Her Runaway Gamma

Her Runaway Gamma

By:  LORA ASHLEY  Ongoing
Language: English
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My eyes linger on her mouth, and the desperate urge to kiss away the pain she is going through begins to twist deep inside me. "Dane… " I watch her enticing lips whisper my name quietly, like a plea for me to fucking say or do something. Not able to deny the urge any longer, I lean down, pressing my mouth to hers in a passionate kiss that instantly erupts pleasurable sparks inside me. Goddess…. the taste and softness of her lips against mine is fucking more than exquisite. Always more than exquisite. The instant she fully parts her lips and begins to kiss me back, I lose all control. This is everything I have ever wanted, but everything I know I should not fucking want. ☆☆☆☆☆ Tempting fate can be a cruel game, and Dane knows better than to fall for Cara, his bestfriend's little sister who is likely going to be mated to another. What they currently share is an addictive, 'no strings attached relationship', but Dane is beginning to lose control, and he knows the only way out is to break things off between them. So, under the moonlight night sky, he ends his 'no strings attached' relationship with Cara, ignoring her true love confession to him. Haunted with shame, fear, guilt and brokenheartedness, he flees his pack, leaving behind a broken soul to pick up the pieces he painfully shattered. However, no one can run away from fate forever. When duty calls, Dane is plunged back to his pack, crossing paths again with the one girl who still owns every bit of his heart. With the shadows of an evil omen hovering over their pack, Dane and Cara must set their conflicts aside to protect the people they love, or they risk losing everything they hold dear.

