’d die if you didn’t seek my expertise don’t say anything. Have a good night and let me have one as well.” She had her nose pressed between her fingers. He rolled his eyes and chuckled. “Oui, madame.” He shook his head and continued, “I’ll be at your pl
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Sunlight kissed her eyelids good morning. It was a bright day. Everything was looking more alive and fresher. She pulled sheets over her face and then turned over. Her phone buzzed under her pillow. She opened one eye and looked around. She had slept peacefully last night but was still tired from the wearying week. She checked her cell phone. There was a text message from her cousin sister, Flora. “Hello, dearest. I’m going to Ohio with Auntie Betty. I’ll come back in a week. I would have called you but then I thought you might be sleeping. Anyways. I’m hoping to see you soon. I love you. -Nana.” Her grandmother had asked Flora to text her on her behalf. Flora was 10 years older than her and had two kids. She had always been a supportive person in Penelope’s life. When everything was falling apart, she helped her get things together and rooted for her success. There were other messages from Nora as well. The first one was an hour later the tim
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Broken Toes
4:47 p.m. All of her work was done by 5 in the evening. Damen hadn’t said anything to make her more nervous than she already was. He was trying to get work done as soon as possible. All the awkwardness and tension had settled down. “Should I send it just now or schedule it for tomorrow morning?” She looked at him. He was sitting beside her. “Schedule it.” There were empty noodle bowls, and some snacks lying on the table. She scheduled the email and powered off her laptop. She stretched her arms over her head and slouched back. “Thank you.” She put her glasses over her head. “For helping me. That too on the weekend.” He tilted his head to look at her. She was smiling at him. He gave her a half-smile, “It was nothing.” He looked away, “You are my friend.” “Let me treat you to a meal.” She excitedly said. He raised an eyebrow at her. “What?” “I’m gonna eat until you are broke.” He widened his eyes. She laughed in response.
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