Her Secret

Her Secret

By:  Brokenpieces  Ongoing
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"I-I T-That was" she couldn't form the right words because of fear. Fear of getting exposed, fear of being caught. The Secret she was buried deep inside her about to expose in front of him, which she never wanted in a million years. "Sssh" the rough pad of his thumb caressed her soft lips while his big veiny hand held her waist with a steel like grip only to close her eyes helplessly. "Let me taste you Sweetness" , with that crashing his lips on her sealed her fate with him, unaware of the consequences. Isabella Watson, a beautiful 23 years old girl. She is the epitome of beauty any man can die for. She left her homeland just to put herself into the devil's den. Alexander Kingston, a 30 years old handsome bachelor. The youngest billionaire of the country is also a ruthless mafia King of the underworld . He is known for his manipulative mind and rudeness. He is living his life just to destroy the person who snatched his beloved one. Her Secret, a heartbreaking tale of her innocent soul. A tale of her misery and his revenge.

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2023-10-30 03:10:14
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Tanzina Tanvin
Good work! Love it.
2023-10-30 03:07:03
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Welcome my lovely readers. Thank you for bumping into my book and give it a chance. This is my first ever book on GoodNovel. I hope you will find this story interesting and enjoyable. Please leave your precious comments and votes. Thank you...️.
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14 Chapters
The splash sound of water gets more aggressive by merciless steps indicating someone is in a rush. Didn't care about the thunderous weather she kept her peace.The sky was roaring like her hammering heart. It's like the sky was comforting her that she was not alone in her misery.Finally reaching in front of the familiar building she didn't waste a second before entering into it.As soon as she entered the hall the familiar antiseptic smell hit her nerve which she hated the most. How much she wishes she didn't want to come to this place but fate has other plans.Running like a mad woman she finally reached in front of the ward. As soon as the doctor came out from the ward she asked the hardest question just to expect better news but it's like luck is not her favor today."W-What's the condition?" Shuttering the words which felt like poison she expected something better but her only hope got crushed with the doctor's next words. "I am afraid Miss Watson but we need to run the surgery
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Chapter 1
Author Pov"Why does a handsome looking guy have to be so rude? Don't they think their rudeness makes them more hot?" This is the fifth time Alicia told her about this and still she can't get over this theory of her about her so-called handsome guy . Every time she read any article about any billionaire guys in the newspaper, her" handsome guys" theory came out. Huffing over her crazy friend she finally decided to open her mouth "Can you please help me to find my phone rather than bubblering about this nonsense?" "Oh come on Isa you are always unromantic. Here I am trying to find you a handsome billionaire boyfriend and you ruined it next moment" annoyed with her friend's remark Alicia finally left the couch to find Isa's mobile. "I told you before that I don't need any billionaire handsome guys. Even though I don't need any other guy. I am way too good at the way I am living." Isa replied, still trying to find her mobile as she was getting late. After all this was a big day for
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Chapter 2
Author's PovWalking through the corridor with his powerful dominant aura made everyone tremble to their core. Any single mistake can cost their lives. His heavy powerful steps made everyone bow their heads automatically.Without sparing them a glance he made his way towards his office. Making everyone breathe in relief which they held because of fear. Meanwhile "Sir, here is the list of candidates" Mr. Harries, his assistant, handed him the list of those who are scheduled to interview today. He took the file and keenly overviewed everyone's details. "Sir, you can take a rest if you want since you just came from overseas . I will conduct the interview for you" Mr. Harries suggested it even though he knew his boss didn't like nagging his work. "Did I ask your suggestion Mr. Harries?" lifting his one brow he asked with his usual cold voice which shook the poor soul knowing he enraged his boss. "N-No Sir.""Then don't even suggest to me what to do and what not. Now go and call the c
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Chapter 3
Author's PovA line of tears escaped from Isabella's eyes remembering the day she left her home with nothing. Everyone blamed her for the things she never does. Mainly her step mother. She tried again and again to make them believe that she can never do such a thing. She was the victim. Yet they didn't believe her when she needed them the most. The helpless look her father gave her that day made her heart wrenched. She knew her father was helpless. She never thought she would be disgraced one day by her own family.People say time heals everything. Indeed time heals her broken soul by giving her an angel but the scars it left behind always remembered her the deadliest past she left behind. She just hopes that nobody ever again breaks her heart or this time she won't be able to collect herself. Meanwhile"Boss, the Russians are making a fuss. Russian mafia king Zacarias Casso wants to meet you. He said he won't fix the deal until he meets you." Ron explained the whole thing about
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Chapter 4
