A trick to accomplish his plan

“Are you heading out?” Richard spoke from behind.

Hearing his voice she was literally startled as she was coming out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around her body. She didn't notice him when she stepped out, drenching water. She frowned and clutched onto the towel tightly before turning around to look at him. “Can I at least have my privacy?”

Richard didn't care she was half-naked even when the towel stopped on her thighs. If he had come ten seconds late then he would have witnessed her whole body.

He motioned the wheelchair to the bed, for a moment he stared at the dress that was lying on the bed, sparkling under the light. He extended his hand to it and touched it. “Are you heading out?” He repeated.

“Yes,” She forced the answer out of her mouth then walked toward the nightstand.


“Are you my mother to ask me that question? Where I'm going has nothing to do with you!” She retorted irksomely when he was being inquisitive. She glanced at his face. Her eyes were
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