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25 Chapters
1. Prologue.
Dane - 19Cara - 18♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡TWO YEARS AGODANE"Recruitment into the Greenwood Defense Academy is open!"Cara screams out the news happily and jumps up to her feet beside me, not caring that her pretty legs are so dangerously close to the blazing bonfire right in the middle of our small circle of friends.Pretty legs that I helplessly, always fucking dream of having them wrapped around me as I thrust up into—"Damn, when is the date?" Alex whistles in surprise, his sudden voice instantly cutting off my eyes from his sister's legs. Like a looming warning.I gulp down a mouthful of whiskey from my cup, relishing in the punishing burn of it as it sinks down my throat.Dear goddess…. I should not be fantasizing and dreaming about sinful ways of fucking my bestfriend's sister, my alpha's only daughter."Fourteenth of this month." Cara responds, giggling in pure joy as she sits back down beside me.Her arm brushes lightly against my skin as she adjusts herself on her seat, the soft touch
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2. Under The Moonlight.
DANEI muster a little bit of courage. My hands tremble slightly as I clutch them harder around my cup, making the plastic shake as I speak."Cara, can we… can we talk?"I can't even speak properly, or bear to even look her in the eyes right now, which I know will probably be looking worried because of me.Guilt and shame envelopes me like an icy, cold, unforgiving blanket. Damn me."Ye-yeah… " she stutters slowly, quietly. "I also need to tell you something." She continues. "We can talk over there."She sounds serious. Cara rarely sounds serious.That catches my attention more, and I lift up my eyes to see her pointing at the newly renovated wooden cabin house just a bit far from where we are.Back at the lake, Rhia and Alex are absently busy splashing water at Killian and fighting to dip his head into the lake. They seem to be lost in their enjoyment. I am sure they won't even notice Cara and I when we are gone."Alright."After a few minutes later, Cara and I arrive at the back of
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3. A Painful Kiss.
DANE I am in pain. And utterly helpless.To me, this girl standing before my eyes is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life. I see her every fucking day, but I always get knocked over every time I lay my eyes on her.Another tear drops from one of her eyes. My eyes follow the transparent liquid as it trails down to the dotted birthmark right at the top of her upper lip.My eyes linger on her mouth, and the desperate urge to kiss away the anguish she is going through begins to twist deep inside me."Dane… " I watch her enticing lips whisper my name quietly, like a plea for me to fucking say or do something.Not able to deny the urge any longer, I lean down, pressing my mouth to hers in a passionate kiss that instantly erupts pleasurable sparks inside me.Goddess…. the taste and softness of her lips against mine is fucking more than exquisite. Always more than exquisite.The instant she fully parts her lips and begins to kiss me back, I lose all control.This is ever
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4. His Return.
PRESENT DAYCARAInduction Day is always worth the stress. Worth the sacrifice of brain cells. Worth the sleepless nights filled with rigorous training drills and marathon exam preparations.For two solid years, I and my brother Al, together with our friends, Rhia and Killian, stood by one another through the thick and thin of the Greenwood Defense Academy.And today, all our efforts and hardwork will be worth it.The large auditorium is opulently decorated. The vast space is bathed in a soft, golden glow emanating from the ornate chandeliers suspended from the high vaulted ceiling.The rays of the morning sun radiates into the auditorium through the tall glass windows, adding to the glow of the chandeliers. Rich tapestries line the high interior walls. Rows and rows of polished oak pews stretch the entire space all the way to the exit, each one cushioned with plush burgundy velvet.Delicate floral arrangements, bursting with vibrant hues of crimson, gold, and emerald, adorn the seve
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5. Still Falling.
CARADear Selene….I think I am hearing auditory illusions all of a sudden. My ears must be playing games with me.Dane!?…. Dane can't possibly be here. He can't possibly be back. There is no way he is even an inductee in this ceremony!Silence settles all over the atmosphere once again, and steady footsteps begin to echo down one of the aisles leading to the podium.The central aisle….Rhia turns around, and before I can stop myself from joining her, I am already staring wide-eyed…. at Dane.He is here.He is really here.And he is walking down majestically towards the podium to receive his warrior mark.All the air in my lungs evaporates. I struggle to breathe properly, and my heart thunders for all the wrong reasons.All the pent up emotions rush back up my throat like bitter bile, and I fight with everything I have not to puke out the delicious cereal I had for breakfast this morning.Every cell in my body ignites to life as I continue watching Dane wordlessly and breathlessly as
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6. Garden Of Roses.
CARAOf course I am not alright.I feel like I am about to experience a full blown panic attack.How can I be alright when there are plenty chances of me stumbling into Dane in here of all fucking people and of all fucking places!?But I do not want to trouble Rhia with my anxiety. So, she does not need to know the truth.“I am fine. I just need to use the restroom.” I smile, being careful not to make my fake expression look exaggerated. Rhia has this invisible dexterity of sniffing out exaggerations.“Alright. Take your time. Meanwhile….” she suddenly appears to my front, winking mischievously at me. “Don’t fuck around in there.”I laugh. Rhia's brazen mouth never lacks the nastiest statements. I am still surprised that her V card still exists after all these years.“I am coming.” I turn around, heading straight for the exit. The restroom is the least place I want to be in right now….I need to go somewhere far away from here. Somewhere I do not want to see him.Why the hell is he ba
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7. This Agony Within.
DANEHell.Hell is staying away from her. Hell is not being able to touch her again. Hell is not being able to finally hold her in my arms after all these years that I have lived like an exiled, untamed animal without her.She stood before me. I felt her breaths on my face. I felt the heat of her supple skin merely inches apart from mine.And yet, I could not bring myself to risk even a slight graze. Not even a touch.The stunning sunset bathes the garden in sultry, soft colourful hues around me.But my eyes only linger at the long, wavy golden blonde locks of Cara's hair shimmering in the sunset as she walks away from me.Every step she takes as she drifts farther away steals that divine sight of her hair from me. Bit by bit…Until there is nothing left but an empty garden pathway staring back at me.Unable to bear the pain and pretense any longer, I drop down to my knees on the ground, and succumb to the agony that has shrouded my soul in its complete darkness for two whole years.A
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8. Of Spite And Grief.
DANENow back home, I ignore the tension hanging in the air of my mother's study office, which is almost suffocating.The warrior stands with her back to the bookshelf, arms folded. Her pixie hair cut is dyed green black, a colour I think suits her gloomy, heartless demeanor very well.She even has a large eagle wing tat on her right arm now, adding to the collection of the rest of her tats existing on almost half of her back and stomach.Carmden Morgan never loved tats. But after dad's death, she began swimming in tons of them.I relax comfortably into the plush soft sofa facing her desk, playing with the plain silver ring around my index finger and not caring that fire embers are shooting from her eyes directed at me.Why is she still silent!? Can we get on with this conversation already?“Julian told me you want to be allocated to the packhouse.” She finally spits out the words like they are bitter medicine she needs to get rid off her tongue.“You are acting like I didn't tell you
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9. My First Day.
CARAThe Martial Base is bigger than any establishment I have ever seen in Greenwood.I have been here with my dad. Countless times since I was a kid. But every new time I step my feet onto these grounds, I feel like I am being sucked up into its harsh but mesmerizing beauty.I slowly drive my car forward towards the giant gates guarding the entrance of the base. Their onyx colour is a darker sync to the deep ash color of the high, barbed wired four walls guarding the base perimeter.As I approach the gates, I lower my car window and poke out my head just in time to hear a familiar baritone voice ringing out from the left watchtower stationed on the left high side of the gates.That's fucking Jasper. I can recognize his aquaman voice anywhere.“Cara!” He looks down at me with a smile.I give him a bright one in return. “Open the damn gates Jasper.”“Easy princess.” He drawls out with a smirk, and disappears back into the watchtower.Seconds later, the gates open wide, and I drive thro
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10. Commitment To Duty.
CARAI take a huge bite.Dear goddess…. It feels like all my taste buds just got electricifed to life.Kian has really mastered this baking stuff superpower.“Hmmm,” I moan, taking another bite. “Maybe this cake is also one of the reasons why that girl followed you here, Kian. It tastes so damn good.”“Thanks.” He says with a corky smile.Rhia swiftly steals a cake chunk from Kian and tucks it inside her jacket, eyeing him. “If you end up not teaching me how you made these—”“Calm down tigress,” he shoves his floppy onyx hair off his forehead with a chuckle. “You know I don't go back on my word.”“You better not. You are too handsome for me to chop and mash you into dog food for Silver.”Silver is Rhia's German Shepherd. Huge with fluffy silver fur with sparses of faint black strands. That pet of hers can smell a fading scent as far as six hundred paces away from a single spot.“Silver loves me.” Kian defends. “She would never eat me even if I am processed into dog food.”These two….
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