He Doesn't Have Her

He Doesn't Have Her

By:  joanespinosa  Ongoing
Language: English
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Melannie couldn't remember the last time she felt something. While Ace remembers every sting and ache. Both of their chaotic worlds collide and through every moment they share, one starts to feel and the other starts to heal. The only thing standing in between is that it's a cycle of pain, and no one knows how to get out.

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Nice cover!
2020-07-11 04:17:42
19 Chapters
Chapter 1
 Dread continues to swallow me whole while I was just there, lying on my bed, inhaling the sweet-minty smell and taking in all that's left of my room and trying my best not to cry. I was already over the fact that my parents are now divorced. What I can't move on with, is that I'm leaving. Leaving the town where I grew up and spent most of my life, leaving my friends who I practically grew up with. Leaving what I value the most; memories. I thought that my dad will be the one leaving but apparently life hates me so much that it made me the one leave the place on earth I love the most. I don't want to leave. But I don't wanna stay with him either.There's a part of me that wants neither of them, all I want is to be alone, but even I know I can't handle that. Even though it pains me to do so, I agreed to go with my mother, to her hometown. Going out
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Chapter 2
 I feel like any minute now, someone is about to cover my mouth to prevent me from screaming, take me into a car and drive off to the town's dark side. I know, I'm exaggerating and what I'm saying can't possibly be real. I hope. I stopped walking, well, fast-walking and decided to turn around. Even though I know it was the dumbest thing to do. I turn around and I see a little kid. A girl, to be exact. "Were you following me?" I ask her."Yeah," She nods her head slowly."I believe you're the one who's taking me home tonight." She gives me a small smile. Oh honey, even I don't know my way back. "What are you doing out here at this time at night?" I could ask myself the same thing. "I was at the playground,” Okay, as if that's not creepy at all.
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Chapter 3
 I have never been so unmotivated. Groaning inwardly, I roll out of bed and went into the bathroom to shower. I brushed my teeth afterward and picked out my clothes. I couldn't even sleep last night. Everything sucked. I felt even worse when I saw myself in the mirror with dark circles under my eyes and was paler than ever. I put on a plain fitted lavender crop-top with long sleeves, high-waisted black jeans, and black Vans. I didn't bother to style my hair since I was feeling lazy. I head downstairs and start to quickly eat my breakfast. Mom comes out of her room, already dressed for work, with a towel wrapped around her hair. She starts to eat her breakfast while I already finished mine and put my plate on the sink. I grabbed my bag, kissed her goodbye and walked out the door.  Walking my way to the bus stop, I look at my surroundi
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Chapter 4
 It's my second day here at the town's high-school. I didn't like it. But I also didn't hate it. People still stared at me, but not like yesterday. They probably memorized all my features by now.  I attended my classes in the morning, and then had lunch with Chloe. I got to meet Ollie and I enjoyed talking to him, to be honest.His hair was dyed platinum blonde and was styled like Stefan Salvatore's hero-hair, he had hazel eyes and thin lips. He had a good sense of humor, and we share the same opinion about things. We also both happen to get attracted to guys. He was proudly gay at heart. I genuinely admire him for that, not all people understand and accept homosexuality. Others are just being themselves and who they want to be. If some guys would want
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Chapter 5
 An hour passed. And Ms. Parker hasn't come back yet. "What the fuck do we do?" The black-haired guy groaned in frustration. I cover my face with my hands, trying to calm myself while thoughts keep on running in my mind and then I suddenly jumped at a noise. Ally's brother was punching the door. Repeatedly. Last time I checked, you are supposed to punch someone to hurt them, not yourself. And to make matters worse, it is not a person that he is punching, but a door. I know I am mentally unstable, but bro, you need to work on those anger issues. "Ace, stop that." The black-haired guy said, putting his arm on Ace's shoulder, but he just shoves the guy away. The guy doesn't stop him anymore and sits back down. Is he for real? He is just going to take a seat while Ace
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Chapter 6
"Ace," I say, acknowledging his presence.Which is unwanted I might add."I, um, I want to apologize. You know, for what happened earlier," He says, staring right into my eyes.I was surprised, not all people can look straight into someone's eyes.Though it was dark, the post lights illuminated his face. It caused me to notice his dark brown hair, he had green-blue eyes that would even look grey if you would not look intently, his face shape was somehow in between oval and square because of his jawline, and kissable lips.Damn, he looks perfect. And he is only wearing a white shirt, black Nike shorts and flip-flops.Usually, I would get uncomfortable having eye contact with someone for more than three seconds. But he just kept staring, and I didn't mind.I now realized why."Are we okay?" He asks.He was waiting for an an
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Chapter 7
The weekend passed and before I knew it, it's the weekdays.Nothing was new, classes were the same.During lunch, all that Chloe and Ollie talked about was the bonfire."More girls lose their virginities during bonfires than prom," Ollie says with a sly grin."Speaking of, since when are you planning to lose yours?" Chloe asks him."I can ask you the same question, honey.""Can't say we have the same answer.""Still swooning over the same guy, I see," Ollie says teasingly."I'm actually planning on asking him to the bonfire." Chloe smiles, blushing."Oh really? Who's the guy?" I ask her."Ace Martins," She answers, smiling.Of course she likes Ace. The dude's practically perfect.Oh god, I remembered his abs."This bitch's been crushing on him since middl
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Chapter 8
 Ace's POV "Fine," I tried my best not to roll my eyes and sighed instead, and the way her face lit up was simply priceless to look at. I couldn't find it in me to say no to her. "Thank you, she'll be very happy," She smiles. "I'll see you at the bonfire." I say and she silently says 'okay' while still smiling. I silently go down their stairs and quickly went out the door. I walk back to my house and I see my friends messing around the front yard. "Ace, why are you smiling?" Paul asks me. I am?   We got to the bonfire and I followed my friends who were approaching the little spot under the trees. They started putting up our tents, but I just stood there, looking for Melannie. "A little help here, Ace?
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Chapter 9
 Ace's POV Everyone cheered and sat down on the logs. Chloe sat on my left, while Mel sat with Tristan on my right. "Do you have any idea on what the games are?" Mel asks me. "Boring," I say and she scowled. "Everyone likes a good suck and blow, right?" James says and people cheer once again. 
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Chapter 10
 Mel's POV We kept on playing the game for about ten more minutes (more or less). It was fun, Chloe dared me to strip one of my clothes off every time I ask, and when someone asks me a question. I had already taken off the beanie and scarf Tristan gave me, along with my boots and socks. We were interrupted by cheers outside. They were all laughing and hooting, we all peeked out the tent to check what's happening. 
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