Her Secret Arrangements

Her Secret Arrangements

By:  Tanatswa Taruvinga  Updated just now
Language: English
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How far would you go to get out of poverty? Anna Moyo never thought that she would be the type to get a sugar daddy until she’s pushed to her last straw. But is she ready for the world that she’s about to enter?

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22 Chapters
Happy Fucking New Year
“GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!” Mrs. Moyo screams, throwing a book at Anna’s head. Anna ducks down, and the book grazes her skin, barely missing her.She sighs. Her joints hurt and feel stiff after working a double shift. She stands up and glares at her mother. Bad move, that earns her an attempted slap which she blocks by grabbing hold of her mother’s hand. “Stop hitting me,” Anna tells her. Mrs.Moyo’s eyes flare up furiously. Anna might as well have defied the devil. “Get out of my house,” Mrs. Moyo growls. Her voice fails to mask the rising murderous undertones in her voice. “You were yelling at me the moment that I got home, I’m sorry I yelled back,” she says. “I WASN’T YELLING AT YOU, YOU UNGRATEFUL CHILD!” Mrs. Moyo screams at the top of her lungs. Anna sighs. This is not the first time that her mother’s outbursts and irrational behavior have caused her grief. She’s had to deal with this since high school. In high school, it wasn’t as bad, but she would be at school
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And When You Think Things Can’t Get Worse
“You have got to be kidding me!” Anna screeches at Oswald, the head waiter at the end of the shift. That terrible family that kept pushing for a table was bad enough but now Oswald was saying that they’re not getting their bonus money for coming to work during a holiday? This was just too much. “You’re just not getting it now, they’ll pay you when they give you your salary,” Oswald explains. Anna rolls her eyes. She knows those stingy owners of the restaurant. If a customer swipes a tip instead of giving it cash or straight to the waiter’s e-wallet, you’ll never get it. It’s been three months working over here and Anna hadn’t received a single tip that hd been swiped. She’s been calculating that they must owe her over the equivalent of two hundred dollars now. Two hundred dollars that she desperately needs. Even without the swiped tips, the holiday money was promised at the end of the January first shift. Now they were giving her ridiculous excuses. “C’mon Anna, I’ll give y
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Operation Get Out of Poverty
Anna’s alarm rang making her jolt awake from her sleep. She rubs her eyes and looks around frantically. Her alarm says that it’s nine in the morning. “Oh, shit!’ She exclaims and jolts up. She tries to figure out whether she was for the morning or afternoon shift then realizes that today is her first day off. She puts her hand and her chest and exhales. “That bloody job will make me go crazy,” she murmurs to herself and looks around. She sees the pieces of paper where she was jotting down notes on how to find a sugar daddy. She claps her hands together. “Okay, Operation Get out of Poverty Commences Now,” she says to herself. Since it’s nine in the morning that means that her mother has already gone to work. Probably left the front door unlocked as well instead of waking Anna up to lock it. Anna moves the desk from last night from the front of the door and walks into the lounge. Every time that her mother leaves the front door unlocked she low-key expects to find a strange per
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Dipping her Toes in the Sugar Bowl
Anna arrived home with her heart skipping. She wasn’t so lucky with transport on the way back and had to took the bus which dropped her off at the bus stop two kilometers from her house where she had to walk. She took a picture of herself when she had been seated at Lush and sent it to Harare Daddy. He sent back the fire emoji seven times. If sugar dating is this easy then why work at all? The main reason that Anna had been taking these crap jobs is because she had always believed that you can start from the bottom and move your way up. Even though she had been good in school, she was creatively inclined. She loved drawing much to her mother’s disappointment (although everything she did in her life was much to her mother’s disappointment). She had thought that she could work part time at restaurants or as a receptionist in order to fund her art especially since her mother had point blank refused to allow her to go to art school and ‘waste money’.There was a shop in town called MG Sta
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And We’re Gaining Traction
Anna was wearing a short red dress and black leggings with pump heels. She was seated at the bar at the Sheraton Hotel. She was sipping a glass of tap water and the bar man was giving her slightly nasty looks…like are you going to buy anything yet? No, she was not. She was finally meeting her Tinder date and it was six pm. She saw a man that looked like the one that she had been talking to on Tinder. She waved to him and he smiled. He was in his mid-forties and quite well-groomed, he’s not even infected with the usual big belly that men of his generation who have money tend to have. Actually he’s quite attractive.He hugged her and sat at the bar next to her.“You must be Mary,” he says to her. For precaution Anna had not used her real name. Anna smiles.“And you must be Clinton,” she says perfectly aware that he is possibly also using a fake name.“Can I order you a proper drink?” He asks her with a charming smile. This is a guy that in normal circumstances Anna would have actually
