Her Broken Alpha

Her Broken Alpha

By:  Brigitte Camus  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Kelsey," Jason's voice was a mere whisper as he pulled her closer, their lips almost touching. Her eyes closed instinctively, her breath hitching in anticipation of what was to come. It was a moment of surrender and vulnerability that had never before been seen in him. Jason, also known as Alpha Rafe, was the revered leader of the Silver Moon Pack. His striking good looks and piercing gaze were matched only by his strength and bravery. His authority was unquestioned, and he had long since accepted the solitude that came with his position. However, the fiery Kelsey had managed to pique his interest in a way no one else had before. In that moment, standing on the precipice of something entirely new and terrifying, he felt a flicker of something he couldn't quite put into words. It was a warmth, a stirring sensation in his chest, something he had believed himself incapable of feeling. There was a moment's hesitation, and then he gave in, surrendering to the intense desire that pulsed between them. Their lips met in a gentle collision, a silent confession of the turmoil that raged within him. The passion that sparked that kiss was intense and overwhelming, leaving him breathless. When they finally pulled apart, he looked into Kelsey's eyes, seeing his own fears and vulnerabilities mirrored back at him. She had become his only confidante and his only hope for redemption. Her presence—her very existence—was a lifeline he hadn't known he needed. In this riveting tale of forbidden desires, courage, and human resilience, they are forced to confront their deepest fears and darkest secrets. Their quest to protect their pack and each other presents unforeseen challenges, and perhaps, just perhaps, Jason might discover that the most dangerous journey is the one that leads to the heart.

