He Is My Husband

He Is My Husband

By:  helloimironman  Completed
Language: English
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Raising stories of households that have long-distance relationships even though they are legal. Arsya is pursuing his master's degree in Jogjakarta, while Anjani is pursuing her thesis in Jakarta. The giving of trust makes them believe in the integrity of their household even though the distance stretches. However, it turns out that there are still pebbles trying to shake up the household. It is not easy for them to face household problems. Nisya, the daughter of the owner of the boarding house occupied by Arsya, accuses Arsya of raping her, and forces Arsya to marry her. Anjani, knowing the news, immediately went to the city of Jogjakarta and proved to everyone that Nisya's accusation was not true.

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201 Chapters
A necessity that cannot be delayed. Leaving a wife who just married him 2 months ago to pursue his dreams. Opening gaps in the harmony they have always maintained. A distance will test the strength of their two loves. Stay or leave?Arsya sternly swore that no divorce would come out of his lips. That's a promise Arsya gave Anjani. Provide provisions for trust during their separation. Because, their great fear is in the third person."Honey ... Don't go,"Whatever Anjani wants, Arsya complies even though his life is at stake. But for that one wish, it made Arsya feel very guilty for not being able to make it happen. "Honey, look at me," said Arsya softly as he raised his wife's face to look into her eyes."I will only go away temporarily, later after you graduate from college we will be together again. I promise I will often come to Jakarta, visit you and our baby, "said Arsya while rubbing Anjani's stomach, which is flat but there is life in there
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Chapter - 01
Three months, without Arsya’s presence by her side, it still feels strange to Anjani. The husband who used to be by her side for 24 hours has now disappeared indefinitely.Anjani rubbed her stomach which was starting to grow, the presence of the baby seemed to replace Arsya, who always accompanied her everywhere.Anjani’s eyes stared at the screen of her laptop sluggish, it has been two days since she was late in revising the draft thesis. Anjani must not be sloppy, he must quickly finish her thesis, so that Arsya returns with her. “Be patient, son. Mommy promised that soon we would be with Dad every day, no need to wait for red dates and holidays anymore.”  Anjani said while rubbing his stomach which began to grow.Anjani’s smile spreads out, interacting with the baby makes her enthusiasm emerge again. Quickly, his fingers danced on the laptop keyboard painstakingly.“Anjani, you haven’t slept ?!”Anjani was stunned a little, suddenly
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Chapter - 02
Anjani Pov“Chapter four has been signed by Mr. Broto?”I looked up, then nodded, “Yes sir,” I replied, looking at Mr. Ardan who was focused on checking chapter four of my thesis draft.According to the promise that Mr. Ardan made yesterday via short message, today I started mentoring him.“Your thesis deadline next month?” Asked Mr. Ardan without looking at me.“Yes sir.”“And you only got to chapter four?”I froze, confused what to answer. Pak Ardan’s cold face made me unable to even smile.“One week,” said Mr. Ardan as he put my draft thesis on the table, “Finish chapter five in one week. The day after tomorrow see me again, “I took a deep breath. Even wanting to protest, it seems like it will only waste time and energy. Pak Ardan’s arrogant face has shown that he is not someone who can be negotiated with.After nodding, I smiled, “Fine, sir.” I answered briefly.Mr. Ardan confirmed the location of his glasses, fo
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Chapter - 03
“Aren’t you tired of going to college with a pregnancy like that?”Anjani sighed, a question she had heard so many times. She said they were concerned about the condition of their pregnant bodies but still had to be busy with lecturing activities. Even though Anjani is fine.Anjani smiled, staring at Naura who was waiting for an answer from her, “Never mind feeling tired, I never just complain. My situation like this doesn’t bother me at all, seriously.”Cecilia who was sitting beside Naura also replied, “Maybe not yet, it’s only been three months, right? Later when I grow up I will feel tired, ““That’s right! After all, how come you can get married before graduating from college, if I was already kicked out of the house,“ Well, this is Jiya who is talking. For whatever reason, hearing her chatter made Anjani refrain from pulling the hair of the girl with the limp mouth.Anjani’s teeth gritted, but as hard as possible she held back her emotions. Their
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Chapter - 04
Arsya: Jek, are you with my wife again?Jee Katama: You think my life is only used to follow your wife?Arsya: calm down, I'm just askingJee Katama: I don't know, maybe Anjani is busyArsya rubbed his face roughly. Morning Anjani there is no news. His father said Anjani left the house at nine this morning and until that afternoon his wife's cellphone was still not active.Moreover, Anjani's friends did not know where his wife was. Even if they go wherever they are, they are always together. How can Arsya not panic like this?Indeed, since the incident a week ago, communication between him and Anjani was bland. Not as romantic and caring as usual. Anjani tends to be short and slow to respond every time he answers his chats.It is undeniable that Arsya was disappointed when he found out that Anjani lied to him. What is Ardan like that makes his wife a liar?But whatever the reason, this problem did not make Arsya's trust in Anjani fade.