Author's PovAfter picking some flowers from the flower shop Isabella called a taxi. After ten minutes the taxi pulled in front of a familiar place. Cemetery. Climbing out from the vehicle she led herself to the grave with small steps. The place was quiet except for the chirping of birds in the distance. She halted in front of a grave. With a heavy heart she kneeled and put the flower on the grave .Tears invaded her eyes and without her knowing trickled down her cheeks. She closed her eyes and let them fall. A moment later she opened her eyes."Happy birthday" these two words felt like a knife slicing into her heart. It's really hard for her to come here. It is always hard. As it's remember her to her failure past. She failed to save him. She wondered what life would be like if he was with her. "I am really sorry, love. I couldn't come to visit you everyday as I promised. Please don't be angry with me. You know na how much I love you.'' She placed the flower on the grave and leaned
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Chapter 5
"Okay. You can have her."She looked terrified and bewildered at him. How could someone go to such lengths to obtain a contract? He can't act in such a manner solely for his personal benefit . She is his secretary; she is not a whore. She never let him complain about her work. She gave it her all. How can he make such a crucial choice for her? This is her life. He is no one to make decisions for her life. Oh God! What has she gotten herself into?Tears of humiliation streamed down from her eyes. She was shaking with dread, frustration and powerlessness. She was ready to yell at him that she is not a thing when his subsequent comment stopped her."Is this what you anticipate me saying?" She was once more taken aback by his statements. Her brow knitted by confusion so the Russian."Everyone get out! " He was still in his calm posture while standing calmly. To avoid being put on their boss's bad list everyone in the room started to depart. She persisted in her fog. She was unable to c
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Chapter 6
Author's PovThe morning sunlight hit her face making Isabella frown deeply stirred in her slumber, she steadily unfolded her eyelashes letting her sleepy blue eyes collide with the familiar ceiling. In a second her eyes widened and she was fully awake and in complete shock. What on earth is she in her room? Who dropped her home? And most importantly how did anybody come to know her address? She was completely shaken by the last night encounter, which struck her like a bolt of lightning. She still has excruciating headaches. She correctly sat up while holding her head up, only to stop while looking at the clock. It was already 11 am . She was expected to arrive for work at 9 am. Holy crap!She was about to get up from bed then a familiar voice prevented her from doing."Easy there." A familiar voice of her friend stopped her."Good morning. Here take this. You will feel better." Alicia handed her the tea cup which she was holding for Isabella.Isabella took the cup before thanking h
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Chapter 7
Author's PovThis inexplicable attraction will lead to his demise someday. He has never craved for someone as much as he craved for her from the very first day. Every time he saw her, he was possessed by the desire to pound in her tiny hole while she would be writhing with pain and pleasure with her sexy moan made him restless. Fuck his sanity! He has been fantasizing about her every single time. She occupied his mind day and night and he couldn't do anything about it. The irrational desire towards her makes him insane for her even more.Isabella- the mere mention of this name was enough to send his groin into overdrive. But this is wrong. She is his secretary. There is a huge difference between him and her. It's not like she seduced him but her innocence and simplicity is more seductive than that. There's a bunch of girls out there who are willing to give themselves to him but this girl never once looks into him with some other means. From last month she never complained about he
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Chapter 8
"Sleep with me."He dropped the bomb on her. Making her look at him with disbelief. Her heart stopped beating for a moment. She froze, unable to breathe. Her face lost all its color. Her hand flew on her chest. She felt like any moment her heartbeat would stop. Did she hear him right? But her debating mind is confirmed by his next words."I want a one night stand with you." Her mouth hung open as her lashes moved up looking at his unaffected form, who leaned on her with a void look on his face. He watched her stunned face with his penetrating look. His lethal gray orbs make her want to hide herself from the world. One night stand? With her? Did he hear himself what he was saying? Is he for real? And that's when she sensed something. The same perfume smell. This is the same perfume that creepy man wears that day. Is that mean?Mr. Kingston.But why would he do that? Her gaze turned to her right side only to see the same wrist watch . Her eyes widen with realization when he smirks
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Chapter 9
He is lethal with no mercy . His world is full of darkness. He is not familiar with mercy. He didn't choose this dark world; he was destined for this. He was born to rule and made people submit to him. He always gets whatever he wants . Now he wants her. Right now he is sitting at his office looking at his computer with amusement while going through some emails. His attractive features danced with a smirk of amusement as he regarded a certain piece of mail. He didn't expect she would act in such a way but it's okay , he also likes to play. Today when he went through his mails he found her resignation which indeed incensed him. She doesn't know she is playing with fire. She fucking had the audacity to sent her resignation on his face. He had rejected her resignation right away and had also enclosed the contract that she had signed at the time of joining. The contract clearly prohibited her from resignation for at least six months or she had to pay ten million compensation. "You are
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