Honeymoon alert

She revealed her eyes to see where she was, it was a matter of a minute before she figured out that she was in an unfamiliar room. She rubbed the heels of her right hand on her eyes to make her vision a bit clearer because it was vague.

“Where am I?” She asked no one, looking around, no one was inside. The bedroom was well-groomed and alluring. Then she attempted to step down from the bed, and that was when it came to her notice that one of her hands was cuffed to the bed.

“What’s this?” She exclaimed, examining it closely.

She scanned the whole room until she realized what reality was. She tried to recollect the last event at the mansion, it was Richard. She vividly remembered that he did something to her before she passed out.

“Where the hell am I? Anybody. Richard!” She shouted out, although it might be futile yet she continued shouting.

Someone clattered inside the room, Charlene gazed up to find out who it was. Richard sauntered casually toward the bed with a big smirk pla
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