He's a lazy wolf

He's a lazy wolf

By:  Darlene Virginia  Completed
Language: English
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A lonely and injured Alpha male werewolf was found by a vet in a forest when she went trekking along with her stepsister and her friends. She brings him home to get him treated thinking that he is any other normal wolf that got hurt. Little did she know that the wolf was actually not hurt but just being lazy to even eat the food given to him. So, he was abandoned by his clan to fend off by himself.

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Winter Phoenix
I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It's funny, romantic and I just loved how witty the dialogues were composed! I want more of this kind.
2023-06-06 08:33:12
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Good read although the ending was a bit soft but don’t let that deter you from reading this book
2023-06-05 13:08:04
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Ashley Flynn
Good book I love it
2021-04-30 12:14:15
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Shauna M Sizemore
Ive been reading this book in my down time while waiting on some others that I started and it is a pretty good read so far.
2020-12-24 16:16:01
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Rory McCauley-Hayman
This is really interesting. I want to read more. I am eagerly awaiting more chapters. :)
2020-11-05 09:36:39
default avatar
First 3 chapters are almost all dialog that doesn't make sense. There are tons of typos like wines instead of vines.
2022-09-08 06:08:17
115 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Anayka, look over here. Isn’t that a wolf?” Genesis shouted while pointing at a white round ball that laid lazily on the rock near the edge of the cove. Anayka turned around but before she could say anything, Ashley ran towards the white fur animal. “Be careful. If it’s a wolf then it’s pack must be nearby,” Henry warned her.“I don’t think your girlfriend heard your warning. She had already started to pet him,” Julian commented from the sides.“Isn’t she a little over-excited by looking at the wolf?” Genesis asked and exchanged glances with Anayka.Anayka did not respond to her and looked around in search of his pack. She couldn’t understand why a wolf would be alone, unless it is injured and left behind by his wolf pack. She ran towards the wolf and pushed Ashley away from him.“Don’t touch him. He might be injured and you might cau
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Chapter 2
Ashley’s cheeks turned red and she removed her hands from his face only to use them to cover her face. Henry glared at those two idiots who did not understand the word privacy. Instantly, as if they got a cue, Genesis and Julian dashed towards the cove where they left Anayka and the wolf.“For how long are you going to cover your face?” Henry asked with a smile and poked her waist.She wiggled because of his touch. Slowly, she removed her hands a bit and looked around. Once she was sure that no one was near them, she asked,“What should we do now? Since my sister said we need to take the wolf to the hospital, I guess we need to cancel this trip and go back.”“I will say sorry to you once again. Actually, I asked Julian and Genesis to help your sister go back with the wolf. Once they drop her at the foot of the mountain, they will come back and join us both. I know, I made that decision without asking you fi
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Chapter 3
Anayka noticed that the wolf was still lying on the ground next to her. Instantly, she recalled his howling and how she fell on the ground after losing her balance because of this wolf. “You! Are you sick or trying to play games with me?” She pointed at the wolf and asked.She waited for an answer from him for a few minutes. Later she realized her stupidity and hit her head with her hands.“What am I even thinking? Have I gone so dumb to not even realize that an animal can't talk? How can I expect to get a reply from him to my question? I must have hit my head hard on the ground when I fell a few hours ago,” She shook her head disappointedly and bent down.She carefully lifted the wolf once again before walking on the forest path with utmost care. As it was a full moon night along with the clear sky, it was not so dark around the forest as she anticipated. She was able to see clearly and managed to reach the foot of the mount
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Chapter 4
“I promise, I will get the biggest diamond ring in the world for you once we go home,” Henry consoled Ashley and hugged her.Julian and Genesis laughed as they heard what he said. Ashley became even more embarrassed after she saw them laugh at her.“Stop it. I don’t want such big rings. All I want is only you. I didn't even ask for a ring from you, did I? I am not materialistic.” Ashley said and hugged him back.“I know. That’s why I love you,” Henry said and kissed her head.As Ashley’s head was facing down Henry couldn’t see that her face had turned grey. She closed her eyes and tried to control her temper. ‘I have to bear with you just for a few more days. Once I marry you, I will become the daughter-in-law of the most powerful hunter family. All I care about is only the title you would give me after our marriage and not whether you get me a ring or not,’ She huffed in
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Chapter 5