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The Games Continue
Anna yawned. This date was so boring. First of all he was part of the big belly class of rich men. There wasn’t anything that they had in common. At least it was lunch and not dinner so she wouldn’t have to spend much money on transport.“You are very beautiful,” he says in his drawling voice. But with the way that he speaks it sounds like he’s saying ‘Yua vari butiful’. Anna smiles at him, hoping her lack of interest comes off as being shy. That works well in a country this conservative. This guy’s name is Charles apparently. She actually Googled him and found out that he is in a top position at one of the country’s parastatals meaning that he has lots of money that he is probably siphoning away from public funds through corruption. Manipulating money off of him won’t make her feel guilty because it’s a fact universally known that these guys in parastatals, government workers and politicians are all routinely stealing from public funds.“So what are you doing after this?” He asks her
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Let’s Talk About Sex
Charles had called her out of nowhere and asked if she was busy. It was a Wednesday and her mother had given her a card to go and buy groceries with. She agreed to go out with him so he had picked her up at the supermarket. He was driving around a orange-gold Toyota Hilux.“Good afternoon, beautiful,” he told her in his strange way of pronouncing things. Anna gave him her not-so-real smile, but-not-exactly-fake smile. She went into the passenger seat. Basically Charles had called her to take her around while he conducted his business. She was basically the pretty car buddy. He drove about one hour out of Harare where he was monitoring a construction site. In his truck there was blue prints of many different buildings. While in the truck Anna goes through them feeling bored.Then he drives to another site where she waits in the car for another hour. Then he stops by the supermarket where he buys her some fruits juices and pastries. At that point she tells him that she has to meet her c
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And the Story Unravels
Anna did not know that she had to look out for other people besides her mother. That’s the danger of dabbling into certain things…there are potential consequences everywhere. What Anna did not know about Charles was that Charles was actually his real name. And polygamy was his game. Men are allowed to have multiple wives in Zimbabwe, so Charles chose to have four. And in order to have multiple wives, one must go through a phase where they have multiple affairs. Because the reality of the matter was that no matter what a culture normalizes no woman likes to share her man. Charles would have had more wives if it weren’t for the tenacity of the second oldest child by his second wife.Rhea was the fieriest of Charles’s children. She had single-handedly been thwarting her father’s womanizing ways for years by ruining the lives of all of his mistresses to the point that they would
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Ballito Baecation
Clinton…well actually Munya, Anna had to adjust to his real name had asked if she wanted to come by his house after lunch. Anna knew that meant sex, and she was so horny for him. She wanted him badly. They entered his house and she began to take off his shirt. He lifted her up by her butt cheeks and carried her up the staircase into his room. He had a king-sized bed. Munya removed her dress and put it on the chair nearby. She was still on her period but on the last day. They continued to kiss. Munya moved down to her neck sending intense tingles down her neck. He wasn’t like her last boyfriend. He did not have the awkward fumblings of a young man, he knew how to touch a woman. He was driving her mad and he hadn’t even entered her yet. “Wait,” she said breathlessly and pushed him away a little. “I’m still on my period,”
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And It All Falls Down
Anna looks at Munya’s dried cum on her thigh. This was so weird. She knew that the Depo Provera shot was ninety percent effective against pregnancy. Last night had been wild and crazy. They had made love for hours. The setting definitely contributed to the sexual experience. The bungalow that they were staying in was like a multimillionaire’s getaway house. Munya walked into the bedroom pushing a tray. There were all sorts of breakfast treats on it. “Good morning gorgeous,” Munya says. He comes up to her and kisses her. Things starts to heat up quickly and the kiss turns into a morning quickie. For breakfast, Munya made her a cheese omelet stuffed with mushrooms and toast with a bowl full of fresh, cut fruits. After that, they went to the beach and Anna got to try on one of her new bikinis. The water was warm, clear, and beau
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