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12 Chapters
Prologue: Echoes of a Shattered Moon
I CALL YOU DEAD "Jason, you're nothing but a waste of space!" My father's voice bellowed through the house, his words sharp as knives, slicing through my already fragile heart. It was a refrain that had become all too familiar over the years, echoing in the empty spaces where love and understanding should have been. Nineteen years ago, I was a fifteen-year-old boy, grappling with the weight of adolescence and the ever-changing emotions that came with it. The world was a storm of uncertainties, and I struggled to find my footing, seeking solace in the arms of the only two people who truly loved me—my mother and sister. As the full moon approached that fateful night, I felt a storm brewing within me, a torrent of fear and confusion that threatened to tear me apart. My body ached with an unfamiliar pain, and my instincts screamed that something was about to change—something I could neither comprehend nor control. That fateful night, the sound of rain pattering against the windows ma
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Chapter 1:
**Jason's POV** "Get dressed and leave, Lyla," I ordered her coldly, my voice void of emotion. The sheets rustled as she hesitated, her heart clearly aching with unrequited love. "Jason, I just thought we could—" My harsh stare silenced her, and she quickly gathered her clothes, dressing and leaving without another word. Two years of this twisted dance, and still, I refused to let her in. I knew she loved me—she had made it clear time and time again. But I had nothing to offer her, nothing but the remnants of a shattered heart and a relentless darkness that refused to be tamed. As soon as Lyla left, I called a meeting of my pack. We had important matters to discuss, matters that would determine the fate of our pack and the world we lived in. As Alpha, it was my duty to lead and protect them, and I would do so with the same ferocity that had earned me the title of the Broken Alpha. As the pack members gathered in the meeting hall, I could sense their unease. They could feel the
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Chapter 2
"Arrogant, self-absorbed jerk, son of a fucking bitch!, so full of himself!""Who the hell do these men think they are?"I muttered under my breath, my fingers curling tightly around the steering wheel. I could still feel the heat of his condescending smirk, his casual dismissal of my anger. He was just like Michael, my insufferable stepbrother, who seemed to think he was God's gift to the world.I had had enough of alpha males, their inflated egos, their belief that they could control and manipulate everyone around them. It was exhausting, infuriating, and I was done with it. As I drove away from the parking lot, my mind drifted back to simpler times, to a man who had shown me a different kind of strength.Five years ago, I was a different person. At twenty years old, I was just another college student, eager to learn, excited to explore the world. But the highlight of my days wasn't the classes or the parties. It was the moments I spent with my father."Kelsey,"Dad would say, his v
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Chapter 3
"Pack up, Silver Moons. We move out at dawn!"The command echoed through the still night air, sending a ripple of anticipation through the assembled pack members.As Alpha of the Silver Moon Pack, my voice held an authority that was both respected and feared. My pack, a hundred strong, were warriors in their own right, their silver and white forms a testament to our strength and unity. We were en route to the neighboring Phoenix Pack, called upon to lend our aid in their struggle against a rogue problem that had escalated beyond their control.The boundary of the Phoenix Pack was clearly marked by the scent of pine and the faint tang of wolf marking. Waiting for us was Alpha Drake, his face etched with lines of worry that belied the strength of his imposing form."Rafe," he greeted, inclining his head slightly in a gesture of respect."Drake," I responded, the seriousness of the situation reflected in my tone."How bad is it?""More serious than we anticipated," he confessed, his usua
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Chapter 4
I am KelseyI was alone in solitude once more, the werewolf's howl reverberating in my ears.The underbrush rustled, and I noticed a big, shadowy figure lunge at me. My heart hammered in my chest, a terrible rush of excitement coursing through my veins.But before the beast could get to me, another figure jumped in its way. My older brother, Michael, had arrived just in time. His silver blade gleamed in the night, and he stabbed the beast with a fast, trained action. It gave a guttural howl before collapsing, its danger gone.The entire world appeared to hold its breath, and suddenly everything was silent again."You okay, Kels?"Michael inquired, his normally jovial eyes tinged with concern.I swallowed the lump in my throat and nodded."I am now, thank you."We returned to the house, where our family was gathering on the porch. The sight of them, safe and sound, gave me with a warm feeling that contrasted dramatically with the frigid anxiety that remained in my heart.The first to s
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Chapter 5
Jason's POVHer words echoed in my head, like a shot fired in a silent room. I felt my heart stutter, the world around me spinning out of control. Pregnant. Lyla was pregnant. And I was...the father.I was silent for a moment, struggling to process the news. This was not part of the plan. I was an Alpha, yes, but I was not ready for this kind of responsibility. I had sworn off love, dedicated my life to my pack, and for pleasure, I had women... women who understood that it was just sex, nothing more.But now, Lyla... she was carrying my child. This changed everything. A part of me wished she hadn't become pregnant. Now it seemed like she was doomed to a life of loveless union with me because I wasn't capable of loving her, not the way she wanted me to. Yet, I knew I couldn't reject her or the child. I was an Alpha, and it was my duty to accept this responsibility."Jason?" Lyla's voice brought me back to the present, her eyes filled with worry."I... I need time to think," I muttered,
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Chapter 6
Kelsey POVA memory flickered, unbidden, across my mind. Jason's voice whispered through the corridors of my consciousness, pulling me into the labyrinth of remembrance."Are you sure?" he asked, looking into my eyes with an intensity that sent shivers down my spine."Yes," I responded, my voice hardly more than a breathy whisper. "I've never been more certain of anything."And so, under the silent watch of the moon, I had given myself to him. He was my first, my awakening. I, who had always dreamed of waiting for marriage, had found my reality shifted by a man who sparked a fire in me that I hadn't known existed. It wasn't just about the physical act but the emotions that poured from me like a river freed from a dam, overwhelming and unstoppable. His touch, his kiss, and him inside me - it was a symphony that played through my veins, making me yearn for an encore.Shaking off the remnants of the memory, I rose from my bed and slipped into a tunic, my mind still cluttered with the ima
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Chapter 7
Jason's POV After leaving the bar, Cole and I made our way home through the quiet streets. The next few days promised to be bustling with the celebration and festivities surrounding the welcoming party for our pack's newest members. As the full moon approached, we were preparing to usher in another generation of our kind into the world. It was a time of joy, excitement, and for some, fear. "I'm glad we're doing this," I murmured to Cole as we walked side by side. He glanced at me, raising an eyebrow. "Doing what?" "Making a big deal out of their first transformation. Celebrating it. It should be something exciting, not something to fear." He nodded, understanding what I didn't say out loud. He knew of the night that still haunted my dreams, the night my life changed forever. The night of my first transformation. I still remembered it as though it were yesterday. The pain, the confusion, the fear... and ultimately, the tragedy. It was the night I had lost control and, in a fit of
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Chapter 8
Kelsey's POV Drowsily, I fluttered open my eyes, each blink bringing the dim room into focus. A dull ache throbbed throughout my body, tugging me back into the cruel reality of what transpired. The room was barely lit, with only tendrils of moonlight reaching in through the chinks in the heavy, wooden shutters. The air hung thick and cold, a far cry from the comfort of my clan's familiar, warm shelter. "Kelsey," a voice cut through the silence like a sharp blade, calling my name like a phantom echo from a past life. It was a voice I would recognize anywhere. "Jason," I replied, my voice barely above a whisper, the syllables scratching the walls of my raw throat. From the corner of the room, he emerged, his frame hard and towering in the dim light. His face bore a stern expression, his eyes glinting dangerously. He looked every bit the predator, the Alpha, he truly was. "Why did you come here, Kelsey? Why did you attack my pack?" The words dripped from his mouth like venom, the res
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Chapter 9
Jason's POV Retreating to the solitude of my quarters, I tried to grapple with the rapid sequence of events, each more bewildering than the last. My mind was a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. From the moment I saw Kelsey standing her ground against Finn, my wolf instincts had taken over. I'd seen only one thing - a threat to my mate, and I'd acted on it, consequences be damned. I had saved her. A hunter. I was torn between the instincts of a man who had cared deeply for her and those of a werewolf Alpha, whose duty was to protect his pack from the likes of her. A bitter laugh escaped my lips. It was ironic, wasn't it? My heart clenched at the thought of her hurt, but my mind reminded me of the danger she posed to my pack. "Why her?" I groaned, running my fingers through my hair in frustration. The question echoed back at me mockingly from the empty room. How could Kelsey, the woman I'd spent countless nights dreaming about, be a hunter? The idea was ludicrous, but the image of h
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