“Why don’t I come with you and stay at your place tonight? Don’t you think it is safe if I am also there with you and help you take care of this wolf?” Erin asked.Anayka held the car door’s handle and suppressed her feelings to throw a punch at his face.“Thank you for your offer. But as I said earlier, I can manage fine by myself. I hope that you would stop coming on to me so much as it’s becoming difficult to even breathe for me. As a colleague, I respect the work you do at the hospital. But I don’t want to have a relationship with you. Please try to understand that you are making me uncomfortable by saying such indecent things.” Anayka told him straight to his face.“Ana, I think you mistook me. I did not suggest that with any other hidden meaning. You must understand that lone wolves are very dangerous and they are prone to attack humans when they feel threatened. If you are experiencing shortness
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Chapter 6
Drake stood up and shook his body. He changed into a fine man and looked at the woman who laid next to him on the floor. A small smile escaped his mouth and he bent down.“Do you know, you look so beautiful? I would like to look at you all day long," He caressed her cheeks. Anayka swatted his hands as she thought it was a mosquito. He licked his hands that she slapped and moved his face near her. His breathing tickled her and she turned towards the other side. He waited patiently until she went back into a deep sleep."Thank you for bringing me to our home. From now on, even if you push me away, I would never leave you,” He declared to the sleeping Anayka.He lifted her from the ground and walked towards the bed with a naked body. He placed her on the soft mattress and climbed next to her. Then he pulled the blanket above them and hugged her to sleep.As Anayka was too tired, she dozed off without realizing that she was hugged by
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Chapter 7
When she felt some cool air near her, she extended her hands to grasp it. She didn’t know that she was actually pulling Drake’s neck. Drake was just thinking to tease her but when she suddenly pulled him down, he fell on top of her hot body.“You are running a fever,” He said and touched her forehead to check the temperature.He wanted to get up from her body as he thought she was sick. But she did not let him go. She started to rub her body against him.“It’s cool now. It's not so hot anymore. But this is not enough, I want more… I want more than this...give me more… you… give me more ice cubes…” she started to blabber and bit his nipples.“Mmm… good… but not enough… want more…” She moved her hands behind his back.Slowly, she slid her hands down his shoulders and reached his butt cheeks. She squeezed them and moaned while rising her chest
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Chapter 8
Anayka lifted him from the floor and kissed his forehead. When his cold paw touched her two softballs, she instantly looked down.“Aahhhh…” She screamed and dropped him on the floor.Then she ran inside the bedroom to put on some clothes. Drake laid on the floor and admired her back view.“What is wrong with me? Why am I behaving like a pervert? Thank goodness, I didn’t open the curtain earlier. Or else the whole world would have noticed me in my birth suit. Idiot! Idiot!” She hit her head and took one of the dresses randomly out of her wardrobe.She pulled it down from her head and walked towards the window. She slightly opened the blinds and the bright sun blinded her eyes. She closed it immediately and turned around only to meet the wolf’s deep blue eyes.Drake had crawled inside the bedroom and laid on the entrance, blocking the way.‘My sexy baby! My sexy Baby! I want to tear the thin sil
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Chapter 9
Later Beryl realized that he could not afford to break his new phone. He got this phone after he had made several efforts by cajoling his mother to let him go visit the markets in the town that is located at the edge of the forest. As they were prohibited to leave the forest and must stay within the specified perimeter, his mother was not willing in the beginning. She warned him that if anyone leaves the ground, then they would have to face severe punishments. Luckily, he promised that he would choose the day when it was raining. Raining would hide his tracks and makes his clan a little vulnerable. So, no one would come out on those days.He securely placed the precious phone inside his pocket and walked towards the huge mansion that was built in the middle of the forest several hundred years ago. No one could reach the mansion easily or even track it without getting killed. The only owner of the mansion was actually missing as he’s a lazy wolf.&ldq
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Chapter 10
The minute Florence read what he was thinking, she lifted her head and bared her teeth at him. Just when she was about to bite and rip off his flesh, another wolf jumped on her and pushed her away.“Joyce, my soulmate. You are my queen and savior. Look at her, she is bullying me. Now that my best friend, Drake is not around anymore. You have to take care of her and avenge what she did to Drake,” Beryl whined while hiding behind Joyce.Joyce got ready to fight with Florence, the next second she heard what had happened. Both the wolves gritted their teeth at each other and got ready to fight. Joyce stood in a defensive stance and protected Beryl. She licked Beryl once and dashed forward to place the first attack on Florence. When both the females were rolling on the mud, Beryl took this as an opportunity to run away from that place. He didn’t want to be involved in a woman's fight. Moreover, he had a message that needs to be delivered urgen
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