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Chapter - 05
Arsya rubbed his eyes which were still heavy. He immediately removed the blanket when he felt something in his stomach that was pressing to get out. Arsya quickly ran into the bathroom.After spending a long time in the bathroom, Arsya immediately came out, rubbing his stomach, which had been feeling bad since dawn earlier. Arsya has counted three times in and out of the bathroom this morning."Looks like I am not feeling well," murmured Arsya, remembering that last night he was up late watching a football match with his office mates, not to mention last night Arsya came home at 2 in the morning.Seeing the cellphone screen that lights up on the table, Arsya immediately grabbed it. There are dozens of messages and missed calls from Anjani there. Arsya patted his forehead, since when did his cellphone turn into silent mode?Ah, yes, since the meeting yesterday afternoon. And Arsya forgot to change it again.Without thinking twice, Arsya immediately conta
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Chapter - 06
Deka: Anjani's plane has left 1 hour ago, if Anjani hasn't arrived please pick up at the airportDeka: I am afraid he is lostArsya, who had just finished cleaning the boarding house, immediately fell silent. Digging deeper into the meaning of the message his brother-in-law sent half an hour ago.Quickly pressing the telephone-shaped icon on their roomchat. There is no answer yet, Deka ignores the call.Arsya: Where did Anjani go, Ka?Five minutes passed, the message Arsya sent had not yet been read by Deka. Arsya took turns contacting Anjani and Deka, but the result was the same, they compactly ignored his calls."Hello, what's wrong with my handsome son?"Arsya breathed a little relieved to hear his mother's voice across there, "Hello Ma, where are you?""Your father's heart," replied Sintia, accompanied by a small laugh.Arsya held back for a moment, gosh if it wasn't her own Mama, Arsya might have insulted her It's not what,
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Chapter - 07
Anjani looked at Arsya investigating. Noticing her husband's panicked movements for some reason. In and out of the room it is not clear what is doing."WHAT'S WITH YOU, ARSYA ?!" shouted Anjani irritated. Just arrived instead of being given a drink, Anjani was instead told to watch Arsya's strange behavior.Arsya who was just about to go back into the room stopped, looked at Anjani awkwardly, then let out a stupid grin."That .. Hm .. What did I do from there?" Arsya said, making Anjani hold her lips so she wouldn't go too far to curse at her husband.Anjani got up from her seat, walked over to Arsya and put her palm on the man's forehead."Oh, it's hot," said Anjani then brought Arsya into the room."Sleep, you still have a fever," ordered Anjani. Arsya immediately lay down on the bed following his wife's orders.Anjani stepped out of the room to the kitchen. Brewing Arsya a glass of warm tea. Because whatever the pain, hot tea is th
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Chapter - 08
It sucks.Anjani doesn't like it when you see Arsya prioritizes work or college assignments rather than her, whereas they rarely have time together.Do Arsya understand the same as taking advantage of time?Doesn't he know that looking for a chance for them to be under the same roof isn't easy.Anjani has done everything she can to attract her husband's attention. From starting to turn up the volume of the television to full, stomping my feet in annoyance, and finally ...Smashing Arsya's head using the AC remote.And it worked."Can't continue the work tomorrow?" cried Anjani when Arsya looked up and looked at him asking questions. Arsya looks normal even though Anjani has been rude to her.Arsya rubbed the back of his head that had been hit earlier, "I want to be like that, but it's the responsibility," answered Arsya, then returned to focus on his laptop screen again. Ignoring the look on Anjani's face, who had been holding
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Chapter - 09
A week living with his wife, Arsya finally felt the feeling of being treated like a husband. The last time, four months ago Anjani served him like this. Yes, it was four months before the distance separated them.Luckily, Anjani's college days are only one step away, so you don't have to wait long to get back to life together."I'll go to the supermarket, our refrigerator is empty like the contents of my wallet at the end of the month," Anjani joked while brewing warm milk for Arsya."Yes, but tonight, wait for me to come home from work," said Arsya while tasting his wife's warm milk. In the morning Arsya used to drink milk, not coffee. Except staying up late because of work until the new morning Arsya looks for coffee."Aren't you tired? I can do it myself,""No, just wait for me to come home."Anjani nodded obediently then moved the fried rice to a container, then served it on the dining table. Arsya who saw him immediately took his plate, inten
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